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Ain't Your Bitch

By:Asia Marquis

Shifter Impregnation 1

The Bear Billionaire's Baby

Wren Winter

Oh shit, oh shit! My feet hit the ground as fast as they can possibly go, but the ground in the woods is uneven and littered with branches and rocks. I'm a stumbling mess, but I need to get out of here!

The loud pounding of paws behind me spurs me on. The low fog makes it hard to know where I'm stepping. I pray that I don't accidentally step off of a cliff. It doesn't help that I'm not wearing shoes that are fit for running. Just ballet flats. Stupid, thin ballet flats.

I'm screwed.

Forcing myself to focus on running, I ignore my desire to stop and panic. My breathing is heavy, fast, and dry because my throat is dry. My ears are pounding with my heart beat.

I can't look down too often, or I might see the terrible wound on my arm, a deep gash from a claw that nearly caught me. Blood is dripping, and I'm not a doctor but I might bleed out soon.

If I could just run faster... I'm only a mile away from the edge of the woods. I should be able to make it, I just have to push my legs harder! But they ache so much, as do my knees and hips. Come on, Jessabelle! Push yourself!

I manage to push myself a little harder when I hear three booming roars. The animals behind me are getting closer. I should have never gone camping! My boyfriend, though he was a cheating asshole and I was about to break up with him, is dead. He's dead! And now I'm running for my life to get away from these awful beasts.

The roars are deep, and echo off of the trees surrounding me. The animals, likewise, react. They're woken from their sleep and scatter, the birds making their ways to the skies.

The beasts roar again. The sound starts me and makes me scream, my own high pitched sound discordant with their roar. I feel my foot catch on something.

Oh god, I'm falling! My foot is caught! A branch jabs deep into my foot, cutting into the fabric of my shoes and into my skin. My ankle catches the rest of the branch, and I come crashing down to the ground. The impact knocks all of the air out of me, making me wheeze.

For a few moments, all I can manage to do is breathe. My chest aches so badly. I might have cracked a rib, I can't tell. It all hurts, my whole body.

There's a snap of a twig behind me.

Pushing up against the ground, I turn. My hair is sticking to my sweaty face. I can smell my own fear. That means they can smell it, too.

There, behind me, I see the gigantic masses of three large bears. They slowly lumber towards me, their own chests heaving with heavy breath. Brown bears, hundreds of pounds heavier than me. There's no way I can fight them off.

The bears continue to come closer. I try to scramble to my feet and run again, but I can't even stand up on my own. Everything hurts too much, and the adrenaline I was relying on has finally run out.

One of the bears, the one in the middle and closest to me, watches as I try to get away. It raises its lips, showing off its sharp teeth. He's daring me to move. He knows I won't get away.

His teeth are stained with old blood.

The bears draw closer, and I can smell them. They stink like an old dog, one that rolled in mud and then topped it off with vinegar. It's an awful, fearsome smell. I desperately want to get away from this stink.

As they hover over me, a bit of saliva drips from the left bear's mouth. His eyes are wild. They all have yellow eyes, so yellow it seems impossible. Their fur shifts in the wind. They all watch me.

The moonlight glints off of the right bear's teeth. I close my eyes, preparing for death. Please, God, make it a quick death. Don't make me suffer through this mauling.

But nothing happens. Silence. Stink. But no movement. I open my right eye just a crack, and I see something that's somehow more terrifying than the bears themselves.

Their bodies are hunching, their backs arching into the air. Sick cracking sounds are coming from their twitching torsos as their bodies first expand, and then contract, like breathing but much more exaggerated. The fur retracts into their skin. They're taking on a different shape, a more human form.

I watch the bear in the center as his black claws, sharp as a knife, retract. His paws lengthen and turn to thin fingers. Their eyes, once yellow, become more normal. More human.

Holy shit, what the fuck did I just see?!

Clawing at the dirt beneath me, I try to crawl away. A hand grabs me and flips me back over, though, pulling me towards three very naked men.

They're all breathing heavily and sweating profusely. They all, also, look very familiar.

In the center is Virgil Kreios. I'd know him anywhere, because he's the bastard that owns the bank that put my parents on the street. He's handsome and he's rich, but he has a lot of enemies. I'm one of them, but I'm also not the kind of person to act on my anger.

