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Bad Boy's Baby(9)

By´╝ÜSosie Frost

Jolene pretended not to notice, though she raised her eyebrow at me. “Yes, he is, sir.”


Jack snorted. “I wasn’t drinking last night.”

Frank laughed, cold. “Well, what restraint, Carson. Should we hold a parade in your honor?”

This wouldn’t be a pleasant call. Frank Bennett wasn’t intimidated by Jack’s abilities or successes. The new league president didn’t care about ratings. It was our luck that he was committed to bringing professionalism back to the league after countless problems with drugs, domestic abuse, and allegations of interleague cheating.

“I suppose you heard the news,” Jolene said. “We’re pleased to report that Mr. Carson is not injured and neither were the other passengers in his car.”

“Passengers?” Frank spat the word. “I think that’s more respect than those whores deserve. Please tell me you didn’t pay for their company, Carson.”

Jack’s hand curled into a fist, but he forced a smile. The smirk didn’t make him friendly. “I’m man enough to earn my women, Frank.”

“You man enough to own up to this mistake?”

“That van driver was at fault, the police said—”

“I don’t give a damn what the police said, Carson! You were in the accident. You were photographed bleeding. The other car doesn’t matter. They weren’t the multi-million dollar quarterback more concerned with what’s in his pants than his surroundings.”

“Do you want me out of my pants…or would you prefer I crawl up your ass, Frank?” Jack lost his temper. Already. “I’m the one who got in the accident. I’m the one who totaled a very expensive, very rare car. Where’s my are you okay, Jack? Or Are you hurt?”

“Now you listen here you little punk—”

Finn nervously spoke. “Let’s focus on the issue at hand.”

“This issue?” Frank practically snarled into the phone. “The issue is that the star quarterback for one of the most prestigious teams in the league is out every damn night picking up women, getting into trouble, and now recklessly driving and wrecking his car—”

Jack gripped his chair. He’d either break the arms or his fingers. “The accident wasn’t my fault—”

“Yes. This accident wasn’t your fault, but who knows what will happen next! You are worth millions of dollars—not just to yourself or your city, but to the league! What happens when those women sue you for damages? Or worse? What happens if one day a woman alleges you forced yourself on her?”

“Whoa!” Jack nearly ripped the phone from the table. “Let’s get something straight. I don’t have to force myself on anyone. Those women are begging me—”

“Yes, I’m sure that’s the case.” Jolene interrupted before Jack revealed too many of his exploits. “But, from a PR standpoint, the media will begin to spin Jack’s nights on the town as an aggressive male on the prowl for women. While many of his lady friends are…” She cleared her throat. “…charmed, by Mr. Carson, our surveys have shown an unfavorable opinion of his reputation.”

“My concern isn’t with his reputation, it’s with the league!” Frank must have pounded on his desk. “And I will not let Carson make a fool out of the entire, national organization because he chooses indecency over his responsibilities to his team.”

Jack was pissed enough to list his accomplishments. “I hold the single season passing record.”

Frank didn’t listen. “I can’t abide by this sort of behavior. He’s jeopardizing not only the league’s image—”

“And the single season touchdown record—”

“—But he’s also endangering himself to a personal liability—”

“—The team record for completions in a season—”

Frank’s voice rose, silencing everyone. “These instances of misconduct will come to an end. Fining him has done nothing in the past, so I have no other recourse.”

Finn waved a hand to silence Jack. “Mr. Bennett, what are you planning?”

“A four game suspension for now. I’m arranging an internal investigation and pursuing a contract termination and expulsion from the league.”

My heart sank. Jack nearly launched from the conference room.

“It’s the off-season!” He yelled. “Christ, training camp begins in two weeks. You’re going to expel me for doing absolutely nothing wrong eight weeks before the season starts?”

Finn frowned. “Mr. Bennett, I was on the phone with Coach Thompson…he didn’t mention anything about an expulsion—”