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Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 2

By:Alexx Andria

Caught Between Brothers

Penny McDaniel had no idea that when she took the job as an accountant  with the Buchanan brothers that the sexy billionaire entrepreneurs had a  thing for curvy girls but when they make her an offer she can't  possibly refuse, she learns just how hot they are for her soft, sweet  body. Just when Penny starts to believe she's living in a dream, Dillon  Buchanan, the black sheep of the family, shows up, ready to make  trouble. Caught in a dangerous game with high stakes, Penny finds  herself torn between three men - all of whom want her body and soul.

Penny McDaniel didn't think there was another man alive that could  compare to the decadent handsomeness of Vince and Nolan Buchanan. Strong  enough to toss her around like a ragdoll in spite of her bountiful  curves with the stamina of a bull when they had her on her back (or  knees), both men were exhaustive in their desire to possess her body and  soul.

Sometimes Penny had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't living in a wonderful dream - a wonderfully erotic dream, at that.

Two months ago, the billionaire brothers who owned and operated Buchanan  Enterprises, had approached her with a very unusual, very shocking  business proposal and she'd accepted.

Holy hotcakes, had she accepted.

Since then, her life had been a whirlwind of sexual education (yes,  she'd been a virgin prior to the brothers, and yes, she knew how crazy  that seemed in this day and age) that'd often left her breathless (and  deliciously spent) as well as mind-bogglingly overwhelmed.

Penny had gone from lowly bean-counter to highly desired mistress of two  of the wealthiest men in the world and it was quite an adjustment.

To say she lived a privileged - albeit complicated - life was an  understatement. She'd gone from anxiously staking out Payless BOGO  events for new shoes to slipping into the well-heeled luxury of  hand-crafted Chanel with price tags that made her want to faint. Somehow  it seemed obscene to spend such an inordinate amount of money on things  that went on her feet. But then, she supposed she'd never really been  like many women who salivated over expensive shoes so when the Buchanans  insisted on updating her wardrobe, she'd felt a bit like Julie Roberts  on Rodeo Drive, trying to find a look that both suited and flattered. To  be honest, it'd been an exercise in frustration. Designers simply  didn't make clothes that flattered a fuller figure.

"Not everyone is shaped like a human hanger," she'd groused during one  of their epic shopping excursions that'd left Penny feeling frumpy and  fat until Nolan had simply suggested they employ a personal dressmaker  to come and take Penny's measurements. After that, shopping had been a  breeze and she had to admit, she loved her new clothes. Suddenly, she  felt sophisticated and worldly when all her life she'd always lived on  the fringe of everything that was cool and beautiful. Of course, as  lovely as the new clothes were, truthfully, Penny enjoyed when the  brothers were peeling them from her body far more than anything else.

But lately, both Vince and Nolan had seemed on edge. Their lovemaking  was rough and savage, not that she minded, but it certainly seemed as if  something were eating at them. It couldn't be the business because  Penny knew for a fact Buchanan Enterprises was turning over record  profit, which left Penny to worry that the problem was with her. What  else could the two men who had everything have cause to worry about?

"You're quiet tonight," Nolan observed, knuckling her cheek lightly as  they lay in the expansive four-poster cherrywood bed that she still  hadn't gotten used to sleeping in since she moved from her apartment to  the penthouse suite that belonged to the brothers. Nestled in the crook  of Nolan's arm, she glanced up at him and smiled shyly, not quite sure  how to confess her fears without sounding like a mewling, pathetic baby.  "Everything okay? Are you still sore?" he asked solicitously, causing  her to blush like mad. Just the mention of their epic sexual adventures  made her cheeks heat. He smiled with genuine amusement at her reaction.  Nolan loved that she'd been a virgin before either of them had been  between her thighs. Of course, they'd both done their level best to  obliterate her virginity in all ways since then - hence the slight  soreness he'd mentioned.

