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Breed Her

By´╝ÜJenika Snow

Chapter One

Rylan stood amongst the beings that had come here tonight for the sole purpose of purchasing a female. The stench of decay, waste, and blood mingled around him, but he was used to such aromas. His black Mora-skin duster and hood made who and what he was a mystery to all around, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t tell just from his very presence the creature he was. They were on his planet, after all. At least they were smart enough to give him a wide berth. A few feet before him was a raised steel platform that would soon hold several females from all over the galaxy. It was the breeding season for several species, his included, and the need to find a female that he could bring back to his brothers drove him hard. This season the auction was being held on their home planet, Hades, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With no females being born of his kind, and the males having to acquire their mates from other planets, or in this case from the intergalactic auctions, it was imperative that his species, the Warriors of Hades, find females to breed with and produce male offspring.

His brothers, Zarek and Soran, were in need of a female to mate with, to breed and claim, as much as Rylan was. At a younger age finding females to be with sexually had been easy enough, because he and his brothers had been on off-world missions, but now that their need to breed rode them hard, they wanted a stable and permanent female to share, and that was what Rylan intended to obtain today. His younger twin brothers had stayed back, preparing their home for their soon-to-be mate. Maybe purchasing a female wasn’t the noblest way of finding a mate, but desperate situations called for desperate actions.

Keeping his head lowered, he scanned the small, packed room. These auctions were held in many places, each one erected for only a night’s time. Since they were on his home planet they’d had to make some moderations to one of the outcroppings of a mountain farthest away from the lava rivers. The place had industrial sized vents that blew artic air, making sure to keep anyone unaccustomed to the higher temperatures of Hades more comfortable when the bidding began.

Rylan could smell the females just behind the thin cloth that separated them from the heathens waiting to pay the highest amount to pump them full of their seed. Even thinking about it had his already raging arousal to breed slamming into him with even more force. Once the breeding need hit the Hades warriors they needed to find a female, mate with her, and claim her so all other would know she was theirs. There had been males that hadn’t found a female, and a darkness had overtaken them. Over time they would become irrational, and an almost evil entity would take over them, controlling their need for blood and violence. Although the Hades warriors were already violent and bloodthirsty, needing to fight to let off their aggression, when a male didn’t breed it became even worse. They would have no rational thought, no need but to kill, ravage, and take what they wanted. They were, in all actuality, beasts within humanoid skin, created for destruction and violence, but when the darkness took over they were truly the demons that came from the very bowels of hell.

A willowy male alien with six arms and ash white skin stepped onto the stage. He had no eyes, just smooth skin and two thin holes for a nose. His mouth was a slash across the bottom half of his face, and when he spoke in his native tongue it came through as a slithering sound. But Rylan was well versed in galactic languages and listened with piqued interest as the alien spoke of the females about to be sold.

“We have a wide variety of females this evening, and a real treat because we have a rare species on the block tonight.” He motioned with his hand to someone in the back, and the curtain parted to show ten females ranging in shape and size and species. But the one that instantly had Rylan’s cock punching forward and nearly ripping right through his leathers, was the human at the far end. Her kind was near to extinct, a dying breed because of their weakness and lack of intelligence. Their home planet, Earth, had been destroyed centuries ago, and the ones that had survived were scattered throughout the galaxy. They hid, clustering together, and living primitively. Rylan had never seen one in the flesh, and certainly not living on Hades. His planet could not sustain human life, not one that was trying to live on its own in the wild at least. For his planet was one of rock and fire, and his kind made their homes high in the mountains, with molten lava surrounding them.

The bids for each female started being called out, but Rylan waited until the human female was up next. She wore no clothes, and although she didn’t try to hide herself from view, there was a very stubborn and strong expression on her face. He took his time looking over her body, one that was full of womanly curves. For a human that had to have been in hiding before her capture, she was thick with meat, and very tempting and arousing to the eye. Her breasts were huge and round, with a slight slope to them. The tips were a darker shade of red, and her flesh a soft pink color. He could imagine her underneath him, his darker red skin being a stark contrast to her softer hue. Her blonde hair was a nest of tangles tied atop her head with a leather strap, and the smudges of dirt that covered her face and limbs didn’t deter him from wanting her really fucking badly. His dick throbbed with the force of his desire, but he wasn’t thinking of taking her slow. He wanted her spread wide for him so he could watch his cock move in and out of her wet flesh. Then he would stand back and watch his brothers breed with her. She would carry a child for each of them, but she wasn’t just a vessel for their seed. They wanted a mate, a female to take care of and cherish, and one they could shower with jewels forged from the very fires of hell.

Her hips were flared and lusciously curved. They were child-bearing hips, and that primal part of him, the one that saw her glorious body swollen with his child roared out for him to take her now, slide into the hot depths of her cunt, and spill his seed deep inside of her. The breeding need slammed into him harder and harder, increasing as quickly as his pulse did. Yes, she was the one he would purchase and take home this evening, and she was the one that he and his two brothers would get lost in for hours upon hours. Thinking of her pussy had him moving his sight down her rounded belly and right between her thighs. The hair that covered her cunt would have to go. His kind was hairless, and he didn’t want anything obstructing his view of what he already considered his.

Several males called out bids for the human, but they were meager and not nearly what he was about to spend. “Fifteen thousand Declos.” There was a silence that descended over the room when Rylan called out the amount he would pay for her, and he knew it was due to a combination of the exorbitant price and the fact they picked up on his native tongue. The human female was staring at him, but he knew the hood covered his face from her view, and he knew she wouldn’t have knowledge of his language to understand what he had just said. But there was intelligence within the light blue depths of her eyes. He lifted his hands, and his red flesh and black claw-tipped fingers became visible when the material of his sleeves slid down the length of his forearms. He then gripped the edge of his hood and pushed it back. He was several feet from her, but Rylan heard her gasp from the distance, and watched in predatory delight as her eyes widened and her fear slammed into him.

“I said fifteen thousand Declos,” Rylan repeated more forcibly since his bid hadn’t been acknowledged. The auctioneer stuttered out something unintelligible. There were more hushed murmurs, and Rylan knew it was because he had just offered up ten times the asking rate for a breeding female, but he wanted the human, and wasn’t about to be denied or challenged.

The auction closed in a matter of minutes after that, and Rylan stared back as the other males collected their females. He kept his eyes on his prize, and even though she was clearly fearful of what her future held, she kept her gaze trained right on him. Rylan had to commend her for her bravery, but soon that would be gone, especially when she realized that it wasn’t only him that she had to please, but his two brothers as well. Beings steered clear of him, and a part of him found it humorous given the fact they were on his home planet. Did they not expect a Hades warrior to attend an auction? He towered over them, was twice as big and five times more powerful, and they were on his territory. He had the advantage, and only the stupid ones thought to challenge a male from Hades, so Rylan supposed they were wise to be wary of him. He stayed leaned against the wall, the scent of smoke and ash and the heat from the fires raging just a mile away coming into the building every time someone pushed open the heavy metal door.

When his human was the last one standing, he pushed off the wall and moved forward. His leather duster moved around his bare feet, and he kept walking, his eyes trained right on her the whole time, until he stood right at the edge of the steel podium. Before the Booka male could hiss anything out, Rylan reached in his coat, pulled out the leather satchel filled with the Declo coins, and tossed them at the alien’s feet. When the Booka grabbed the satchel Rylan reached out, snagged the rope that bound the female’s hands together, and pulled her forward. She lost her balance, and a small sound left her as she fell forward, right off the podium.