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Cocky Fiance(5)

By:T.L. Smith & Melissa Jane

"Hawk!" My attention was pulled to Brock who placed his cell in his pocket, a wide smile across his face. I hadn't seen him for quite some time. It was Slate who I now seemed to see the most, considering he was always at the office to see his sister.

Brock walked over and shook my hand, with a pat on the back. "Good to see you, bro," he said, walking through the door expecting me to follow. I didn't. Instead, I watched Britta who was still staring at me.

"Slate wants you, Brit." It was a lie, and she knew it.

She shook her head and turned back to Jarod. "I'll be down when I'm ready," was all she said in response. I saw a smirk on Jarod's face, and I wanted to literally punch it right off.

Brock slapped my back and pulled me slightly out the door.

"She's smarter than you think," he started. "I wouldn't worry about Jarod. But I'd have to be an idiot not to see the way you two watch each other."

"What shit are you talking?" I asked with my jaw clenched as I walked back down the hall.

"No one here is blind, bro. Well, maybe you and Britta."

"Then you've got it all wrong."

"Right!" He laughed, knowing he wasn't going to get through to me. "I'll grab us a few drinks, and we'll catch up outside." Brock darted off into the crowd, and his words played over in my mind. That and the niggling reality of Britta still behind closed doors with Jarod.

I walked through the party-goers, the music thumping and booze flowing. I needed a good fucking drink before I did anything I'd regret. And so I could forget how her red lips tonight looked so fucking kissable.

Chapter 5


His mouth was moving, but I didn't hear a word, my thoughts still on the wrathful face of Hawk. There had been fury in his eyes, and I was sure some of it was directed at me. Jarod continued talking, his hand resting on my bare thigh, his thumb working rhythmic circles, no doubt to lull me into a false sense of comfort.


What was Jarod saying?

Shaking my head slightly to bring myself back to the present, I caught the tail-end of what Jarod had been jabbering on about.

"... see each other more. You know, we could..."

Fuck! How was I going to deal with Hawk? He wasn't exactly the easiest man to deal with. His broody moods rivaled ten females all PMS-ing in the one room. He had a temper, and when he was passionate about something he wouldn't rest unless he had his way.

It was sexy.

Hawk was an alpha in every way, and he scared the fuck out of me in the most delightful way.   


"... always had a thing for you, and I think..."

I can honestly say I'd never seen him so mad, undoubtedly there was more to it than just me talking to Jarod.

"... incredibly sexy, Brit-" Jarod's elbow gently nudged me in the ribs.

"Huh?" I asked, guilt riddled my face.

"So what do you think?"

"What do I think about what?"

Jarod smiled, but behind the smile was irritation and impatience. "I was saying how incredibly sexy you look in that dress, and how about we take the time to get to know each other a bit more. Like, now."

I couldn't be more repulsed.

None of what he was saying was going to become a reality. I knew all about him. Every single, dirty little detail and unless I planned on welcoming a sexual disease in my life, I would never touch Jarod. He was a nice guy when you were pretending to be just one of the guys, but now I could see he was being the sleazy guy he'd painted himself to be.

And did he forget I had older brothers who'd use his head as a punching bag if they knew his true intentions?

Jarod had been the first I was warned about.

Hawk, the second.

Yes, the warning about Jarod was different to Hawk.

Jarod was dirty and sleazy and cared little for his conquest's feelings when he slandered their name and shared their intimate photos. For a lawyer, he wasn't the smartest, and one day when he found a woman strong enough to wage battle with him, he wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

Hawk was a warning all on his own. While he'd basically been in the family for years, and he was loved and adored by all the Valentinos, my brothers also, in a strange sense, feared him. Hawk was powerful in everything he did. His temper was quick to rise, and if you were stupid enough to be on the receiving end of it, you'd feel the full brunt of his wrath. He was also the most loving. He gave himself entirely and was loyal in every way.

