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Cocky Fiance(7)

By:T.L. Smith & Melissa Jane

"If I remember correctly, so were you. See you around, Sabrina."

Before she could lift her bony hand to wave goodbye, I was back on my feet and tapping Slate on the shoulder.

"You good?" he asked, smiling.

"Fine," I lied. I could hardly reveal I needed a good roll in the sack with my boss. "But I'm gonna catch an Uber home."

"No way. I'll get someone to take you."

"I'm good," I assured, but he was having none of it.

"Stay here, I'll get-"

"I'll take her," Hawk's rough voice interrupted, and suddenly the pang between my legs was back.

Damn him for having that effect on me.

I met Hawk's gaze and the intensity I felt earlier was still there, and he was making no effort to hide it from the others. They, however, seemed too intoxicated to truly catch on to what was happening between us.

"Thanks, bro," Slate said, holding his hand out to shake. After I hugged all my brothers goodbye, Hawk led me through the crowd with his large hand on the small of my back.

Hawk... motherfucking Carnage.

Sex on a stick.

Chapter 6


"What stick?" I asked Britta as we left the house, and she looked at me horrified. I laughed. "Yes, you said it out loud."

She turned away, heat blushing her cheeks for the millionth time that night. I fucking loved that I had that effect on her. I wanted to see if her tits blush that much. I noticed she was walking a little... bow-legged down the drive to the Valet.

"Why are you walking like that?"

She turned to me accusatory. "My legs are sticky!"

I took a moment to hide my smile and rub my rough face. "But I haven't even touched you yet."

Britta stopped in her tracks, mouth agape, eyes wide.

If I wasn't mistaken, she quivered at my words.

She shook her head. "From the alcohol. I'm sticky... from the alcohol."   


"Well... since it was my fault, I'll help you clean it up."

"Do you have your ticket, sir?" the valet asked, interrupting just in time.

Britta remained somewhat caught in the moment, lingering on my words. I handed the valet the number, and he quickly jogged off to retrieve my car. Approaching Britta's left, I wrapped my arm around her right hip and murmured into her ear, "Everything okay?"

She swallowed hard and then nodded quickly.

I heard the rumbling engine of my Lamborghini as it turned into the drive. "Come," I ordered, and again she shivered. Leading Britta to the car, she climbed in under the door, and I went to the driver's side.

"I'm going to get alcohol all over your seat," Britta said as I pulled out of the drive.

"They're leather, and it's due for a detail tomorrow."

We hit the city streets in no time, colorful lights flickering off the clean glass.

When we hit traffic in the city center, Britta broke the silence.

"I didn't do anything, you know."


"With Jarod."


"He wanted to, but... well, it's Jarod."


"I wonder if he knows how transparent he is."

Silence fell between us while I mulled over my thoughts.

"You have nothing to say about it?"

I turned to her while I slowed the Lambo to the lights. "Britta, I know you can look after yourself."

"You seemed pretty pissed about it. Your vein was twitching."

This made me laugh. "My vein was twitching?"

"Yes, it twitches when you're mad. And tonight, I thought it was going to explode."

I nodded at her assessment, surprised at how much she paid attention. Rubbing my jaw, I considered my words carefully before deciding to say my piece. The truth was, my blood was boiling at the mention of Jarod and his intentions, but she didn't need to know that.

"With friends, Jarod can sometimes be a good guy. He knows how to throw a party and looks after his guests. But for the most part, the guy is an outright fuckwit, narcissist, who cares nothing for the people he hurts. He doesn't give a flying fuck who he fucks... no offense..."

She replies with, "None taken."

"... and he clearly didn't care about the beating he would have received if he laid a finger on you."

"Well..." she heaved a sigh. "I didn't hesitate to put him in his place."

I smiled while watching the road. Britta has four older brothers who taught her how to deliver a good left hook over the years. In fact, seeing Britta slug one at Jarod certainly would have made my night.

"And what about the redhead?"

"What about her?"

"I've never seen her around before."

