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Bought by the Billionaire Brothers

By:Alexx Andria

Bought by the Billionaire Brothers
Alexx Andria


They were Gods among men, thought Penny McDaniel with a private swoon as  the Buchanan brothers walked past her, completely oblivious to the fact  that Penny had been working for them for at least six months now and  had undoubtedly passed her in the halls numerous times without noticing.

Nolan and Vince Buchanan had been born to money but they'd managed to do  well on their own with Buchanan Enterprises. And why wouldn't they?  Razor sharp in business, hotter than Georgia asphalt, and built  like … well, Gods, they were destined for success.

Penny liked to think of herself as smart, reasonably attractive and  capable - however, most people, men in particular, simply saw a chubby  girl with dark hair and glasses.

In other words, those of the opposite sex rarely noticed her at all.

So was she surprised that both Nolan and Vince had completely overlooked  one of their many accountants? Not really. Likely to them, she was  simply another bean counter - and an uninteresting one at that.

The thing was, the Buchanan brothers never suffered a drought when it  came to finding a gorgeous woman to place on their arm or in their bed  but they'd managed to escape the marriage lasso in spite of the ardent  attempts of a select few.

Penny ducked her gaze when Nolan's gaze suddenly swung her way while  speaking with a colleague and her cheeks heated although it was highly  unlikely that he'd even noticed her staring at him as if he were a  fully-loaded Chicago-style pizza. But oh, goodness gracious, if he could  read her mind! Well, she'd be fired, Penny thought wryly. She  daydreamed of impossible scenarios; ones that were shameful and best  left in the secret confines of her imagination, and would likely send  her tumbling into hell for even allowing them into the theater of her  mind. But, ohhhh … she stifled a sigh. Was it so wrong that she longed to  personally count the ridges in Nolan's stomach with her tongue? How did  she know he had washboard abs? She'd had the honor of delivering some  important paperwork to Nolan's personal office and while she'd been  disappointed the office had been empty, she'd consoled herself with a  short peek at the personal photos on his desk. And one had been of him  and some skinny beach blonde who looked as if a piece of rice would get  stuck in her throat if she chanced to eat one.

Based upon the women Vince and Nolan squired about town, it was Penny's  guess that they preferred bones over curves and while it was certainly  their prerogative, it did give Penny a painful pinch to be found  completely out of their league.

Before she realized it, an unhappy sigh escaped her as she returned to her numbers and ledgers.

"Something the matter, Miss McDaniel," a smooth voice interrupted her  and she startled when she realized Vince was leaning on her cubicle,  watching her with those gorgeous dark eyes. She swallowed but it felt as  if all the spit in her mouth had dried up and all she could do was  stare like an idiot. "Everything okay?" he asked, his smooth brow  furrowing when she continued to gape at him.

"F-fine," she managed to stutter, pushing her glasses higher on her nose  and wishing she'd paid more attention to her wardrobe choice that  morning. Why hadn't she worn something … less bookish? Sure, she was a  bookkeeper but she didn't always have to look the part, right? She  fluttered her hands down her slacks and curled her toes inside her  no-nonsense flats. If he were to mentally undress her, he'd find a  boring white bra and beige panties - beige! Of all boring colors -  surprise! Ugh. Why hadn't she purchased that racy red and black number  she'd seen on the mannequin at Feisty, her favorite full-figured store  on the mall? At least even if no one was tearing her clothes off with  their teeth, she would know that beneath all those drab conservative  clothes of a sensible accountant a wild woman was hiding, just waiting  for the right moment to pounce.

The truth was, although she longed for adventure, she was almost  painfully shy, which went perfectly with the accountant stereotype that  she hated. Yet, as she was well aware, stereotypes existed for a reason:  because there was often a veneer of truth clinging to them.

"You don't talk much do you?" Vince remarked when Penny had offered a tremulous smile instead of engaging in a conversation.

She talked all the time - to herself and her cat (Ack! Another  stereotype!) - but the prospect of holding a casual conversation with  one of the hottest men she'd ever laid eyes upon was a bit daunting and  had turned her into a complete mental case. It was a damn miracle she  hadn't started drooling onto her spreadsheet. Somehow she recovered her  sense long enough to say, "Just trying to stay busy, Mr. Buchanan. I  mean, I have plenty of work to keep me busy, of course," she amended  with a hot blush. Great. She'd just insinuated that she didn't have  enough work, which was the exact opposite. "I love working for Buchanan  Enterprises. Best job ever. I swear." She cringed at the verbal vomit  falling from her mouth but she couldn't seem to stop. His eyes were  impossibly dark, and might she add, sinfully sexy. She could happily  drown in that stare. "I would work overtime if I could."         



