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Breeding Mom and Daughter

By:Natalia Darque

Chapter One


This story began when Kevin took a job at a small university in East Texas. Moving from a large city, and having been recently divorced, he was looking to start over with new roots in a new town. Having been divested of nearly everything by the female man-eating judge in the Family Court his divorce was heard in, he was eager for a new start. He essentially had a little money, a beat-up old car, and no home. His bitch of an ex-wife had cleaned him out in court.

At 33, he felt like he was way too young to start over, but was glad to be out from his old situation. He was still whip-cord lean from his youth, and firm from his time in the military a few years back. He had to admit that he still looked good. He had a full head of chestnut brown hair, nice teeth thanks to parents who believed in orthodontics, and blue eyes that always got him a lot of compliments. After he left the military, he went to school using his GI Bill and worked until he got his master's degree. He ended up in this town after seeking a teaching assignment and a place in a doctoral program.

He left behind a bitter, complaining, bitchy ex-wife who gained well over 60 pounds in the first year after they were married. She went from a petite 115 pounds at 5'2" to a swollen, bloated Jabba the Hutt in short order, and developed a personality that would qualify as a form of birth control. He was so glad that they never had children, which would have complicated his divorce. Given the fact that she bitched so incessantly about everything, he was never in the mood to climb in bed with her, a fact that she surprisingly didn't understand. It also helped to insure that they never procreated.

He arrived at his new teaching assignment and quickly got settled in. Finding a place to live was high on his priority list. He checked into a long-term hotel that rented rooms by the week as a start, but determined that he could probably find a cheaper alternative. He checked into a few local apartment complexes, but quickly discovered that he didn't have the funds, or the credit rating for that matter, to qualify for any kind of a decent apartment.

After a few days in his crappy rented hotel room, he got a copy of the local newspaper, which only came out twice a week, and looked to see if any housing was listed that looked promising. He glanced down the better part of half a page of real estate listings and apartment advertising. Everything was either out of his reach financially, or was an apartment he had already looked into and been turned down. It was starting to look like the hotel was going to be his permanent residence.

Then at the end of the housing section of the newspaper, he noticed a section for "Rooms For Rent." There was only one listing. The ad said:

Room for rent, furnished or unfurnished,

full kitchen with privileges. $250 a month.


The ad, and especially the price, certainly caught his eye. It was less than half of what he was paying for his crappy motel room. So he picked up his iPhone and rang the number in the ad. After a few rings, a pleasant female answered.

"Hello," the disembodied voice said from the earpiece of his phone.

"Yes, I'm calling about the room you've advertised for rent. Is it still available?" he asked.

"Why yes it is," the pleasant female voice said on the other end. "In fact, I had about given up. I advertised it over a week ago, and you're the first person to call about it."

"That's great," he responded. "What can you tell me about it?"

"Well," she explained, "it's furnished now, but if you want to use your own furniture, I can take everything out, or just part of it. It's your call. There is a separate entrance, so you can come and go as you please, and of course, you can have run of the kitchen and living areas, so long as we can work out a schedule between you and I, and my daughter of course."

"OK," he said, "that all sounds great. I don't have much furniture, so the furnished aspect is appealing to me, as is the price. Could I come by and take a look at it?"

"Sure," she responded. "I'm at home now and for the rest of the evening for that matter, so anytime today would work for me."

"Awesome," he said. "Give me an address, and I'll head over there right now."

She rattled off an address, which he scribbled down.

"Do you need directions?" she asked.

"No," he answered, "I'll just use my GPS."

"Cool," she replied. "See you in a bit."

He said his goodbyes and went quickly to his car. Something about this situation seemed so promising. The lady sounded pleasant on the phone. He envisioned her being a middle-aged mother type, probably chunky and plain-looking. He didn't know what to think about the daughter she mentioned, and wondered if there was anyone else in the picture.         


