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A Billionaire in Disguise #2 : A Perfect Plan

By:Terri Marie

Terri Marie - A Billionaire in Disguise #2 - A Perfect Plan

A Perfect Plan (A Billionaire in Disguise #2)
Terri Marie


Chapter 1

Dr. Emily Carson drove silently to her veterinary clinic in Baldwin, Colorado. The overcast skies, the light drizzle, and the rhythm of the wiper blades helped make the drive from her small apartment on the west side seem longer. Even though the death of her only surviving relative was expected, it didn't make anything easier.

Mick Lander had already arrived and was setting up the office at Baldwin Veterinary Clinic for the busy day that lay ahead when Emily pulled up in her slightly rusting Ford Explorer. With Mick's six foot stature, auburn hair, and blue eyes, he could have easily been part of the Carson family. He had been in practice with her for a year and treated the twenty-nine-year-old like a kid sister. Mick had known Emily since she was twelve, and he was twenty when he was hired by her grandfather to help run a small trail riding business. The smiling, bubbly, and happy woman he knew so well was absent this dreary morning. He could tell she'd been crying and hadn't gotten much sleep.

"Hey, Em. How're you holding up?"

"I hate this. I hate all of it." Emily stifled a sob as soon as she felt Mick's arms wrap around her.

"You didn't have to come in today."

"Mick, I just needed one of your hugs. I have to go to Jason Montgomery's office for the reading of my grandfather's will. I didn't even know he had cancer until three months ago. Why didn't he tell me?"

"He probably didn't want you worrying about him. Do you want me to come with you?"

"Thank you for the offer but I'll be fine. Besides, you have to stay here at the clinic. Tomorrow's Saturday, one of our busiest days. I'll be fine, I promise."

"Call me when you get to Clarkston, okay?"

"I will. I'll be back as soon as I can. I have to figure out what to do with his belongings and get most of the land designated as a nature preserve. We've talked about it for years."

"Drive safely, Em, please. And if you need my help with anything, you call me." Emily smiled and squeezed his hands. Mick hugged her one last time as she headed out the door.

The funeral had been small for Emmitt Carson, but his closest friends attended. At least he isn't sick anymore. Watching his health fail for the last few months of his life wasn't easy for Emily. Being diagnosed with advanced leukemia at age seventy-eight gave him poor odds. Losing her grandmother to a heart attack, her parents to a house fire, and now her grandfather, left her alone in the world. Emmitt had taken care of Emily since she was ten and, in her eyes, he was the sweetest man to ever walk the earth. He always provided for her while he went without. Watching the large man dwindle away to nothing had been excruciating. 

She found the small corner law office of Jason Montgomery easily enough. Driving the hour and a half into Clarkston sucked up the last of her energy. It all comes down to this. Sitting in a chair and being given someone's worldly possessions. At least she could stay in the old house and visit the land from time to time. That was one way she could still feel close to him. Going to his grave just wasn't an option. She buried him in the family plot, another reminder that she was alone.

Jason Montgomery's office was comfortable. He wasn't a rich man, dealing mostly with estates, but did well enough. The short, stocky man with gray hair stood up to greet Emily, softly shaking her hand.

"It's nice to meet you, Emily. I just wish the circumstances could have been more pleasant. Once again, I'm very sorry for your loss."

"Thank you, Mr. Montgomery."

"Please, call me Jason. Are you ready to begin?"

Emily nodded and then quietly sat in the soft, cushioned chair in front of Jason's desk. She took a deep breath. She hoped this wouldn't take long or cost too much money. Emily was still paying off student loans and the business loan that she and Mick had taken out to start the clinic. The funeral had put a large dent in the bulk of her savings.

"Your grandfather wanted me to give this letter to you at the time of his death. I'll leave for a few minutes so you have some privacy to read it." Jason handed her a sealed envelope that had her name scrolled on the front in her grandfather's writing.

My dearest Emily,

I'm sorry that my time with you had to come to an end. I want you to know that I'll always be with you and watch over you. I wish I could have helped make your life easier, financially. As my life was drawing to a close, I was more than aware that I had nothing to give.

