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Bad Boy's Baby(4)

By´╝ÜSosie Frost

So I’d heard. Again and again. It didn’t stop them from praising me, and the hundredth time it was said sounded just as good as the first.

I graced their camera with a grin that showed both dimples. The women giggled. I offered to sign an autograph, despite Bryon gesturing like I volunteered to give the fans a blowjob.

Plaid shook my hand again. “Can’t wait to tell the guys at work I met a damned hero today.”

The older man snorted. “Hero? Christ. What the hell happened during that championship game last season? Goddamn, never saw a man choke so bad in my life.”

My team hushed into silence.

My dimples disappeared.

The pen tore through the napkin I meant to sign.

The old man slapped his friend’s shoulder. “How much money we lose? Five hundred bucks?” He shook his head. “Third and inches, and you audible and throw the ball? When you got Bryon Washington over there with sixteen consecutive one hundred yard games? Jesus. That was a bad play call, and you knew it before throwing the interception.”

It didn’t take a lot to piss me off, but I didn’t have enough to drink to dull my temper.

Talking about that game didn’t just tempt the rage. It unleashed it.

Championship game. Tie-fucking-score. We were almost in field-goal range for the last goddamned minute of the game…and I threw an interception that was run back for a touchdown.

I still had fucking nightmares from that game, and this random asshole thought he could judge me without ever stepping on a football field? He lost money? I lost more than that.

Sponsorships. The renegotiated contract. My face on every video game.


I slammed the napkin against the man in plaid. My guys hadn’t moved. Smart.

The older man sensed he was in mortal fucking danger and wisely cleared his throat. He thanked us for our time and led his friend away. Plaid scolded him as they ducked into the main room.

“What the fuck did you do that for? You’re lucky he didn’t deck you. That bastard is a loose cannon.”

And so it went.

Cocksuckers. The only cannon in the room was my goddamned arm, and it was more than ready to lead us back to the championship.

I snapped my fingers and summoned the girls to my side.

“We’re leaving.”

The rest of the team took the hint. The waitress brought the check. I didn’t even look at the total. I counted out ten, one hundred dollar bills from my wallet and tossed it on the table. Half of them fell onto the plates of wings and burgers, but the girl would earn four hundred in a tip if she just wiped the barbeque sauce off the bills.

I led the women from the table without a word. Good thing I was taking home three girls. I’d have to get sucked off twice before I’d relax after dealing with that bullshit. They could fight over who got the shit fucked out of them first. It didn’t matter to me which pussy sat on my cock, just so long as they realized what a goddamned privilege it was to get fucked by me.

Even if I didn’t have that final win of the season.

Halter-Top snorted in the parking lot as I led them to my car. “That’s…your ride?”

She needed a cock in her mouth before she said anything else stupid. I glanced from her to a beautiful classic car that shouldn’t have existed in such great shape. “That is a 1968 Camaro Z28. Mint condition.”

“It’s old. I thought you’d have a Hummer or something.”

Yeah. One of those sounded perfect about now. I opened the door for her like a gentleman, but where was the press to take that picture?

“It’s a classic,” I said. “Anyone can get a Hummer. There’s only a few of these cars left in good condition.”

Blondie peeked inside. “It doesn’t have a GPS.”

The brunette pouted and held out her phone. “I need a charger.”

Jesus Christ. Three times the pussy, three times the headaches. None of them wanted to ride in the back seat. I finally pointed Halter-Top and Blondie to the rear. Brunette would ride with me.

I sunk into my seat and started the car. It roared to life, a sexy purr that’d sound better once all three of the women made similar sounds. Black dress knew what to do. Her hand immediately found my leg. I glanced at the two pouting in the backseat.

“Feel free to warm up together.” I peeled from the parking lot. “Gonna be a long night ladies.”

That got smiles from them.

The brunette unzipped my pants as we crossed the bridge to downtown. I adjusted my arm and let her lean across the seat. She was in for a show.

She gasped as my cock burst from my jeans—hard, throbbing, and demanding that one of the girls swallow every inch. Brunette obliged, immediately gagging over the length. I put up with it until her tooth accidentally scraped me.