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A Moment in Time

By:Stormy Glenn

A Moment in Time
Stormy Glenn

Aberdeen Pack 5

Chapter 1


He smelled bacon. Apollo lifted his nose into the air and inhaled deeply. Yep, it was definitely bacon.

He loved bacon.

Apollo popped an eye opened and lifted his head, glancing around the  room, slowly opening the other one. Yep, he was still in his room. He  recognized the dark-blue curtains hanging over the windows, the blonde  wood dresser situated between two windows across the room. He even  identified the pile of clothes on the floor as his. They smelled like  him.

He just didn't understand why he was smelling bacon.

Since Adam had moved away and Simon had gone to live in the alpha house,  and Warren, Jack, and Hank were on a mission, the house should have  been empty. There should be no bacon scent, not matter how mouthwatering  it smelled.

Apollo groaned as he slid his legs over the side of the bed.

He ached, and in some very interesting places.

Apollo paused for a moment on the side of the bed and tried to remember  what in the hell he had done the night before. He vaguely remembered  attending a celebration for his brother Ares and his new mate Simon.  Ares wanted everyone to know he had mated Simon and had thrown a huge  party down by the lake.

Since he was not on duty, he was able to enjoy himself. Apollo had  enjoyed the festivities probably a little more than he should have. He  had been recovering from an injury caused when Simon had been attacked.  He was almost healed and ready to go back into rotation guarding pack  lands.

Apollo reached down and rubbed his hand over the small scar on his  thigh. Wolf shifters didn't usually scar. He had. He wasn't thrilled  with that as everyone could see his scar every time he shifted in front  of them. But it was what it was, and he had earned that scar saving a  member of his pack.

That was something, at least.

Apollo grabbed his jeans off the floor and pulled them up his legs,  buttoning the first couple of buttons before standing and making his way  to the bathroom. He quickly took care of business then washed his hands  and face.

Apollo scratched his chest absently as he headed downstairs. Maybe one  of the other pack members had crashed at his place last night. Apollo  had to admit that he had indulged just a little too much at the party.  He was just lucky his head didn't feel like it was going to explode.

In fact, he felt pretty damn good. Apollo felt better than he had in a  long time, more energetic, stronger, and steadier on his feet. He felt  better than he had before he had been injured.

Another mystery to solve.

Apollo rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs and skidded to a  halt, his mind shattering into a million different directions as he took  in the most gorgeous figure of a man he had ever seen in his life.

There was a tingling in the pit of his stomach. He trembled in equal  parts fear and yearning, an electric jolt going right to his core. His  mouth went dry when the man bent down to pull the oven door open and the  thin black shorts he wore stretched across his tight muscular ass  cheeks.

Apollo bit his lip to keep his anxious whine locked away. He didn't even  know who this stranger was. He shouldn't be picturing the gorgeous  Adonis stretched out on his bed, naked from the hair down.

That thought barely crossed Apollo's mind before another followed. His  dick stiffened in his pants as he wondered what it would be like to run  his fingers through the man's dark, thick, shoulder-length hair, to grip  it in his fists while he held him firmly and kissed him, hard and deep.

He watched the man for several long moments, devouring him with his eyes  before hanging his head trying to rein in his emotions. He was lusting  after some stranger standing in his kitchen in tight black boxer briefs.  He had to be out of his ever-loving mind.

Carried away by his response, he failed to notice that the man had  turned and even now stared at him, until his throat cleared. He gave  Apollo a smile laced with so much sensuality that it set his pulse  racing.

"Good morning, mi amor."

Apollo sucked in a breath at the deep, rich, whiskey voice that slid  across him like a caress. This man could make millions on phone sex  alone. Apollo shook his head to clear away the overwhelming lust that  had taken a hold of him.

"Uh, hello."

His smoky blue eyes assessed Apollo, the man walking closer. Apollo  gulped at the barely controlled power that was coiled in the muscular  body in front of him. He couldn't remember the last time he had  encountered a shifter that emitted so much dominance. He had an insane  urge to tilt his head in submission to the stronger wolf.

He was ready to do just that when the man stopped right in front of him  and Apollo realized he had to tilt his head back quite a ways to look up  into the man's serenely compelling eyes.

