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Alpha (Wolves Creek Book 1)

By:Samantha Horne

Alpha (Wolves Creek Book 1)
Samantha Horne



"Great. Perfect! Is there anything else that wants to go wrong today?!"  I'm not going to lie, I should not have asked that question. As soon as  the words left my lips, the heavens opened and Mother Nature herself  decided to teach me a lesson about tempting the fates.That bitch.

"Fuck!" Shouting in to the sky, I spun around and lashed out at my poor  car, kicking the tyre and earning myself a very sore foot in the  process. Yep, my stupidity really knew no bounds. Here I was, stuck in  the middle of god-knows-where, being pummelled by rainfall and standing  next to my car which had just decided not to go any further. It was  almost like the car was getting the same creepy vibes I was from the  surrounding woods and just went, ‘nope, I think I'll stay here!" After  hours of driving through these strange woods with nothing but trees for  miles, the only thing I wanted to go was get the hell out of there. I  had a really bad feeling about the area and prayed that I would come  across some civilisation soon.

I really was having just the worst day and in fact one of the worst  months, of my life. In the past month I had celebrated my 25th birthday,  got married, been cheated on and then ran away from said husband. Yep,  busy July for anyone to handle, I think we'll all agree? But, that was a  story for another time. What I'd gone through in the past month could  probably be made in to a movie where we all laugh at the main character  as she fails at absolutely everything in life. Yipee.

I looked around to try and figure out where I was but it was so dark,  plus I hadn't really been aiming for anywhere in particular. All I'd  wanted was somewhere far away from my husband and civilisation in  general - somewhere I could ‘find myself', as cheesy as that sounded.  I'd packed up the very few things I had and google mapped ‘places in the  middle of nowhere' and just driven. I'm not even kidding, that is  actually what I searched. You'd be surprised how useful a tool the  search engine can be, even when you have no idea what it is you are  actually looking for. Trying to figure a way out of the mess I was in, I  pulled my mobile phone from my jeans pocket and lo and behold - no  signal. Well, wasn't that just fantastic? Peachy. A few hours ago, the  thought of vanishing in to the middle of nowhere where no-one knew who I  was sounded like a brilliant idea. Now? Not so much. Now it sounded  like something someone would do, who had absolutely no brain cells and  was acting purely on their emotions. Probably not ideal.

Realising I needed help and beginning to shake from the cold of the rain  soaking to my skin, I locked up the car and waved it a solemn goodbye.  Ok, so I hated the piece of crap, but it was the only constant thing in  my life right at that point and I did feel kind of guilty leaving it in  the dark woods all alone, as stupid as that sounded. Throwing my handbag  over my shoulder, I chucked my useless phone into its depths and  started to walk, praying that I found someone who could help me soon.

After what felt like hours, but was in fact only around ten minutes, I  breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the welcoming lights of what  looked like a pub in the distance. Getting closer I could see it was  surrounded by trees with an eerie look to it, and I physically shivered  as the water dripped off my long, dark hair and the cold breeze hit my  sodden clothes. The thought of entering a warm and cosy country pub  –   however odd looking - had my legs moving faster toward the brightly lit  doors. I looked up and scoffed at the sign hanging by the big oak doors.  The Howl. Well, that was fitting for how unnerving the place was. All I  needed now was a vampire and a werewolf and I'd set myself up to be in a  cheesy horror movie! As I pushed open the door, I smiled at the warmth  that instantly hit me and stepped inside, wringing my hair of water and  trying to peel the wet clothes away from my body, so they weren't quite  so skin tight. I'd worn a yellow floaty top, with a pair of skinny jeans  but right now they had moulded to my body so tightly you couldn't tell  where the top ended and the jeans began. Real sexy. As I walked in I  noticed the dim lighting in the pub and the fact it was packed full of  patrons enjoying an evening drink. I was quite surprised to see how busy  it was, considering it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. I scouted  around to try and find a friendly face to help me, when I noticed that  every single eye in the room was on me. They weren't exactly welcoming  stares, either. No, these were more like ‘stranger! What are you doing  here?' kind of stares. I felt more uncomfortable every second I was  there. Trying to ignore the suspicious and hostile looks being thrown my  way, I walked over to the bar and the man who was stood behind it,  leaning against the bartop and watching everyone with an amused look in  his eye. He certainly looked the friendliest of the bunch.                       


"Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I'm completely lost, and my  cars broken down. I don't even know where I am!" I laughed and smiled in  what I hoped was a friendly manner, despite the fact that my teeth  wouldn't stop chattering.

The man looked at me with a curious gaze for a moment, before holding  out his hand for me to shake. Humbled and grateful for a friendly  gesture, I shook his hand and jumped back in shock at how hot he was to  the touch. Looking down at my hand, my eyes widened when I saw that not  only was I now warm, but the yellow top I wore was now completely dry,  back to its floaty self. How was that even possible? Jesus, I've lost  it.

"You okay, Miss?" The man looked at me with a tiny smile, almost as if  he knew something that I didn't. I shook myself out of my thoughts so he  didn't think I was totally crazy. The man looked to be in his forties,  with a short beard and hands that showed he'd clearly done some manual  labour in his time. His eyes were the bluest I had ever seen and I  coughed slightly as I tried to remember what he had asked me.

"Erm, yes, I'm fine, sorry. My name's Laura."

"It's nice to meet you, Laura. The name's Logan. You mentioned some car trouble?"

Thankfully, he was still smiling and the friendly vibes I got off him  were making me slightly more at ease in an increasingly uncomfortable  situation. Looking around, I noticed how everyone was still gawping at  me. There were a few whispered conversations here and there, but mostly  everyone was just looking at me, their staring getting the point across  that I absolutely was not welcome here. Message received loud and clear  guys.

"Erm, yes, my car just stopped working. Piece of crap just broke down  and I walked to the nearest place, which just so happened to be this  lovely, warm and welcoming abode." I said, probably a bit too  sarcastically, and I worried I had just offended my only ally in this  place. It was soon clear, however, that no offence was taken, as Logan  let out a full belly laugh which caused me to jump back quickly, as  unexpected as it was.

"We're not used to visitors around here, that's all. Don't take it  personally." He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back in  return. "I know someone who will be able to help with your car. I'll  just give him a call. Can I get you a drink while you wait?"

"Thank you so much, that would be amazing. The car would probably make  more money as scrap metal, but it's my baby." I smiled fondly as I  thought of my poor little car and then frowned as I remembered where I  had left it. "Just a coke would be lovely, thank you."

"Coming right up." Logan moved to grab a coke for me, passing it over at  the same time as he walked towards a phone near the back of the bar. As  I took a sip of my drink, I took stock of my surroundings and settled  more comfortably on a vacant bar stool. My jeans were still soaking wet  and I shivered from the cold, at the same time as being totally  confounded as to how my top was now completely dry, as though it had  never been wet. I guess there were some things in life that were just  unexplainable. As someone with a pretty open mind I tended to believe  even the wildest explanations, if only just for some excitement. Well,  I'd left home to try and find adventure and it looked like I may have  found one. Okay, breaking down and walking miles in the rain probably  wasn't most people's idea of an adventure, but as someone who had  followed every rule my whole life, I needed a change. I just wanted to  experience life a little bit and start over somewhere where nobody knew  my name, or my embarrassing history with men. I'd like to say that I was  a lone ranger, content with going on my adventures by myself, but that  was a lie. If I'm being honest, I craved human contact and the sense of  belonging somewhere. I thought I'd had that with my husband, but I guess  I was wrong. I had no idea what it was I was looking for when I hopped  in my car and started driving, but I had a good vibe about the place I  was in. As I looked around the pub I had a sudden urge to stay there,  not carrying on with my journey. That's crazy though, I mean these  people clearly don't like me. I didn't even know whereabouts I was in  the bloody country.