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Alexia Eden (FairyTales Don't Exist)

By:Sophie Summers


Mom always told me that love conquers all. If you love someone with all  your heart and with all that you have to give  –  no matter the problems  you face as long as you were together it will be all right …  She said  that you know you've found your soul mate when it would hurt when they  weren't by your side and just being in their presence would soothe that  ache.

I always thought it was just one of those silly things mothers would  tell their daughters, similar to those quotes on the bottom of each page  in a diary that are supposed to be inspirational but in fact leave you  thinking what … the … fuck …

She also had those cheesy moments too however, when I was upset because  the boys at the playground were being mean to me, she'd say "Don't worry  my lil' Lex, one day you'll find your prince charming, just like I did  when I found your daddy". Of course I wasn't that naïve to actually  believe in Fairytales and all the stories she would tell me about love  as I grew older but I had hope, hope that one day I would find that  person I would love so much that I would do anything and everything  possible to be with them, that I would find my soul mate, my other half  ...the person meant just for me …

My name is Alexia Charlie Eden, and yes my second name is Charlie. Mom  thought she was having a baby boy, at least that's what the doctor said,  so imagine their surprise when I popped out. They decided to keep the  name Charlie, because well that's what they originally planned on  calling me and the name Alexia was a tribute to Alexandria, the name of  daddy's younger sister who disappeared when she was sixteen.

Daddy says my mother and I look alike but I don't see the resemblance at  all. I'm pretty short at 5'3 and I wouldn't say I'm skinny like mom  either since I have more curves than the usual teenage girl. My mother  also has brown hair but hers is pin straight where mine is more on the  wild side and reaches my lower back, I guess I do get my petite body  from her since she is a small woman.

My father and I have few similarities in our features; although my  mother has brown eyes and my father has blue ones, mine are a mix  between dark green and blue, so with my dark hair and pale skin they  tend to stand out. I also have dad's dimples and dark long eyelashes.

My mother was a typical housewife, always involved with anything to do  in my life. She was my best friend and the person that even when I had a  bad day at school I knew when I got home everything would be alright  because mom was there sitting on her bed reading her sappy romance  novels waiting for me to come home. She would always know when I was  upset, she'd just open her arms wide and I'd go and cuddle beside her  while she would whisper words of hope and encouragement.         



Yes, I was a good girl who didn't keep any secrets from her mother and  that's because there was nothing to keep from her, I would tell her  everything  –  she was my best friend. She was supportive of me, always  backed me up on anything I was involved with and she'd say that as long  as I was happy she'd be happy.

Of course I was still a daddy's girl, where my mother was a words type  of woman my father was more of the do now, talk later type. Mom always  had the right words to say at the right moment, but my father was a  different story however …  when I was younger many kids thought it was  funny to pick on the short chubby kid.

I kept quiet about it for a little while because I was embarrassed about  being picked on for my weight but when one kid tripped me and I went  home crying, I told my father everything. My dad wasn't someone with  many words, he was the type that went to all the boys' houses that  bullied me demanding that their fathers make them apologize and if they  don't discipline their children - he would.

He was a big guy, being 6'6 feet tall and since he worked at the gym  everyday he was big in the muscle department too, suffice to say that  from that day onwards - I was never bullied again whenever I went to the  playground.

My parents met in high school and it was the typical jock meets  cheerleader, they get married have babies and live happily ever after -  although not in that order and it didn't exactly end that way.

Mom and dad were dating for about just over a year when mom found out  she was pregnant with me, determined as she was, she completed school  with only the support of my father at her side since their parents did  not support the decision of mom keeping me. Straight after high school  they got married and Dad started working full time at a small gym  downtown to help mom while she was at college getting her Degree in  Management.

Max's Gym was my other home when mom was at school. Uncle Max, who owned  the gym, was like my granddaddy; since he didn't have any kids of his  own he took dad under his wing. When Max passed away from Cancer, he  left the gym to dad and with the help of mom's management degree they  soon had turned the place around and gained many more clients. A few  years later they opened another gym in the next town which also became  as successful as the first.

At the age of fifteen I felt that my life was great, my friends were  amazing, my parents were the perfect duo and we were all as happy as  could be, seeing my parents work through all the hard times that life  threw at them, they still overcame it all, it really made me truly  believe that love could possibly conquer all …

Guess that was before daddy was killed in the car accident when an  eighteen wheeler truck skipped the red light, before mom started taking  prescription drugs to deal with the depression or before we were thrown  out our home because we didn't have money to pay for it since mom  stopped looking after the Gyms and spent all the money on anything to  take her mind off what was really happening.

Let's just say that nobody told me what to do or what would happen when  you lost that one person you loved so much, the person that you would do  anything and everything to be with them, the one who was your soul  mate, your other half... the person meant just for you …

Two years later and three months into my senior year, mom's friend  Amber, and a few hours South in a small town called "Point Bright" found  mom a management job in the bar she works.

So here we are, on the road to our new home...


Guess whoever named this shit-hole "Point Bright" didn't see what I was seeing.

Our new home, which turns out to be similar to any other trailer park is  surrounded by a bunch of small houses. The houses are encircled by  wooded area and forest.

The two years since dad's death has been a nightmare, I thought it would  get better...that mom would somehow see that I also lost someone, it  felt as if I was alone that I did not only lose my father but my mother  too.

As if the alcohol wasn't enough, mom was prescribed pills to deal with  the depression of losing my father, she obviously enjoyed the feeling  she was getting when she used them because she started taking the drugs  on a more regular basis, when the prescribed drugs lost the edge she  craved she decided that something stronger was needed.

I don't even know what she's taking anymore - she's moved on from  alcohol, to taking pain killers to cocaine. I cringe at the memory of  accidentally walking in on her in the bathroom while she was snorting  it, she was too drugged up to even notice she left the door open and I  was leaning against the frame watching her. She doesn't even remember me  throwing the shit down the toilet or the fit she threw when she  realized her last fix for the day was gone. That didn't stop her from  going out and getting more though …          



I've done everything - I've tried yelling and telling her how I need her  but it always ends up the same way. Her telling me that she has nothing  to live for and that I should just be happy that she's still around.

Yeah …  that hurt like a bitch, but I was done crying, I cried all I could  the day I said goodbye to daddy at his funeral and it felt better when I  cut off everything, when I blocked it all out  –  people say that you  shouldn't keep everything bottled up inside but I disagree.

I don't let the hurtful things my mother says when she's high get to me  anymore and I don't let the sadness creep in when I think about daddy … I  can't. I don't feel much anymore therefore I don't cry anymore, it all  works out better this way. The day I begged my mother to stop with the  drugs only to have her slap me and tell me to piss off was the last time  I let my emotions show, I know deep down I am weak but that doesn't  mean I want others to see it.

I don't know why she doesn't see that she still has me to live for!  Doesn't she see that I'm still around? That I need her! She's not the  only one that lost him, I lost him too! I don't know this person she has  become, since she started with the drugs she's been acting as if she's  my age, cussing and wearing slutty clothes that barely cover anything-  she has the perfect body but she's attracting attention from the wrong  guys. I think she tries to see other guys just to forget about dad but  nothing can compare to her prince charming, none of these low lives  could ever live up to my father, why can't she see this and stop wasting  her time?