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Broken Promise

By:Sam Crescent

The Denton Family Legacy, 1

Chapter One

"Are you a fucking Denton, or are you a pussy? We don't have pussies in  the family, Landon," Jacob Denton said to his youngest brother. The  Denton name was a well respected name, and they were known for not  taking shit from anybody. Their legacy had begun many years ago with his  great-grandfather, or maybe even before that. They were all respected,  feared, and admired wherever they went. Jacob liked the attention. He  needed it.

They were not actors or models or singers. He along, with his five  brothers and one sister, were part of an empire that spanned over  several cities, and they had their noses in a lot of other people's  businesses. Some would say they were the bad guys, and mothers should  really lock their houses when they heard a Denton was coming.

"I'm not a fucking pussy. I'm a monster," Landon said, screaming out.  Anyone looking at his youngest brother would believe he was a hell of a  lot older than his sixteen years. Almost every single family would be  horrified if they found out that their teenage son competed in an  underground fight with someone who was a hell of a lot older. This was  the Denton way. Their father had done this, and so had Jacob, Abel,  Oliver, Gideon, and Damian. It was now Landon's turn to not only prove  himself to the family, but also get the same reputation for the world to  see. The only person in the family who wouldn't be in this ring would  be Tamsin.

"Don't fuck with a Denton," people said. They were a crime family, a  deadly mix that ruled with an iron fist. Jacob trusted his brothers, no  one else. They had friends, but none they could trust as much as each  other. Their father made sure there was no rivalry between them. They  were all equal to him, and he never showed favoritism.

"That's right, son, you're the animal here," Maddox Denton, their father  and head of the Denton Legacy said. "You show them that no Denton will  be beat."

Landon growled out, and Jacob stood back, standing by his brothers as he  watched him go back to fight his opponent. Abel had his hand ready on  his gun to start fighting if shit hit the fan. They had all been in this  place, and neither one of them had lost, but none of them looked as bad  as Landon. For the first time in his thirty-five years, Jacob felt  uneasy. No Denton had ever lost at a fight. Landon was just like them,  but he was letting the fucker land punches when it wasn't necessary.

"He's doing it on purpose," Damian said. "He's feeding off the anger, besides, he wants to make Mom and Dad proud."

Jacob looked toward the luxurious changing rooms to see his mother,  Charlotte, with her arms wrapped around herself. Bruce, her bodyguard,  stood beside her, keeping a watch for any potential threat. If their  father could have, he'd have locked their mother in a tower so only her  family saw her, he was that protective. Jacob knew it was hard for his  father to allow another male to be close to her as that was another  thing about their legacy, and what unnerved their enemies at times. Most  families with dealings like theirs were known to be unstable, users,  and passing whores around like they were going out of fashion. The  Dentons, all of them, didn't do that. Once they found that one woman  there was no one else for them. Jacob had witnessed the love between his  parents, and it rivaled those of the greatest love stories on the big  screen.

"Block him, Landon," Maddox said, yelling advice.

This was why his mother should never come to the fights, but she always  did when it involved her kids. Landon had three blows landed to his  face, and it looked like he was about to go down, but he paused. Jacob  watched as Landon attacked, slamming his fist against his opponent's  face, working him over. The monster had been unleashed, and even Jacob  was taken aback by the sheer violence in his baby brother.

Blow after blow after blow. There was no stopping the violence. The rage  crossed Landon's face, and when the whistle blew and he showed no sign  of stopping Maddox ran into the ring and grabbed his son.

"Landon, enough!" Maddox held his son, and Jacob took over so their  father could get Landon. When that didn't work, their mother was  suddenly in front of them, and she clapped her hands in front of  Landon's face, bringing their brother back.

Reality returned to Landon, and he nodded. "I'm good. I'm good."

Stepping out of the ring, Jacob joined his brothers as his father showed off his latest son who had won the fight.

"He needs a woman and fast," Abel said.

"Only his woman can handle that fucking monster. Look at Mom with Dad.  She's the only one who can talk sense into him," Gideon said.         



Jacob couldn't argue with his brothers. Landon had an easy, quick temper  that had caused their parents a headache a time or two. He seemed to  like to take a beating, and once that was done, he'd smack the shit out  of them. Since Landon had made it to high school, he'd gotten into over a  dozen fights, and put three guys in the hospital. Maddox had to pay a  shitload of money out in compensation, to keep Landon from going to  prison or juvy. Only a woman would be able to tame the monster inside  Landon, but it was something none of them could get him. They could  supply him with all the pussy the city could buy, but if his woman  wasn't a whore, or fucking easy, then they couldn't do it.

"Thank you all for coming. I expect big things from Landon, and you be  sure to talk about the latest addition to the Denton Empire," Maddox  said. The crowd went wild, and then they were moving toward their  exclusive rooms.

"What the hell was that?" Charlotte asked.

Landon sat down on a bench, unwrapping his hands as he spat blood onto the ground. "Fucker had it coming."

"Watch your language," Maddox said.

Charlotte took the first aid kit from the doctor and got to work fixing  up her son. Even though they paid a lot for the best doctor it was  always Charlotte who fixed them up. Their mother was once a trained  nurse, and even though she no longer worked in a hospital, she kept her  license and training up to date.

"That fucker as you call him, Landon, is a Moore boy."

"Moore?" Jacob asked. "Fuck, I should have known." The Moores were a  mixed bag of good and bad. They were a family who dealt with fights, but  they also created a lot of enemies.

"His family is known for their skill at fighting. He's an expert, and he  offered to go into the ring with you when no one else would. You fought  dirty tonight, and not like a Denton."

Once their mother got started on a tirade, it was best to see it  through. At fifty-three years old, she was still a beautiful woman, but  then she hadn't allowed their lifestyle to lure her down the spiral of  drugs and booze. She didn't go out spending thousands of dollars on shit  she didn't need. Charlotte still cooked for her family, and made sure  they didn't allow the power they all had to go to their heads. She kept  them stable, which also unnerved their enemies. They were unpredictable  and deadly without the need for narcotics.

"You may think you won that fight, and you made us proud. You may have  even made your father proud, and those people out there all happy with  the latest addition to the family empire. As far as I'm concerned,  tonight you put shame on the Denton name. When a man is down, you walk  the fuck away, do you hear me?" She grabbed Landon's face and forced him  to look at her. "You're better than an animal, Landon. Do not ever let  me be ashamed of you again, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mom," Landon said. There was no attitude or tone to his voice. He'd been stripped down.

Maddox squeezed her shoulder. Over the years Jacob had noticed those  little touches. His father couldn't go any length of time without  touching his woman. It was like he couldn't help but reach out to her.

His parents' love had kept them all safe, and if anything was to ever  happen to his mother, Maddox would go crazy. The Dentons lived with a  legacy to love one woman, and in their history, it showed they went off  the rails if something was to happen to that woman.

Jacob didn't know how he was ever to find the one woman meant for him,  but his father, and uncles all told him that the moment he saw her, he'd  just know. There would be an impulse, a need to have her, to take her,  to care for her. There would be no stopping in his need to claim his  woman.

In the last thirty-five years he'd experienced lust and even believed he  was in love, but he'd never been consumed by the way his father and  uncles were with their women.

There were times like now when the world was moving around him so fast  that he wondered what it would be like, to experience such need for  another. The women he'd fucked had held his attention for as long as it  took to fuck them and forget about them. He loved sex. He loved fucking,  and he loved women that were easy. It was the one area where he was the  cliché crime boss. He had a little black book full of sluts who'd take  his cock without any question. There had even been women he called who  were in the middle of fucking one man, and they'd climbed right off to  come to him.