We had talked for years about keeping my fifty-thousand acres as a nature preserve, but I also wanted to leave you a little something to take the financial burden off your shoulders. I wish I could have paid for your education, but the small amount of money I had never gave me that opportunity. Now, in my passing, I can do that.

I met a wonderful man who owns a large corporation called Davis Enterprises. He purchased my land and promised to keep it as a nature preserve. I'm sure you'll find the amount of money quite helpful to you.

Please understand why I had to do this. Don't be sad over my death. I'm in a better place. With this money you'll have a new start in life and hopefully live debt free.

I will always love you.

Grandpa Emmitt

Emily sat there, dumbfounded. Jason startled her when he opened the door and walked back in the room.

"My grandfather sold the land?"

Jason smiled and pulled the will out of the desk drawer. He began to read while Emily didn't listen.

"Would you just like me to summarize it for you? I'll give you a copy."

"Yes, please." Emily felt herself become nauseated.

"Your grandfather wanted to keep your wishes in regards to the use of the land. I wasn't aware he was selling his property, or I would have stopped it. He sold the land for five million dollars, and here's the check. Davis Enterprises never put the nature preserve in the documents. After doing some research, I found out that they plan on building a large airport there and developing the rest of the property."


"Emily, he wanted to leave you a little something. He had the best intentions at heart. Though I wish I would have known about this transaction and had the chance to review the documents. What Davis Enterprises pulled was quite unforgivable. I don't know if you heard me, but they aren't going to make it a nature preserve."




"Airport. They're going to build an airport on land that has been in our family for generations."

"I'm afraid so."

"I'll throw this check in their faces. I want our land back!" Emily stood up as her shaking hands were trying to stuff the papers back in the envelope.

"Davis Enterprises is one of the largest real estate developers in the world. I don't think you're going to get anywhere. These documents are legal."

"What they did was play on my grandfather's heartstrings, knowing he had a limited time to live!"

"Emily, where are you going? I don't think it's a good idea for you to be driving while you're this distraught."

"Distraught? I'm not distraught...I'm pissed! Send me the bill. I have a flight to catch."

"Don't tell me you're going to New York."

"Yes I most certainly am. They aren't getting our land."

"I'm sorry, Emily, but they already own it."

"I don't even have my grandfather's belongings out of the house. How dare those ruthless bastards!" Emily stormed out of the office and headed towards the airport. Airport!"

When Emily calmed down enough, she called Mick back at the clinic.

"Hey how are you?"

"Mick, some real estate developer got their hands on my grandfather's land. All of it!"

"What the hell happened?"

"They took advantage of a dying man, that's what happened. They're going to turn it into an airport. How could someone do that?!"

"Emily, calm down. We'll think of something. I'm sure they screwed up someplace."

"Jason Montgomery said it was all legal. They stole that land for five million. They'll have our property over my dead body. I'll be gone a little longer than Monday. Will you be okay?"

"Of course, Em, take as much time as you need." His heart was breaking for his friend.

"There're heirlooms in that house! I can't believe this..."

"Is that where you're going now?"

"No. I'm going to fly out to New York and visit the little scumbags who stole my grandfather's property."

"Those sharks are pretty vicious, Emily. Please be careful."

"I'll talk to you soon, Mick." Emily hung up the phone and looked down at her clothes. She lived in jeans, t-shirts, and hiking boots. She was used to traveling to farms and treating large sick and injured animals, not busting into corporate offices. She'd have to get some clothes that told the tale of a woman who meant business.

Emily pulled over into a parking lot and called the airport. There was a flight leaving at three that afternoon. She'd have time to get to her apartment, dig in her closet, and make her flight. 

Emily walked in the door and past her kitchen table littered with bills. Some were paid, some weren't. She dragged a suitcase out and set it on the bed. Making her flight would be easy. Finding appropriate attire, however, would not be.

She was the owner of four nice outfits: a six-year-old white sundress, a lavender skirt and blouse from her graduation, a navy blue dress she'd worn at her grandpa's funeral, and a black suit that she purchased for ten bucks during a sidewalk sale three years ago. Out of the four, the black suit was going to have to be it. Luckily, her purse she carried every day was black.