"Did you sleep well?"

"I think so." He couldn't remember.

"I made you breakfast." The wide grin that spread across the man's mouth announced his joy in such a simple gesture.

"Thank you?"

Apollo's entire demeanor froze when he found himself suddenly lifted up  and sat on the counter like he weighed less than a feather. Mr. Sexy  stepped between Apollo's thighs, pressing up against him. Even sitting  on the counter, the man was still taller than him. He was probably  taller than anyone Apollo knew, even Djal.

"It was hard to leave your bed, mi amor."


Apollo's eyebrows furrowed. "Who-" If the man was talking about leaving  his bed, and adding in the delightful aches Apollo was feeling, then it  was a pretty good bet that they had spent the night together.

Hot damn.

And, damn, he hated asking for the guy's name.

Expecting anger or even indignation, Apollo wasn't prepared for the  handsome man to smile ruefully. "I guess we never got around to that  last night, did we?" The man leaned in and rubbed his cheek over  Apollo's, his large hands stroking down Apollo's back.

Apollo groaned. The guy smelled so damn good, earthy, male, delicious.  His mouth watered, shivers moving up and down his spine. The scent was  clean, and so masculine it left Apollo feeling weak.

"My apologies, querido," the man continued. "My only excuse is that I  was so enamored with you that I could not think, let alone draw two  words together to ask your name. You are so intoxicating, I could only  think of feeling your body pressed against mine."

Damn, this guy was good.



The grin on the man's face widened, showing off luscious dimples on each  cheek. "Apollo. Hmm, I like that. Short and to the point but very  masculine." A feral light began to flicker in the man's smoky blue eyes.  "It makes me think of hot, naughty things I would like to do to your  sexy body."

"Oh ye-" Apollo flushed at the squeak in his voice and cleared his throat. "Oh yeah?"

"Oh yeah."

Grayson captured Apollo's lips in that very moment, stealing all  thoughts from Apollo's head just as he stole the breath from his lungs.  The kiss was brutal, crushing, and Apollo could taste the metallic  flavor of blood in his mouth.

After his initial shock, Apollo responded to the kiss with hunger. He  groaned into the kiss as Grayson heady scent filled his lungs. His body  tightened involuntarily, every bone and muscle in him reaching for  Grayson's mouth, the hot draw of his lips, the stroke of his tongue.

Eagerly, Apollo's tongue mated with Grayson's, his body arching as he  tried to get closer. Grayson arms went around Apollo, blunt nails  scraping along his arms as Apollo twisted closer. A hunger unlike  anything he'd ever experienced shook his very foundation.

Apollo stared into Grayson's eyes and felt the shock clear to the soles  of his feet as his tongue continued to lick at Grayson's lips. The man  was looking at Apollo with nothing short of worship in his eyes.

"I need to have you," Grayson whispered in his ear, his voice husky and growly. "Tell me I can have you again, mi amor."

As gorgeous and delicious as this man was, Apollo wished he could remember the first time. "Yes."

An animalistic sound rumbled in Grayson's throat.

He lay back on the counter and let Grayson have his way. Grayson began  to work on Apollo's pants, ripping them down Apollo's legs. His  movements were wild, unforgiving, and dared Apollo to interfere, to stop  him.

Apollo didn't do a damn thing but watch.

He whimpered when he felt Grayson's large, smooth hand slide up his  chest until it was loosely wrapped around Apollo's throat. He should be  terrified that he had a huge unknown shifter hovering over him with  sharp canines gleaming in the morning light and a hand wrapped around  his throat, but oddly enough, Apollo wasn't.

It was turning him on big-time instead.

Grayson's eyes gleamed like glassy, volcanic rock as he looked down at  Apollo. His tongue peeked out, sliding across his bottom lip as his  fingers tightened around Apollo's erection. Apollo groaned, and then his  head fell back onto his shoulders as Grayson's fingers ran up and down  his length.

"Feel how your body responds to my scent, my touch," Grayson said in a  thick tone that rode roughshod over Apollo's skin. Grayson's deep, husky  voice was branding him, making his own claim-again-and Apollo was so  turned on that he was about to explode. "Mine alone."