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Cocky Fiance(6)

By:T.L. Smith & Melissa Jane

Well, maybe not Hawk.

He seldom got drunk, and I figured it was because he never wanted to relinquish control. I always wondered how he could handle all four of my brothers when they were like this, seeing as he was basically sober. Did he ever get sick of their shit or was he humored by their stupidity?

Ricky spied me over Slate's shoulder and pulled away from the pack, but not before I'd already turned away myself. Unlike them, I wasn't loud and boisterous. Unfortunately, I didn't get away quick enough.

"And there she goes," I heard Brock joking, knowing exactly why I was leaving.

"Britta!" Ricky yelled above the music.

"Britta, wait," Harry, the third eldest shouted, this time as the song faded to an end.

Everyone who'd been lost in conversation turned to face me, curious over the spectacle. I stopped dead, not knowing where to go next.

"Jesus Chr-"

"Where are you going?" Ricky asked, my cheeks turning beet red at the unwanted attention.

"For some fresh air." I smiled weakly.

Ricky's hands wrapped around my waist and he lifted me up into a bear hug. "I've missed you, Britta. How come you've avoided us for so long?" He placed me down and patted the top of my head like I was a child. I wanted to kick him in the shins.

"As always, I've been working."

He rolled his eyes, expecting the answer, and pulled Hawk until he was standing next to us.

"Is he working you too hard?" Ricky asked.


Hawk smirked at the insinuation.


A blush heated my cheeks, and there was a pulse between my legs.

"You need to make friends, Britta," Ricky continued with the brutal truth. "When was the last time you went out on a girl's date?"

"Now is not the time to bring up that sort of stuff," I scolded. "I'm busy, I don't have-"

"You were a loner at school, and now you're a loner as an adult." He turned to Hawk. "Don't you have some girlfriends who Britta might get along with?"

"Ricky!" I gaped. "Would you shut-"

"I do have plenty of girlfriends," Hawk confirmed.


He clapped Ricky on the back and winked at me. "But none that would give her the stimulation she needs."   


Son of a...

My eyes locked with Hawk's and I felt the earth shift beneath me.

Ricky cleared his throat. "You missed family dinner this month, sis," he said, waiting for me to return to reality.

"I know. We had a late photoshoot that day, and I had to be there."

Ricky turned to Hawk. "Ah... so you are the asshole keeping her away from family."

Hawk raised his brows, but he wore an amused smirk. "That's right, I'm the asshole who keeps your little sister employed, so she can loan your sorry ass money whenever you come begging."

Ricky saw the humor, knowing there was no truth in what Hawk was saying. All my brothers were wealthy in their own right and independent. It was the Valentino way. While I didn't own my own business, Hawk paid me well, and I could safely invest much of what I earned.

"You're a funny fuck," Ricky said before turning his attention back to me. "When are you gonna come around, Brit? Mom and Dad are always asking about you."

"I'll be there for the next one... promise."

Brock appeared at Ricky's side and together they started chatting. I stood awkwardly wishing I could be anywhere else but where I was. And then I found myself doing something I tended to do often, tracing Hawk's tattoos with my eyes. He had many, how many I wasn't sure, but a lot. They peeked out from his suit, covering his hands, and when his shirt was unbuttoned, I was lucky to catch a glimpse before my eyes trailed up his neck, which exposed more beautiful ink. Even though I was observing him, I hadn't noticed he was watching me. I assumed he too was engaged with what Brock was saying. But he wasn't. His eyes met mine, all dark, stormy and intense. I swallowed hard, my chest and cheeks blushing. Hawk always had a way of making me feel like he was undressing me with his eyes. Perhaps he was. That thought alone only caused me to clench my thighs tight in hopes it was true.

"Am I interrupting something?"

Slate's voice brought me back to the present, but Hawk remained unperturbed.

"No, we're just talking to Ricky."

"Yeah... looks like it," he said, his unconvinced suspicious eyes darting between Hawk and me.

"I'm leaving in ten," I said to change the topic.

He scoffed. "Not so fast." Slate handed me a red cup filled with something I wasn't sure of. "Drink."

When I hesitated, he continued, "Come on, we haven't had a drink together yet."

