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Blackmailing The Billionaire(34)

By:Melody Anne

"Now come with me. There's someone I want you to meet." He wrapped her arm in his and dragged her across the room.

"Mike, I want you to meet Amy. She's the new executive assistant for  Lucas," he said in an excessively loud voice, which had several heads  turning towards them. Amy could feel her face grow warmer as she didn't  like to be the center of attention.         



"Nice to meet you Amy," Mike replied.

"I will just leave the two of you to chat for a while," Joseph said with  a chuckle while walking away. Amy stayed and chatted with Mike, finding  his company pleasant.

Mike was far more the kind of man who normally interested Amy. He was  average looking, not someone you would place on a calendar, but someone  you would definitely give a second glance. He had a sense of humor and  kept up a witty conversation. He was safe.

Amy almost wished she was searching for a relationship, as Mike seemed  the kind of man who would be pleasant to date. He wasn't arrogant and he  didn't seem to be demanding. Oh well, she sighed to herself, letting  the thought pass.

Across the room Lucas was glaring daggers at his new employee. She never  smiled that way when he talked to her. Of course, he was normally  barking orders at her. He still didn't like the attention she was giving  to another male and he really didn't like the interest he saw in Mike's  eyes. As Lucas slowly looked her up and down he could understand that  interest.

What did his father think he was doing, introducing her to Mike?  Everyone knew he went through women faster than he changed clothing.  Many women had been fooled by his act of affection but Lucas knew the  guy only had one goal in mind and Lucas was sure that Amy wasn't ready  for the consequences of a failed office romance.

Lucas was even more irritated he cared. He consoled himself by thinking  he was only concerned because if she got discarded her work performance  would suffer, which would make him have to fire her. He would then have  to take time away from his busy schedule to hire a new employee.

He was just about ready to storm over there, grab her arm and drag her  away when his father approached him. "How you doing boy?" he asked far  too slyly.

"Fine Father and you?" he automatically responded, not taking his eyes off of Amy.

Joseph was thinking that his plan was coming along just fine. His son  was falling for Amy quickly and he didn't even realize it. Joseph may as  well push things along a bit more and help speed things up. In the game  of love no one could lose.

"Don't you think Amy and Mike look good together? She's seemed a little lonely this past week," he said.

"Mike's a cad. I'm going to put a stop to this. You need to quit meddling in people's lives Father," Lucas said angrily.

"I'm sorry Lucas. I didn't know you were interested in her. You know a  boss shouldn't have a romance with his employee," he added. He knew his  son well. There was nothing he enjoyed more than a challenge.

"I'm not interested in her," Lucas said, not fooling his father in the  least. "I just know what kind of a man Mike is. He'll break her heart  and then her work will be affected. I'm only thinking of the work  environment." With those parting words he started walking in her  direction.

Joseph chuckled to himself feeling downright giddy. Oh yes, his son was falling hard. He'd picked out the perfect match for him.

"Amy, we have some work to do," Lucas said as he approached her and  Mike. He didn't even acknowledge Mike's presence. Mike, not wanting to  upset the boss, slunk away without another word. Amy lost a bit of  respect for him. She turned around, inwardly sighing.

"Yes sir, I'm sorry. I'll get right on it," Amy replied with her head  held high while heading towards her office. She didn't understand why he  sounded so irritated. Everyone was at the party. It wasn't like she was  the one who'd thrown it.

Lucas followed her into the office, then stood there looming over her as  she sat down. "I don't like office romances, they cause nothing but  trouble," he informed her in his most stately tone of voice, which  caused the hair on the back of her neck to stand up. She had to silently  count to ten before responding.

"First of all, Mr. Anderson," she said through clenched teeth, "I was  simply socializing with another employee. And second of all, who I do  choose to have a romance with is none of your business." Amy was  surprised by the acid in her own voice

Suddenly he was only inches from her face. "When you work for me you  will listen to what I say. Mike's a womanizer and I don't want to deal  with the repercussions when he throws you out like stale bread and  believe me, he will."

Amy leaned back from him as her heart started beating hard. She was sure  it was visible to him, even through her shirt. She forgot all about her  anger with the man as the urge to reach out and grab him was so  overwhelming. She wanted Lucas. Everything about him screamed sex and if  he leaned in a couple of more inches and claimed her mouth she would  welcome it.         



For what seemed like an eternity she couldn't break contact with him.  She felt liquid heat pooling inside of her. Look away, look away, look  away, she shouted at herself until she finally found the will-power to  turn her head, wondering how long they'd stood there face to face.

Realizing how close he was to her and also the intense desire he had to  kiss her shocked Lucas enough into standing up straight and retreating  from her office. Before he could think about it he slammed the door,  causing the pictures on the wall to shake.

Lucas leaned against the door and willed his body to return to normal.  He hadn't felt so much desire for a woman since his college days. Even  then he knew he'd possessed more control. If she hadn't broken their eye  contact he may have ended up taking her right there on her desk, just a  few short feet away from hundreds of employees who could've walked in  at any moment.

It was most definitely time to go work out and expend some of his pent  up energy. He went down in his private elevator, avoiding Amy the rest  of the day, choosing to communicate through email only. It seemed to be  much safer that way for the both of them.