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Asking for Trouble(65)

By´╝ÜTessa Bailey

“I don’t mind waiting for it, baby. In fact, I love it.” He tugged her panties down her legs. “It means you want to be fucked twice as hard.”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Please, Officer. As hard as you can.”

Brent began to sweat. Jesus, she knew exactly what to say to make him crazed to be inside her. Still, as much as he loved the game, he wanted to see his Hayden. Needed to connect with her in that indescribable way. Especially tonight.

He gently turned her around and planted her ass on the kitchen table. Looking her in the eye, watching her read his mind, he sank two fingers deep inside her.

She sucked in a breath. “Hello to you, too.”

His mouth took hers in a long, wet kiss, rife with promises. “I’m feeling a little impatient, duchess,” he said against her mouth. “Are you wet enough or do you want my tongue?”

In response, she parted her thighs in welcome, her hot gaze on his arousal, as if imagining how she would touch him if her hands were free. But they weren’t. Which turned them both on even more. Brent yanked her closer to the edge of the table, not bothering to settle between her legs, but rocking against her as soon as he made contact. Automatically they circled his waist and squeezed, urging him to move faster. Their moans echoed in the silent room. “You’re impatient, too. I feel your thighs shaking around my hips already.”

“Maybe I’m cold.”

“You’re never anything but fucking hot.”

Hayden’s mouth beckoned to him, begging for a long, wet kiss. Brent accommodated her, groaning as her high heels dug into the flesh of his ass as he worked himself against her core. “Aren’t you going to ask me about my day?” she asked breathlessly. He mumbled an incoherent response into her mouth. “I landed a new account at work. You know what that means.”

Brent pulled back, his lips curling into a smile. He watched her closely, loving the way her mouth parted in pleasure as he picked her up off the table and sank back onto a dining room chair. When the position drove him even deeper, they both moaned, Hayden beginning to roll her hips immediately. Knowing he was seconds from being ridden hard and rendered speechless, Brent took one last pull off her mouth and said the words that had been racing through his head for weeks. “Hayden.” He waited until her eyes focused on him. “Marry me, baby.”

For a moment that seemed to stretch for eternity, she looked stunned and out of breath. “You wait until I’m cuffed to propose?”

He ran unsteady hands up her smooth thighs. “When have we ever done anything the conventional way?”

“Never. Thank God.” The corners of her lips edged up, hips beginning to move once more in a devastating rhythm. “Now ask me again. Nicely.”

He surged up from the chair, and Hayden’s gasp of surprise tasted sweet on his tongue as he strode toward the bedroom. “You forgot who’s wearing the cuffs, duchess.”