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A Baby for the Boss(64)

By:Maureen Child

“The agency said you go to school.”

“I’m finishing up my master’s in child development.”

“But you’re off until the beginning of February when classes resume.”

“Yes.” She felt a trap closing in around her.

“That’s four weeks away. I imagine we can get our situation sorted out by then, so we’d only need you during the day while I’m at the barn.”

“And until then?”

“Would you be willing to move in here? We have more than enough room.”

Hadley shook her head. She’d feel safer sleeping in her own bed. The thought popped into her mind unbidden. What made her think that she was in danger from Liam Wade? From what she knew of him, she was hardly his type.

“I won’t move in, but I’ll come early and stay late to give you as much time as you need during the month of January. In the meantime, you may want to consider hiring someone permanent.”

Despite what Liam had said about Maggie being his brother’s child, Hadley suspected the baby wasn’t going anywhere once the DNA tests came back. With the child’s mother dead and her grandmother unwilling to be responsible for her, Liam should just accept that he was going to need a full-time caregiver.

“That’s fair.”

Liam put out his hand, and Hadley automatically accepted the handshake. Tingles sped up her arm and raised the hair on the back of her neck as his firm grip lingered a few seconds longer than was professionally acceptable.

“Perhaps we could talk about the things that Maggie will need,” Hadley said, hoping Liam didn’t notice the odd squeak in her voice.

“Candace started a list. She said she’d get what we needed as soon as you arrived.” His lips curved in a wry grin. “She didn’t want to leave me alone with the baby.”

“Why not?”

“It might seem strange to you, but I’ve never actually held a baby before.”

Hadley tore her gaze away from the likable sparkle in Liam’s arresting eyes. She absolutely could not find the man attractive. Hadley clasped her hands in her lap.

“Once you’ve held her for the first time, you’ll see how easy it is.” Seeing how deeply the baby was sleeping, Hadley decided this might be a great opportunity for him to begin. “And there’s no time like the present.”

Liam started to protest, but whatever he’d been about to say died beneath her steady gaze. “Very well.” His jaw muscles bunched and released. “What do I do?”