Jumping in his car, he plugged the address into his Bitch-In-A-Box and got the directions to the lady's place. It was just a few miles from his school, so the location was fantastic. He covered the miles to her place very quickly, and soon, guided by the mechanical female voice of his GPS, he arrived in front of a smallish to medium-sized house, with an immaculately well-kept lawn. He checked the address she had given him and made sure the mechanical bitch hadn't delivered him to the wrong house.

Satisfied that he was at the right place, he clambered out of his car and headed to the front door.

Chapter Two


After the man called about the room she advertised for rent, Charlotte waited in the front living room watching TV. From her seat, she saw a car pull up out front. After a slight delay, she saw a young looking man get out and approach the door.

She heard a knock at the door, moved to it, and opened the door. Standing there was a nice-looking younger guy. He was much better than she had expected. He had wavy, chestnut hair, and stood about 6 feet tall. He was lean and maybe tending a little to the muscular side. Making eye contact, she noticed that his blue eyes were mesmerizing. He smiled, and showed a fantastic set of pearly white teeth. God, she was such a sucker for good teeth and blue eyes. Her fucking ex didn't have either one.

She couldn't help but notice that the young man tried to clandestinely eye her up and down. His attempts at subtlety failed. She felt his gaze move up and down her frame. She saw his eyes widen. She wasn't really surprised.

She had always been an exercise freak. Her current exercise regimen was to get up at 4 am every day and run. During that run, she covered five miles. She carefully chose a route that didn't allow her to wuss out. She had to finish the route once she reached the halfway point. A few months before, she had joined a boot camp group, and twice a week, she did boot camp in the evenings when her work permitted it.

As a result, at 48 years old, she weighed 115 pounds at 5'3" tall. She had what Crystal, her 18-year old daughter, called a ‘bangin body.' Part of that body was helped by the only extravagance she allowed herself from her divorce settlement. The day after the check arrived from her ex-husband for half of his huge 401(k) plan, she contacted a plastic surgeon and had arranged for implants to be done on her breasts. She went from a large A, or small B cup to a large C, or small D, depending on the bra she wore. She kept her blonde hair long, in the layered style made famous by Jennifer Aniston.

She saw the stranger's bugged-out eyes quickly recover. He fixed her gaze with his mesmerizing blue eyes.

"Hi," he said in a sexy, resonant voice. "I came to see the room you have for rent."

"Sure, come in," she answered.

"I'm Kevin, by the way," he said. "Please forgive my manners."

"I'm Charlotte," she replied, somewhat flustered. "I suppose my manners were lacking too. It's very nice to meet you."

"Please, follow me," she added. "Let me show you the room."

Chapter Three


Kevin was floored when the door opened. He expected a frumpy middle-aged woman carrying too much weight. Instead, he came face to face with a drop-dead gorgeous woman with one of the most amazing bodies he had ever seen. Probably a size 2, maybe a 4 tops, capped with a magnificent rack, she had a lithe, athletic body that almost made him start drooling on the spot. She had gorgeous, long blond layered hair.

After offering to show him the room, she turned to lead him, and he followed. He couldn't help but find his eyes magnetically attracted to her fantastic derriere. She had to be at least in her late thirties, but she had a butt that any woman, even a teenager, would kill for.

She opened a door in the hallway and ushered him into a bedroom. He glanced around. It was tastefully furnished with what looked like a queen-sized four poster bed, a dresser and a desk. A pair of night stands with matching lamps completed the room. It was perfect. None of his crappy furniture would be any better, so he could live here as is. All he needed to do was move his computer in and set it up at the desk, and he would be in business. As she mentioned, there was an exterior door that opened up out the side of the house, obviously facing out into the driveway.

"Wow, this is nice!" he exclaimed.

"Now you can use your own furniture if you want. I can put this stuff in storage if you don't like it," she offered.

"Actually, this is far better than anything I have. I'll just move in a computer," he told her.

"Well, we have wi-fi, so you if your computer can connect that way, all you'll need to do it plug it in. I'll give you the WEP key of course," she offered.