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Blackmailing The Billionaire(6)

By:Melody Anne

"If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to call," George  added, while taking her other hand. They left the room and she  reluctantly looked back at Max. She knew the battle was far from over,  but she'd never been so determined to get what she wanted.

"I'm not a man you want to try and blackmail," Max told her with an  uncanny calm that sent a shiver of fear down her spine. If she wasn't so  scared of being out on the streets she may have backed down. He was  incredibly intimidating.

"I'm not scared," she said, though it was an obvious lie.

"Have you never heard the saying to be careful what you wish for?" he  purred. His new demeanor worried her but she could feel she was starting  to win the battle. She couldn't back down now.

"I know what I'm getting into, and I'm not afraid to chase what I want," she said with emphasis.

"You want your interview? Fine, you'll get it. I'll have my attorney  draw up new paperwork. There will be certain things that will be off  limits. If you break any of the rules of the contract, I will sink you  so far you'll never be able to dig yourself out of the hole. Do you  understand?" he asked, his tone betraying his words. His voice was  scarily calm, while his words were terrifying.

She couldn't imagine sitting in a board meeting with him. His entire  attitude shouted power, beyond anything she could imagine. She really  may have taken on more than she could handle, but she knew the  journalism world was a tuff nut to crack, and she'd deal with harder  cases than him. She could handle it.

"I know you hate interviews, and having your privacy invaded. I'll be  tactful in what I write, but I'll also be truthful. If you're trying to  hide unethical business practices, I will figure it out, and I won't  lie," she said with her shoulders squared. It took everything in her not  to shake.

He looked deeply into her eyes - she knew to see if he could intimidate  her. Suddenly, his mouth flashed up in what looked like a genuine smile.  She looked at him in stunned silence. She didn't understand why he'd be  smiling when she'd so obviously won. She was beginning to worry she may  not have really won anything after all.         



"You're very brave from your hospital bed. We'll see how well you do  when you're not quite so frail and using that unfair advantage at your  disposal," he said with the same smile in place. She didn't back down.

"I don't break easily."

"We'll see. I always get what I want, too, Ms. McIntyre," he said, reverting to her last name.

"What do you want?" she asked, though she wasn't sure she wanted to know the answer to that question.

"That will have to be a surprise," he promised. It wasn't a threat, or a question, it was a statement of intent.

This was a bad, bad idea. She was too stubborn to back down, but she was  getting a really bad feeling about the entire situation. She'd get her  interview, but at what cost? If she were a smarter woman, she'd sign his  papers, take the money and run.

As if he could read her thoughts, he took said papers, and ripped them  in half. She almost gasped at the finality of it. She hoped her fear  wasn't showing. If he felt he had the upper hand she wouldn't stand a  chance at going head-to-head with him.

"I'll be back in a few days with the proper paperwork. Then, it looks  like we'll be inseparable for a month," he said before turning away. She  wanted to call him back and tell him it had all been a mistake. She  knew she should forget about the whole thing, but she couldn't seem to  get the words past her throat. She'd go through with it, and she'd write  up the best article ever written on any of the Andersons. She tossed  and turned the entire night and knew the next couple of days were going  to be stressful. Every sound would have her head turning, waiting for  Max to walk back through the door.

Max walked out of the room, proud that he'd managed to keep his  composure intact at the end. He'd let her see his anger for a short  time, and he wanted to throttle his uncle and father, but overall he'd  done well.

He certainly had to give her credit for bravery. She truly believed  she'd won a battle of sorts with him. If he hadn't wanted to allow the  interview, then she wouldn't have gotten him to back down. He'd been  completely against it at first, but the more she spoke, the more he  realized he wanted to spend time with her. She was stirring something in  him, and he needed some time with her to figure out exactly what that  was.

His attorney would draw up an iron-clad contract so she wouldn't be able  to speak about anything he didn't wish her to talk about, so he wasn't  worried about the actual article she wanted to do. He wanted to see  those determined eyes darken with passion while she writhed underneath  him in pleasure. He'd take pleasure in making her burn for him, and he'd  do it with the utmost satisfaction. He hadn't looked forward to  something so much in years. He couldn't wait to start seducing Cassie  McIntyre.

He would find out every secret Cassie worked so hard to hide, and he'd  satisfy them both at the same time. Max found himself whistling as he  made his way down the hospital corridors.

Chapter Three

Cassie stepped out of the car Joseph insisted she take to the offices.  She'd refused to stay with Max, telling him there was no way she was  going to stay at his place. He'd shrugged as if it didn't matter to him  one way or the other, so she'd been set up in Joseph Anderson's guest  cottage. She was being well taken care of and felt a thousand times  better. She'd been there for two weeks.

It was her first official day to start trailing Max and she could barely  contain her excitement. She'd gone over his contract with a fine tooth  comb and she could live with the guidelines he'd set for her. He  absolutely wanted nothing personal about his family in the article but  she was surprised he hadn't put up too many restrictions for her. She  was going to be able to write a book about the man by the time she was  finished.

Upon approaching the large building, she found the exterior itself was  intimidating, shooting high into the sky and as she walked in she could  see the Andersons spared no expense on decorations. The foyer was  stunning, without being over the top. She wrote a few notes on her iPad  and made her way toward the security desk.

She looked at the nametag on the guard, as he eyed her cautiously, which  said Ben Stern. She had to fight the giggle that wanted to pop out as  she took in his expression. His name was certainly fitting. He appeared  to be in his late fifties, with a slightly balding head, and his face  had an impenetrable look. She was sure he didn't miss a thing.

"I'm Cassandra McIntyre, but everyone just calls me Cassie. I'm here to  meet with Max Anderson," she said in a bit of a high voice. She knew she  had a tendency to ramble when she was nervous so she made sure to stop  herself. He didn't need to know her nickname since she wouldn't be  visiting with him a whole lot. Of course, you could get a lot more  personal inside information from the staff. She made a side note to  herself to look for people she thought would spill their guts.         



"One moment, please," Ben said as he quickly typed some information into  his computer. He looked up at her again without showing any expression  and produced a badge. "You'll head over to the elevators, go to the  twenty-fourth floor, where you'll find Mr. Anderson's secretary," he  said, effectively dismissing her.

Cassie took the badge without another word and looked around at the  crowded area. People were rushing through the doors, all with a look of  purpose on their faces. Most headed toward the elevators. She made  another note to find out the exact number of people who worked in the  offices, and in general for the corporation. She walked to the elevators  and stood with a group of people, all wearing various types of business  attire. She felt a bit underdressed in her simple skirt and blouse. She  thought she may need to get some boring suits in blues and blacks, as  that seemed to be everyone's favorite color.

She followed a crowd into one of the overflowing elevators and noticed  no one pushed the button for her needed floor, so she reached around and  pressed it. A few of the suited droids looked at her questioningly when  she did that. She wiped her sweaty palm on the side of her skirt as  inconspicuously as she could manage. No one said a word to her and she  was grateful for the moment of silence to collect her thoughts and boost  her confidence with a quick pep talk. She kept her head down and  avoided eye contact with the other occupants.

She'd been in the top of her journalism class at college, always studied  hard, and knew she was meant to be a reporter. She'd been able to dig  out facts from her interviews others could only dream of finding. It was  such a competitive market, she'd been unable to make her big break yet.  This interview would certainly do it for her, though.