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Against All Odds - Angel's Story

By:J. L. Perry



I have my daddy wrapped around my little finger…or so everyone says. I adore him and couldn’t ask for a better father. We’re extremely close. There’s absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do for me. He’s proven that so many times over the last twenty-two years of my life. There’s one thing we cannot see eye to eye on though…that is, boys.

My dad has managed to scare off every guy I’ve ever brought home. It’s so frustrating. My brother, Chris, has girls over all the time. My dad’s fine with that. When it comes to me though, it seems like nobody is good enough for his little princess.

That’s how I ended up here in Melbourne. As hard as it was to leave my parents and my little brother, it had to be done. I know my dad loves me, but his overprotectiveness can be smothering at times.

I needed to get away so I could experience all that life has to offer. Which includes men. I’m twenty-two years old, and thanks to my father, I’ve never had a serious boyfriend. All my friends lost their virginity years ago. Not me though. Boys were too scared to be around me once word got out that they would have to deal with my dad if they touched me.

When I decided to finish off my schooling down here in Melbourne, my dad fought me at every turn. I’m a grown woman for God’s sake. It’s time to let go, daddy. Thankfully I had my mum on my side. She knows firsthand just how overprotective he can be. He’s exactly the same with her.

It took a while for me to adjust to being away from them, but I have to admit, I’m loving my new-found freedom. Well at least I was, until I met Chase-friggin’-Daniels.

He’s the ultimate bad boy; a sinfully hot, tattooed, motorbike-riding playboy. He has an endless supply of beautiful women falling at his feet. There seems to be a different girl on his arm every day, sometimes two. I’m a smart girl. That alone should’ve told me everything I needed to know. Stay the hell away! Like his others, I’d fallen victim to his sex appeal and charm.

I should’ve known better.

Chase is every father’s worst nightmare; well mine anyway. Daddy would absolutely freak if he knew I had my eye on a guy like him. Well I did, until he ripped my heart out and stomped on it. Arsehole.

That was a month ago. I act like I’m over it, but the truth is I’m not. I gave him a part of me that day. A part I’ll never get back. Those few hours I spent with Chase were beautiful, magical. Everything I hoped it would be. Until he got what he wanted of course. Once he’d had his fill, he dressed and walked out of my house without as much as a goodbye.

At first I lay there dumfounded. I kept thinking he’ll come back, he’ll come back, but when I heard him ride off on his bike, I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Once the initial shock wore off, I was left feeling crushed and extremely fucking pissed. I felt dirty and used. It’s quite obvious to me now; he was only after one thing. I was stupid for thinking otherwise. What hurts me even more, is the way he’s treated me every day since. It’s like I no longer exist.

Putting those few hours we spent together aside, I thought we were friends. The fact he won’t even talk to me now, cuts me to the very core. I’ve caught him staring at me numerous times since that day. But when our eyes meet he turns away.

The Chase that walked out on me that day, is not the guy I thought I knew. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to develop feelings for him. Maybe the guy I thought he was, the one I’d began to care about, was just part of an act, his plan all along. Deep down I don’t believe that though. No one can be that good of an actor.

I just don’t get it. How can someone be so sweet, wonderful and loving one minute, and so cold and cruel the next?

I feel like such a fool.

He broke my heart that day and continues to do so. The sad thing is, even after what he did and the way he’s treating me now, I still want him. I miss him. How crazy is that?

I’m suffering alone in silence. I can’t even confide in my best friend Dana. I haven’t told her what happened between Chase and I. She warned me from the very beginning to stay away. That he was bad news. A womaniser. Not the guy for me. Blah, blah, blah. I should’ve listened. If I did, my heart would still be intact, and possibly, Chase and I would still be friends.

Little did I know this wasn’t the end for us. Not by a long shot. Neither of us could have known the journey that lies ahead. Our lives, our families’ lives, were about to be put to the ultimate test.

They say every family has skeletons in the closet. You know what, I could’ve sworn my family didn’t. They seem too perfect. Well, I was wrong…