His naked body is still hairy, even though he's no longer a bear. His square jaw used to make my mom swoon before she lost the house, but now it's the perfect space for a punch if I ever get on my feet and get close enough to land one. Bastard.

I can't help it. My eyes look south, and there it is. The one thing I never wanted to see. Virgil Kreios's billionaire cock. It's totally soft and it still hangs halfway down his damn thigh. Does this guy have any flaws other than being an asshole?

Virgil was the one holding my legs. Now he bends over me, his scent no longer that of a bear but more of a man who just did a heavy workout, mixed with whiskey and cigarettes. He grabs my arms and pulls me up, then gently takes the arm with the gash in it. The bleeding has slowed, but it hasn't stopped.

“Oh, we hurt her,” he says, his voice smooth and low. His black hair shines blue in the foggy light of the woods. “Such a shame, she's truly a fine woman. Let's fix her up, boys.”

He brings me even closer, staring deep into my eyes. “Hey!” I say, trying to pull away. His body is hot, which I have to admit feels nice after running through the cool and damp woods. Placing his other hand over the gash in my arm, he closes his blue eyes. A flash of brilliant blue light emanates from my arm and his hand, and the pain from the deep cut fades away. It leaves only a tingling sensation.

Another one of the men, this one with chiseled abs and messy blue hair, comes up to me and kneels. I know this man, too. I'm a big fan of his. This is Billy Kallistos, the biggest rock star of the last 3 years. He's worked with more than 8 different bands and with all of them he's released 13 different albums. He's an extremely hard worker, and according to the tabloids, he plays hard too.

He looks up at me with so much passion I almost entertain the insane thought that he might ask me to marry him. Instead, he gasps for air.

“God damn,” he laughs, looking up at the moon. His green eyes sparkle. “Remind me not to transform after smoking a joint. It always leaves me tired.”

The other two men chuckle. Virgil keeps his hold on my arm while Billy fixes his eyes on me again. “Give me your foot, love.” Slipping his fingers under the foot that got caught by the branch, he brings it up to his face. He slips off my shoe, revealing a bloody hole where the branch punctured my foot.

His lips caress the wound gently, and with a flash of red light it, too, is healed. Having this super star's lips on my foot makes my knees even more wobbly than they were a minute ago. All that's left is my aching chest and tired legs. I wonder if the third man will heal me.

Then again, I don't want him anywhere near me either.

Fox Caomhan. Republican Congressman and in the pocket of every terrible private company you can think of. His dad was in the CIA, and his grandfather helped create the CIA. Fox skipped being a spook, instead becoming a lawyer for a short while before being elected as a Congressman for Texas.

All the Republican girls in my college's sororities are obsessed with him. He's hot for a politician, though looking at his body now it leaves much to be desired. He isn't fat, but he's not muscular like Billy, either. He's the shortest of the three, but his eyes flash with power and dominance. There haven't been any sex scandals surrounding him, but he isn't aligned with the religious right either. My guess is he's dominated a secretary or two before discarding them entirely.

His cock is standing firm, and pointing right at me. It's a good size, and I admit he's not bad looking, but he repulses me morally. I want to take his manhood and slap it until he apologizes for being so cozy with oil companies.

With my foot and arms both being held, I have no real say about where my body is. Fox takes advantage of that by coming up to me and grabbing my hair, balling it up in his fist and pulling me towards him. He forces his lips onto mine. I try to struggle away, but I can't. I'm being held too tightly.

Congressman Caomhan's tongue darts into my mouth. I try to bite it, but he pulls it out before I can. He finally pulls away, leaving one small bite on my chin.

I scream. I scream as loud as I can, until my throat is raw. I struggle to get away, but it's too painful and they're too strong. “What are you? What are you monsters?!” I scream, tears streaming down my face.

Billy replies, “We're your hunters, and you're our prey.”

“And now that we've caught you,” Virgil continues, “you're our slave, too.”

“Our sex slave.” Fox laughs in my face, a loud and violent sound. Soon the other two laugh with them. Their grips on me tighten.

Horror creeps up onto me. “No! Leave me alone!”

Billy stops laughing first, then pulls on my foot. I slam back onto the ground, hitting my head. It throbs with pain, as do my shoulders which took most of the impact. Billy reaches up my legs and grabs onto my jeans, tugging them down. He doesn't bother to unbutton or unzip them, so he struggles to get them over my hips. It hurts.