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Beauty and the Blitz(265)

By´╝ÜSosie Frost

I wasn’t sure when it happened, but the revelation wasn’t a surprise. I wanted Leah and Leah alone.

“Don’t…” I pushed the woman away. She pouted, and I shrugged. “Nothing against you.”


“No buts. Not interested.”

“But you’re Jack Carson…” The girl laughed. “I thought tonight would be fun.”

Since when did I have to explain myself or my cock? Was my reputation that bad? Did people really think I’d hump anything that talked?

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the sonogram. I wasn’t sure what I was doing with it, but the image still made me smile. I showed the woman.

“That’s my baby,” I said. “He’s got my squiggles, right?”

“Oh.” The woman didn’t even look at the picture. “You do need some attention.”


“You know...Momma’s at home all sick and moody. And Daddy?” She licked her lips. “Daddy needs some extra love. I can help.”

“I don’t need help.”

“Come on. What are you worried about? Just one night, Jack. Just me and you. No strings. No babies or wives.”

“She’s not my wife.” Why the hell hadn’t I offered to marry her?

“Even better. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her...”

The woman licked her lips and tugged her shirt low, revealing the plump flesh of her breasts.

Was this what I once wanted? Meaningless, casual, forgettable sex? It used to feel good, and it got me off. No questions. No leashes. I always made a quick escape before the girl wanted something stupid like breakfast or my number.

Or to present me as someone respectable to the world.

To make me think of someone other than myself.

To have my baby.

Jesus. I never used to want commitment and family and all the shackles that came with it, but now? It was the only thing that made sense.

I’d pissed Leah off. I needed to talk to her before she made good on her threat and left. And, once I found her, I wasn’t letting go. No more chances. None of this hesitant, uncertain bullshit. Leah was the only woman for me—for now and forever. For the first time in my life, I needed something other than the championship to prove my worth.

I wanted someone to love.

I pushed the woman off of me and waved to Bryon. “I gotta go home.”

Bryon grunted, forcing the blonde’s hand back to his jeans. “Let her cool down. Those pregos get worked up all the damn time.”

“Yeah, I don’t want her worked up. I gotta make sure she’s not imploding. Thanks for…”

For showing me how hollow everything had been. For proving Leah right and me wrong and finally accepting that I had more in my life than superficial bullshit.

I nodded to him. “See ya tomorrow.”

I let myself out, sucking in a breath of fresh air as the night choked the world. I used to like that too. No one could see what or who you did in the dark. But tonight just felt too…alone.

I hopped in my car and pulled my phone. I’d turned it off in my rage like a jackass. Didn’t surprise me to see Leah’s name pop up on a missed call. At least she had the sense to call like a rational adult when times got tough.

I pulled onto the street and checked the message, but my fingers clenched over the wheel as Leah’s voice whimpered over the phone. The voice mail was from an hour ago. The fear in her words transferred to me, chilling my blood and slicing through my flesh in a raw agony.

The message played once.

I thought hurting my knee was terrifying. This was worse.

This was hell.

This was every terrible nightmare come to life because I was too goddamned selfish to consider the world beyond myself.

I jammed the brake and spun the car one hundred and eighty degrees in the middle of the intersection. The car squealed and peeled out, racing towards the city’s hospital.

Her words scalded my mind, replaying over and over.

“Jack…it’s me. I think something’s wrong. Please call me. I have to go to the hospital.”


The highway blurred under the car. I didn’t check to see how suicidally fast I drove.

I passed six cars on the right, two on the left, and weaved between any asshole who couldn’t figure out how their fucking accelerator worked. Nothing would stop me from getting to the hospital.


It was my fault. I got her upset. I fought with her. I left. And then something happened to the baby.

Fuck, I knew something wasn’t right with her. The signs were there. She was tired. Weak. She grabbed the couch for support.

What the hell did I do?

My heart crushed itself against my ribs. It wasn’t fair. I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to Leah, but if the baby was in danger?