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Captured and Bred by the Billionaire

By:Violet Savage

Leah sat in the passenger's seat of her date's car, nervously fidgeting  with the hem of her dress. His hands gripped the steering wheel loosely  and she noticed how smooth they were for a carpenter. They had exhausted  all subjects for small talk over dinner and now sat in an awkward  silence. She was psyching herself up to ask him to come inside for  coffee, but didn't want to come off too desperate. It was their fourth  date and it had been ages since she'd had sex, but the last thing she  wanted was to screw this up.

Her mind drifted back to the first day she'd met Adam. She didn't  believe in love at first sight, and of course she wasn't in love with  him, but she'd never felt that level of attraction before. It was like a  lightening bolt. They were at a bar, a place that Leah never liked to  look for men, but it was yet another friend's bachelorette party, so she  was obligated to go. She noticed him immediately as he walked in the  door, alone, standing taller than any man she'd ever seen. Their eyes  locked right away and Leah felt like she was going to fall out of her  heels. As the night went on, they exchanged glances from across the room  and she did her best to look confident, but she could feel her cheeks  blushing every time he looked at her. Eventually he came over to ask for  her number and called her the next week.

There was obvious sexual chemistry between them, but something was a  little off. He seemed almost distant and asked her a lot of questions  but offered little information about himself. He didn't seem to be as  nearly enthralled with her as she was with him, and sometimes he acted  downright distracted. Yet he kept calling her to set up another date,  always giving a time and place, more like a demand than a request.  Tonight she had plans but cancelled them because she was just so excited  to see him again.

They pulled up to her apartment building and Leah waited for him to come  around and open her door. Offering a hand to help her out of the SUV,  their eyes met and she studied the contours of his gorgeous face. Dark,  nearly expressionless eyes stood that out against his light skin were  framed by even darker, perfectly manicured eyebrows. His incredibly  square jaw was her favorite feature and she ached to feel his stubble  against her face.

He led her up the stairs and she started to fumble through her purse.  His gaze was distracting as she searched for her keys and the right way  to ask him to come up. Finally, with keys in hand, she looked up at him,  ready to speak. A crooked smile crossed his face and she paused,  getting the distinct feeling that making the first move was a bad idea.

"Um, I had a nice time," she stuttered, biting her lip. "Thank you for dinner."

Adam simply smiled at her, his face looking friendlier than it ever had  before. Then the smile dropped and he stared at her intensely, moving  closer and placing his hand on the small of her back. Leah started to  feel lightheaded and weak in the knees as she brought his face closer,  his warm breath parting her lips. Slowly, his hand traveled up her back,  grazing her neck before he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her  head backwards firmly. She let out a gasp as his lips locked with hers  and his other hand found her round behind. Reaching out to grab his hard  shoulders for balance, she went all but limp in his grasp as his tongue  circled hers. He pulled her bottom lip with his own as he broke away  and gave her rump one last grab as he released her. Breathless, she  stared at him and did her best not to fall over.

"I'll see you soon, Leah." Taking her hands, he raised them to his lips and kissed one, then the other.

Once inside her apartment, Leah leaned against the door took a deep  breath. They had never kissed before and that was not what she pictured.  She could still feel his hand in her hair and his lips on hers as she  walked into the kitchen to get some water.

A strange reflection looked back at her as she closed the door to her  stainless steel refrigerator. Startled, she dropped her glass and it  shattered on the floor, sending ice cubes sliding across the tiles. A  black-gloved hand reached from behind and covered her mouth before she  could scream. Leah kicked at the masked man that held her, but he was  too strong. Her muffled cries echoed in her head as she was dragged her  out of the kitchen, struggling fiercely to free herself. He turned her  toward the door and she saw another intruder coming at her with a length  of black rope. Heart pounding, Leah stomped on the foot of the man  holding her with her pointy heel, causing him to loosen his grip enough  for her to slither free. Since the door was blocked, she ran towards her  bedroom in hopes to make her way to the fire escape.         



One of the men tackled her after she took a few steps, knocking the wind  out of her and breaking a lamp against a wall. Rough carpet dragged  across her face as they fell to the floor and she let out a breathless  silent scream. He wrestled her to her back and shoved a round ball into  her mouth as the other tied her kicking feet together. Flipping her  over, they tied her hands together behind her back and fastened the gag  behind her head.

A sharp jab landed on her neck as she struggled against her restraints  until a wave of sudden drowsiness washed over her and her muscles turned  to jelly. She barely felt her limp body being hoisted over her  attacker's shoulder and her head flopping against his back as she was  carried down the stairs. Just as her consciousness was fading, she  realized she was being loaded into the trunk of a car. Then everything  went black.

When she awoke, Leah was lying on a soft mattress. Her head was pounding  and she felt nauseous as she sat up, unable to pinpoint exactly where  she was. Rubbing her eyes, she looked down at her bare breasts and  realized she was naked. Vague memories of her capture came to the  surface but she couldn't piece it all together. She quickly covered  herself with her hands and looked around.

Through blurred vision, she surveyed her surroundings and tried to  remember exactly how she got here. The first things that stuck out to  her were the bars. Thick, iron bars reminiscent of an old style animal  cage, the kind that they would use in a traveling circus. Every way she  turned her head, bars obstructed her vision and she realized that she  was, in fact, inside of a well-constructed, animal cage. It had a low,  barred ceiling, too low to stand up in. Her mat was in the corner and  ran the entire length of the longest wall, taking up almost half of the  floor space. She spun around to inspect the bars that were closest to  her, studying how they were securely fastened to the thick wooden planks  that made up the floor of her enclosure.

Leah took a long breath and squeezed her eyes shut for a few seconds  only to open them and see the same surroundings that she had hoped were  an illusion. Her cage was inside a small empty room with nothing but a  strange round window and closed door. Near the door of her cage, there  was a large bottle of water, and what appeared to be a bag of trail mix.  There were also two buckets, one smaller and lidless, and the other  larger with an odd looking double layer lid.

Rolling her knees beneath her, she crawled over the door and tried to  open it. She pushed and pulled to no avail before finally ran her  fingers along the cold hinges. The bottle of water called to her but she  was too afraid to drink it. Crawling to the back of her cage, Leah  inspected the buckets. The small one was simple enough, just a plain  pail that you'd find in the kitchen. But the larger one frightened her  somehow. Tentatively, she knelt beside it and lifted the lid and looked  down at a toilet seat.

For some reason, she found the site of her latrine entirely overwhelming  as the gravity of her peculiar situation finally pushed down on her.  She let out a howl and kicked it backwards, scampering back to the door  of her cage. She flung herself against the door in a vain attempt to  push it open and thrust her arm and shoulder between the bars to see if  it was impossible to squeeze out. Lying on her back, she kicked at the  door over and over, crying out as hot tears ran down her face.

Looking up at the ceiling through her cage, Leah noticed a shiny black  orb. It appeared to be a security camera, similar to the type that you  see in a department store. Most of those were fake, but she knew deep  inside that this one was functioning, and someone was watching her. With  her face red with rage, a determination settled over her and she rose  to her knees. Stretching out her arms, she gripped two bars on opposite  walls of her cage and began rocking her body weight back and forth,  hoping that she could some how tip the cage over and it would break, as  unlikely as it was.

After several motions, she found a rhythm that started to lift the side  of the cage. It was beginning to work and she began to put all of her  might into the rocking. Her arms felt like they were going to rip out of  the sockets, but she kept it up, her loud, guttural grunts echoing  through the tiny room.