He chuckled at her ridiculous statement as if he knew she was simply  babbling but he didn't seem to hold it against her. In fact, he simply  winked and said, "Keep up the good work" before pushing off her cubicle  wall and going on his hot, merry way.

Penny felt her cheeks and sure enough, they were warm enough to suggest a  furious blush was blooming in her face, likely making her look as if  she'd just spent two hours in the sun. She fanned herself and drew a  deep breath to clear her head. Vince Buchanan had spoken to her. So  what? Big deal. What? Are you nuts? A voice screeched. It's a very big  deal.

A smile slowly spread across her lips as she savored the moment, even if  it'd been short-lived and frankly, a little embarrassing.

Maybe she wasn't invisible after all … maybe … but just as the questions  started trickling in, a lithe blonde that Penny had seen before at the  office strolled through the front doors and made a beeline straight for  Nolan's office. She didn't check in with reception or deign to make  pleasant conversation with anyone as she blew by. In the face of all  that physical perfection, Penny's daydreams fizzled to the pleasantness  of a wet fart. The door closed behind the woman and Penny couldn't stop  wondering what she and Nolan did behind closed doors. Likely everything.

Everything Penny had never really tried.

She fidgeted with her mechanical pencil, depressing the lever to advance  the lead and then pressing the lead back into the canister, fighting  against a twinge of jealousy. Penny had never … well, it wasn't that  she … okay, so she was still the Big V. Her father had always told her to  guard her "treasure" as he'd blushingly put it during that  excruciatingly embarrassing conversation about the birds and the bees  when she'd been fifteen and thus far, she'd guarded her treasure so  well, no one had been able to find it much less steal it.

Was she complete and utter trash that her curiosity about sex had turned  into a raging obsession? She longed to know why people were willing to  sacrifice their dignity or their marriages - even their livelihood! -  for sex. Once, she'd touched herself down there but even as it had been  pleasurable, afterwards she'd been swamped by feelings of shame and  humiliation for being so wanton as to give into the curiosity about  something that ought to be saved for marriage.

But truthfully, even as she hoped to find a man to give her treasure,  she knew with a certainty, the man who plucked her cherry would likely  not look like Vince or Nolan Buchanan.

Her gaze strayed to Gilbert, another accountant in their department. The  man was nice enough with a pleasant smile but his hands were a bit  knobbish, which suited his thin frame, she supposed, and he was most  certainly going bald, even though he tried to hide it (unsuccessfully)  with a comb-over. To compound matters, Gilbert had asked her out on a  date that she hadn't agreed to yet but she knew she probably would. She  withheld a sigh. Likely, a man like Gilbert would be the one to discover  what was hidden beneath her boring beige panties. It wasn't that she  was hung up on appearances as such, but she wanted passion and wild  debauchery at some level in her love life and she knew without looking  too hard, that Gilbert wasn't the wild man she sought.

Suddenly, Nolan's door opened and the blonde walked out, her eyes were  wet and she was storming from the building as if her ass was on fire.

Penny averted her eyes and pretended to focus on her work but her mind  was conjuring all kinds of scenarios that were far more interesting than  the balance sheets she was supposed to be formulating. Nolan must've  ended it with Beautiful Blonde. Not surprising, Penny thought,  speculating. Nolan seemed to have an issue with commitment. The bevy of  beauties came and went but never stayed. She straightened as Nolan  appeared at the door, his gaze following the angry blonde as if  contemplating chasing after her. But as Penny watched, holding her  breath at the mini drama, she was secretly relieved when he simply  watched her go. Nolan's gaze tangled with Penny's and the breath she'd  been holding evaporated as her lungs simply ceased to work. Nolan  was … electric. That was the only word to describe him. He was different  from Vince in that he was a dirty blonde but he had that same intensity  as his brother that made Penny weak in the knees every time. She may  have made a short squeak of alarm at being caught so brazenly staring at  him because Nolan's stare narrowed before returning to his office and  closing the door. Penny gasped in dismay. How stupid of her to openly  stare at her boss like that. Had she made him uncomfortable? Had she  appeared weird? Probably no weirder than when Vince had tried to talk  with her and she'd babbled like a talking monkey. She dropped her head  into her hands and groaned. Why couldn't she just find a nice, normal  boyfriend to keep her thoughts occupied so she could stop caring so much  about the Buchanan brothers and their various escapades? She dragged  her pile of spreadsheets toward her with a miserable frown and resigned  herself to working late and putting the Buchanans out of her head for  the night.