"Neither have I."

"Really? You two seemed to be pretty cozy for strangers."

I stroked my chin hiding my smile. "You sound like you have a problem with her."

Britta did her best to appear indifferent. "There was just something about her, I guess."

"Ms. Valentino, are you jealous?"

She scoffed, unconvincingly. "I'm far from jealous, Hawk. Like I said, there was just something about her. She appeared... snide. Like she owned you." A silence settled between us before she continued, "And you appeared to like it."

"I prefer brunettes."

"Not blondes? Not redheads?"



I let Britta mull over those words. She would no doubt be pulling apart each letter because that was what she was like.

"You smell too good," she finally said.

I smiled. "I do?"

"You do."

I watched for a moment, my eyes traveling the length of Britta's body. She bit her lip, and I wanted to suck it into my mouth. "I'm happy you approve of how I smell."

Her lips tried to form a smile. She was embarrassed, but somehow, I couldn't stop the banter.

"You're so cocky."

"What are you saying about my cock?"

She burst out laughing in her usual beautiful and contagious giggle.

"And that there is a prime example. Your ego is huge."

"You're a dirty girl, Britta Valentino. Talking about my huge cock. I thought you were a lady."

She laughed again, this time so hard she snorted and playfully slapped my arm.

"Behave yourself! You're corrupting my innocent mind."

I eyed her delicious body, hugged possessively by her red dress. "Ohh... Britta. Corrupting you would be quite the thrill."

My eyes moved between the road and her chest which was rising and falling heavily, practically panting. There was raw tension that hung thickly between us, and I could see from Britta's eyes, she was starting to get lost in my world. I wanted her lost. I wanted her stumbling and feeling her way. And I wanted to be the one who pulled her through it.   


MONDAY COULDN'T HAVE come around any slower.

After dropping Britta off Friday night and ensuring she got through her door safely, I realized we hadn't even spoken about the ‘fake engagement.' The night of the party she'd consumed too much alcohol, and had let her hair down. But at the same time, she'd also dropped her guard. All three things were very much unlike her, and I had to wonder just how much Roman's upcoming nuptials were messing with her head.

Britta was a strong and independent woman, but when it came to love, she became putty in someone's hands, allowing them to take full control, and it was always to her detriment. That someone had been Roman. The fucking scumbag who'd cheated on Britta with Britta's best friend, and then seemingly had the nerve to ask her to the wedding. That's gotta fuck with a girl's head.

I wasn't entirely guilt free. I was a man who took control of every situation, especially my women. And a huge part of me wanted to take control of Britta, to explore her body with no off-limits, to have her so drunk on love and desire she practically begged for more. I wanted her on her knees. I wanted her under me. I wanted her a quivering mess on top of me.

So instead of calling her, I submerged myself in my work and waited until Monday morning.

Britta was already stuck in paperwork and organizing the next shoot when I walked in. She was excellent at her job and had never once disappointed me.

Her family told me my name is fitting. That they needed to ‘watch me like a Hawk.' They could see my possessive side. They knew how intense I could be. But Britta was the same, they just didn't know it. Which was why they were against me hiring her. With what she'd learned at my company, I wouldn't hesitate in making her partner. She was intelligent, proficient, and cared as much for business as what I, the owner, did.

As I walked down the hallway, I could see straight down into her office through the glass door. Sensing someone approaching, she looked up from her paperwork and offered a small wave. I smiled back while admiring how her cleavage looked in the top she was wearing. Taking a seat in my own office, I wondered how much of Friday night she actually remembered.

The door burst open, and my frazzled assistant Sara stepped inside. She was still wearing her headset and carrying the iPad. "Our model canceled for today," she started. "I've been trying to fill the position all morning but no one's available. I'm afraid I've run out of options."

"Have you tried Tannika?"

She nodded her head.

"Tannika was the first I tried. I know how popular she is. But she's out of state this week."

I gestured for the iPad which was filled with model portfolios. I opened the files and started scanning through, looking for the right fit.