His intensity was frightening, and for that reason, my brothers had warned me to keep it strictly business. Hawk had always been in my line of sight, but after things came to a brutal ending with Roman, his presence was accompanied by a string of emotions I wasn't quite sure how to interpret. Now, I noticed everything the man did. The way he walked, how he tapped his index finger on the table when he was lost in thought, the way he bit the side of his bottom lip when he watched me talk, and especially the way the vein in his neck twitched when he was mad. Just like I'd seen only moments ago when Hawk was standing at the door watching this very interaction.

Maybe I'd been paying more attention than I first thought.

Damn it!

But it wasn't something I could ever act on.

The intense lust for him was my dirty little secret. I'd learned to suffer quietly through the hot summers when he'd be mostly shirtless, tanned and ripped.

But that was then, and right now I was horny.

Not for Jarod, who was still fawning away at me with high expectations.

I needed to get laid, and laid by someone who was not the douchebag next to me or my boss. I wasn't quite ready to lose my career just yet, and besides, Hawk was in hot demand. He worked with gorgeous lingerie-wearing models every day, who would drop to their knees with just a wink. That was the control Hawk had over people. Not that I'd ever seen him do that, but judging by the doe-eyed girls, they'd do just about anything to get in his pants.

Maybe Slate was right after all. I needed to find someone who could service me, or just plain straight out fuck me into happiness.

Is that even a thing? I needed to make that a thing because Roman was a complete dud and now when in reflection, he had no idea how to pleasure a woman and had no desire to see me fulfilled. What he didn't know was, I'd mastered my own pleasure to make up for what he lacked. That's what had gotten me through all these years.

"... and I'm sure your brothers would be stoked to know-"

"I'm... I'm going," I said, breaking free and interrupting Jarod from his speech while feeling all hot and bothered. He tried to reach for my hand again, but I pulled away. "I'm going to go and get a drink and some fresh air, I'm feeling a little claustrophobic."

"Just stay for a little while longer so we can talk," he said, still determined to get his way with smooth talking.

It wasn't working.

I wasn't a pushover no matter how horny I was.

I leaned down, so we were face to face, excitement glimmering from his eyes.

"You do know I know who you are, right, Jarod? I know all about your sexcapades and how you trash talk all the women you bed. If you even think there could have ever been anything between us, then you're sorely mistaken. People talk, and I'm a great listener."   


The sparkle in his eyes quickly diminished when he realized his game was up.

"So why did Brock not say anything earlier if I'm so bad?"

"Because he knows I can handle myself."

And with that, I turned on my heel and headed out the door, leaving a stunned and somewhat butt-hurt Jarod to lick his wounds.

Taking to the stairs, I hoped I didn't see Hawk kissing the fiery redhead again. She was exactly his type though, model material with massive boobs and an overly flirtatious nature. I didn't excel at flirting, and if they offered lessons in it, I would probably attend.

It could quite possibly be why I was still single.

"I'm glad I didn't have to come get you." Brock's voice stopped me as I reached the bottom of the stairs. I turned to my brother-tall, dark and handsome, dressed in Italian clothes, he was certainly eye-catching.

"I can look after myself," I replied, leaning against the railing and looking down at the party guests. "I know better than to get mixed up with Jarod."

He joined my side. "Hawk didn't seem to think so."

"Oh, my goodness! What would he know?" I folded my hands over my chest and Brock raised his in defense. "He comes with his own warning."

"That's because you don't know him like we do, Brit."

"That's not true, I know him just as well."

"Hawk's a great guy, I'm not gonna deny that. But he's intense."

"I think you forget I work for him. I know exactly how hard Hawk can be."

Brock grimaced. "I'm gonna forget I heard that."

"Jesus, Brock! You know exactly what I mean."

"Anyway..." he says, eager to change the conversation, "... the rat pack is here. They just called."

He was referring to my two other brothers. Slate being the youngest, Brock the oldest, then the other two. Both were close to Hawk, and the moment we start walking down the stairs I heard their calls and cheers. The rat pack converged in the middle of the room where Slate met them. Hawk arrived just as I did, his eyes giving me the once-over. I felt a delightful and bone-chilling thrill. He exhilarated and terrified me all at once. The boys now all together grew loud and huddled like they were teenagers again trying to come up with a game plan.

They're drunk.