She nodded and lied just a little. "All good. Perfect actually." It was a  small white lie. She was a bit sore from last night but it was a good  feeling and she didn't mind at all. In fact, being taken by either of  the Buchanans was a pleasure she'd never known existed. Sounded cheesy,  but it was true. Made her grateful she'd saved her "treasure" as her  papa had put it, for the right person, instead of giving it away to the  first fumbling male who had paid her any sort of attention.         



Penny traced a line from the top of his chest down the hard ridge of his  belly. "Is everything okay with you?" she asked, holding her breath.  She was still learning her place in their world and was, at times,  unsure of her boundaries but Vince and Nolan were always accommodating  of her education. She'd only been punished once, and truth be told,  Penny had writhed like a cat in heat, loving every minute. Vince had  laughed and promised to "punish" her more often. Nolan stilled and Penny  worried her lip, adding, "I just wondered because you seem … like  something is bothering you."

Nolan exhaled and actually pulled away to sit on the edge of the bed.  Penny held her breath. Maybe she should've kept her questions to  herself... "Do you have any family?" he asked, surprising her with the  sudden question.

"No. My dad died a few years ago. He was all I had left," Penny  answered, tucking her feet under her short, demure nightie. Nolan loved  her in lace, whereas Vince preferred tight corsets that made her breasts  spill over the top like bountiful pillows plumped for his pleasure.  "Why?"

Nolan's expression darkened but he otherwise remained silent as if  wrestling with something private that he wasn't ready to share. This was  the first time Penny had ever seen Nolan so pensive. Frankly, it scared  her just a little. "Is there anything I can do?" she asked in a  tentative voice, unsure of how to help. "Anything at all?"

She added the slight inflection with an innuendo at the tail end of her  offer and Nolan cast her a sidewise glance with the hint of a smile  playing on his lips.

"What did you have in mind?"

Her breath caught at the sudden hunger in his eyes. Just like that he  turned on the heat and suddenly, Penny was burning alive, desperate for  his touch. She slowly lifted the hem of her nightie up and over her  head, peeping at him through her lashes. "Anything you want," she  answered, sitting back on her heels, loving how Nolan's gaze blazed a  trail of wanton desire over her body. How things had changed in her  life. There was a time when she'd been so ashamed of her body that she'd  hidden beneath oversized cotton tops and dowdy skirts that wouldn't  make anyone take a second glance, but Vince and Nolan had taught her to  appreciate being a woman with a woman's curves. Their open desire for  every inch of her body made her celebrate being considered plus-size.

"Come here, sweetness," he instructed and Penny moved to comply, eager  to feel his touch everywhere at once. She loved when the brothers took  her together but there was something extra special about her one-on-one  time with them. She climbed onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his  neck. She sucked in a tight breath at how possessive his gaze was when  he roamed her curves, openly delighting in the way her breasts rose and  fell with anticipation. The tips of her nipples pebbled beneath that hot  stare just as her core liquefied with need. How had she ever survived  without them in her life? Nolan wet his finger and then slowly, gently,  tested her heat, pushing his finger deep inside her. Penny's eyelids  fluttered shut on a groan, her body coiling with explosive need.

"Penny, you're so beautiful," he murmured in approval at the way her  body reacted so readily to his touch. "Do you like the way I touch you?"

"Yes," she breathed, hearing the neediness in her voice but she didn't care. "Ohh, yes, Nolan."

He chuckled and pushed harder, crooking his finger to strum the sweet  spot inside her that caused her to squirm and moan. The heel of his palm  produced sinful pressure against her little pleasure button and Penny's  breath quickened. "Who do you belong to, sweetness?" he asked.

"You and Vince," she answered on a moan, too aroused to blush. "Only!"

"Good girl," he said. "Would you like to cum in my arms or on your knees?"

"I don't care!" Penny gasped as he increased the pressure of his touch.  If she hadn't been desperately aroused, the pressure would've hurt but  as it was, she felt ready to dissolve into a pool of helpless, quivering  goo. She never would've known such carnal pleasures were possible, if  it weren't for Vince and Nolan. Penny squeezed her eyes shut, her heart  rate slamming like a jackhammer as her body begged for release.