Shrugging my shoulders and giving in like I usually did when it came to my brothers, I tipped my head back and swallowed. It wasn't delicious, but it wasn't terrible either.

"Britta!" A high-pitched voice startled me. "Oh gosh, is that you?"

Looking over the rim of my cup, I spotted a familiar face.


She approached with a group of girls behind her and wrapped her arm around Slate's waist, shiny white teeth gleaming at me. Sabrina and I went to the same high school and were in the same year. With honey, caramel hair, she used to be on the quiet side while at school. A bit like me. But now it seemed she'd come out of her shell. In an enthusiastic gesture, she leaned in and hugged me with one arm. When I pulled back, I felt my empty cup replaced with a full one. I looked urgently for Hawk, who had moved to join Ricky, Brock, and Slate at the side. He stood where he could see me, and oddly enough I found that comforting.

"I haven't seen you in so long..." she started, "... and you're still as beautiful as ever." While she may have been sincere, the posse she had behind her wasn't nice, and they looked me up and down with unwarranted disdain. In fact, the only time they spoke to me, Sabrina included, was if my one of my brothers was around. Always eager to show off and get in with a Valentino boy. In fact, there was reason for their hope. I was pretty sure Slate had been with two out of five of them, who were currently staring me down.

"Thanks." I nodded my head with a small smile on my face, uncomfortable with their attention.

"You don't usually come to these things," she continued. "I mean... I always ask Slate where you are, but he doesn't like to give your information out."

Swallowing more of Slate's concoction, I realized I was almost finished. Nerves seemed to get the better of me at these parties. I needed to pee, so I shifted my weight in order to alleviate the pain.

"No," I admitted. "I've never liked the parties." I thought it too rude to say I actually hated them. Maybe it was because I had a pack of wolves watching my every move, so it was easier not to attend when I was younger, and now I just didn't have the desire nor the energy.   


"I heard about Roman," she said, almost whiny, and pulling a face. "I'm so sorry."

Yeah, there was not one ounce of sincerity it that.

Bitch almost seemed elated.


Slate sensed my inner turmoil, replaced my empty with another full. The mere mention of Roman's name had me gulping.

"She can have him. He's a shit... fuck... ing ass, anyway," I stumbled to find the right words to describe my ex but said the string of insults loud enough so that those around me heard. But it didn't matter, Rebekah no-moral-compass, could have him.

A throaty chuckle came from behind me, and I spun around to see Hawk. And much to my displeasure, he was standing with a smiling sultry redhead from earlier. She was attached to his side like she owned him, and I felt my blood boil the way it had when I saw her kiss him.

"What?" I said to him. "You think you're any better? Fucking and... shit..." I laughed in annoyance, shaking my head before turning back to Slate and accepting another drink. My brother's eyes flicked from mine to something behind me, an evil smirk on his face. Before I could question, a hand landed on my arm, yanking me backward. In one swift motion, I was slammed into what felt like a brick wall. The drink I was holding now dripping down my legs, cold and sticky.


"That's right, little Britta," a gravelly voice rumbled against my ear. This time my sticky legs actually quaked at the sound. My eyes closed slightly, enjoying the sound. "I do fuck. It's what I'm good at."

Oh... holy shit!

My stomach butterflied and I couldn't meet Hawk's eyes because I was blushing too hard. He was still clutching my arm, holding me firm against his hard chest. My legs automatically clenched together. And then I said something I never thought would come out of my mouth, primarily directed at Hawk.

"Then how about you show me?"

Hawk pulled me closer still, his stubble grazing my ear, my skin goosebumping in the most pleasurable way.

"Given the chance, I will."

Jesus... fuck me!

I dared to look around and see curious eyes intently observing our interaction, watching me practically orgasm on the spot. Clearing my throat and head, I stepped forward out of his hold, but not before he affectionately, yet possessively squeezed my hip. Needing to sit and gather my composure, I pushed Slate off the stool and took his place. Before I could take my next breath, Sabrina once again appeared.

"Wow!" she started. "That was quite a display."

I was too embarrassed to respond, so I don't.

"You were always so quiet in school," she continued. "I see a lot has changed since we graduated." This time her accusatory tone made me turn to her.