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Blackmailing The Billionaire(5)

By:Melody Anne

"Okay, we haven't started this out the way I wanted to. I'm sorry if I  came across a bit strongly but I need to make sure you're going to be  okay," she heard Max say. She opened her eyes, turned her head and found  him standing in the doorway. He was leaning against the frame, his  cocky expression in place, arms crossed, looking as if he was swallowing  sour lemons while attempting an apology.

He spoke in a way that was meant to instill confidence in the other  person, but she didn't trust him further than she could throw him, and  that wasn't any distance at all. He'd placed her in a private room, took  care of all the bills, made sure she was fed well, and now wanted to  make sure she was taken care of when she left. He had an agenda. She  knew she was vulnerable and he was no better than the big bad wolf but  she couldn't figure out his game plan.

As she laid there and they once again had a staring contest, it suddenly  hit her. He was worried about getting sued. The mega-rich billionaire  had plowed his car into her, causing a concussion, and a banged up body,  and he was using his full arsenal of charm so she would be all happy to  sign whatever papers he put before her.

She had zero desire to sue him. She didn't know whose fault the accident  was, but even if it had been his fault she could never go head to head  with one of the Andersons. It just wouldn't be worth it. She wasn't that  kind of girl, anyway. She despised ambulance chasing attorneys and  people who made their fortunes from frivolous law suits. But, he didn't  know she felt that way. He didn't know what kind of a girl she was. This  entire accident could work to her advantage. She may just get her  interview after-all. She would've thought of it much sooner if she  hadn't been loaded up with so many drugs.         



"I'm sorry too, Max. I guess my head has just been hurting so badly and I  really do need to get more rest," she said in what she hoped was a  pathetic voice. If she was going to play a power game with the man then  she needed to pull out all the guns. Ah, it would feel good to take down  this high-handed, arrogant guy. She could practically see her  headlining articles in the newspaper now. Her dream was so close.

"I insist that you stay with my family until you're fully functioning.  Of course, I'll pay all expenses," he stated. She looked at him, trying  to figure out the best way to proceed. She was going to get her  interview.

"When are you going to whip out the papers for me to sign?" she asked,  coming straight to the point. Her direct approach took him off guard and  he stared at her for a moment in shock. He wasn't used to women coming  right out and stating the facts. She thought her time with him was going  to be enjoyable. He could use a strong woman to knock him down a peg or  two from that throne he'd placed himself on.

"Well, since you brought it up, my attorney has drafted some papers he'd  like for you to sign. You'll be compensated for all medical expenses  and receive a generous settlement. It's really a win-win situation for  both of us," he told her, quickly regaining his composure, and adding  his trademark grin.

"I'd like to take a look at these papers," she said. He quickly handed  them over and she took her time reading through the thick document. She  had to give Max credit because he sat there, tapping his foot  impatiently, while she perused the document. He didn't try to rush her.  She couldn't keep the surprised look from her eyes when she took in the  six figure sum he was offering as a settlement. Who knew getting hit by a  car could be so profitable? Heck, why work hard when you could just  jump in front of a high-priced sports car? she thought sarcastically.  She set the papers down and looked up where he stared back at her.

"Do you have a problem with the figures?" he finally asked when she remained silent.

"Now that you've asked, yes, I do have a problem. I'm not after your  money, Mr. Anderson." She waited a few moments before she continued,  after he raised his brows. "There is something I want from you, though,"  she finished with a wicked smile of her own.

She watched as the light dawned on his face. First, he looked surprised,  then his eyes narrowed as he realized she was attempting to blackmail  him. She supposed that had never happened to him before. He blanked his  expression after only a few seconds.

"What would that be?" he demanded, though he knew.

"Oh, I don't think we need to play games. We both know I want an  exclusive interview. I've upped my original proposal, though, since fate  has seemed to throw me a free one," she said, not even trying to hide  the glee in her expression.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he practically spit at her. She had  never felt as powerful as she did in that moment. It was quite euphoric,  she decided.

"Well, originally I just wanted a few hours of your time, but seeing as  how we've already gotten so acquainted, I was thinking I want to trail  you for a month. I need to recover from my injuries, and as you've so  repeatedly pointed out, I can't be on my own, so it's a perfect time to  spend a month in the life of Max Anderson," she said. She could  practically see the steam rising from his head at her request. She  figured, why not?

"You seriously expect me to let you follow me like a puppy dog for a  month?" he barked. He glowered at her like she'd lost her mind. She may  just have.


"That won't happen," he said with steel in his voice. She never broke  eye contact. She knew the first rule to journalism was to never let them  see you sweat. She wasn't going to blow her first shot at a real  career. She had him in a corner and she wasn't letting him escape, no  matter how much her knees wanted to shake.

"I think so, because I won't settle for anything less."

"You have some real nerve!" he shouted as he jumped from the chair and  started pacing the room. "Fine, I'll double the settlement, but no to  the interview!"

"I don't want the settlement. I only want the interview," she repeated  stubbornly. He turned and glared at her. She could see the murderous  expression in his eyes.

"I've checked into your situation and you really can't afford to turn  down my offer," he said smugly. She was proud of being able to keep her  composure, at least on the outside. On the inside she was seething. How  dare he snoop through her personal life!         



She refused to bicker with him any further. She only wanted one thing  from him and she would get it, one way or the other. It wasn't like she  was pleased with being hit by his car.

"How's our patient, today?" she heard a voice say from the door and  looked up to see two elderly men walk into the room. She was thinking  they had really good timing because she didn't know how much further she  could push Max before he strode to her bed and rung her already sore  neck.

"I'm good," she said, then realized who they were. It was Joseph and  George Anderson. They were the heads of different divisions of the  all-powerful Anderson Corporations. She didn't know why they'd want to  visit her. She was happy they were there, though. She didn't think Max  would attack her in front of an audience.

"That's great to hear," George said as he walked over to her bed. "I'm  George Anderson and this is my brother, Joseph. You've apparently met my  son, Max. We were so upset to hear about the accident and wanted to  make sure the hospital was treating you right."

"They've been wonderful to me," she said, unable to not instantly like  the kind man before her. Max seemed nothing at all like his father.

"Good, good. I'm happy to see Max is taking care of you," he added and  sent a wink to Joseph, who didn't try to hide his laugh. She looked back  and forth between the two gentlemen and couldn't figure out what they  were going on about.

"Max and I were just discussing a business proposition," she said. Maybe  they'd help her. They seemed kind enough, and she'd seen many articles  written up on both of them. They knew the power of a good news article.

"It's private," Max growled.

"What business proposition?" Joseph asked at the same time.

"Well … " she drawled. "I've been trying to get an interview with Max for a  while now, but he's been so busy he hasn't yet returned my phone calls,  so this accident could turn out to be a positive event, after all," she  said with an innocent smile directed at both Joseph and George. She  didn't dare look at Max, who she was sure was steaming at that point.

"I think that's the least he could do, considering the circumstances,"  George immediately jumped in, which made her smile turn immediately  brighter.

"I think it's none of your business," Max snapped. "Cassie needs her rest so you should both leave."

"Of course you need your rest, dear," Joseph said, and immediately took her hand in his.