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Cosmic Bounty

By:Angela Castle

Chapter One

Distracted by his thoughts, Lord Gol X’Hani of Galafrax bumped into one of the many aliens wandering around the Highbrin Interspecies Trading Market. As the Gerrob swiveled around to glare at him, his anger quickly morphed into fear upon realizing who it was he would have insulted.

“Oh, forgiveness,” the Gerrob muttered, fear flashing in his yellow eyes.

Gol watched the creature scurry away.

Hul shoved at Gol’s shoulder, amusement gleaming in his bright golden eyes. “Making friends again, brother?”

Other aliens wisely gave them a wide berth, for it was well known the males of the Demos species of Galafrax were renowned as formidable soldiers. With deep red, hardened skin and powerfully built bodies, they stood tall and proud.

Strapped to the waist of their darker red and black uniforms were their battle lasers and a few hidden blades. All Demos soldiers were trained in blade combat, because if technology failed them, a blade never did.

The side trip to the market was as much in need as training and fighting, but came with a side effect. Demos men craved and needed sexual release, as much as they craved the battle; the aftermath left them needy and wanting.

It was becoming an increasing problem. Demos females could birth up to four sets of male quads in their mated lives. Large families were becoming rarer. And sadly, when a female was born, it was a singular event and becoming less frequent in the passing centuries.

With so many Demos quads compared to females, there was increasing infighting among the quads and the pod housing, as well as an underground market in kidnapped females.

As usual, the sex droid traders would make a hefty profit with a squadron of Demos soldiers on the station. Many quad brothers headed straight for the pleasure-droid stalls the moment they docked, eager to sate their lust before returning to the solitude of their quad pods.

Since the invention of sex droids, they helped ease much of the fighting and tension created by having fewer females to meet their needs. There was now a pleasure droid in nearly every Demos home pod on Galafrax.

Right now, he needed to stay in command of his body and his troops. He could not let his body’s desires control him. He was the commander of his squadron, gods damn it!

Gol’s gaze flicked over the merchandise in the traders' stalls. Each stall was attached to a large, oval shuttle hatch. The smaller shuttles would simply dock, open their hatches and arrange their merchandise for sale.

A small crowd gathered around one seller’s stall. Gol could hear elevated yelling, which drew his and Hul’s attention.

“Trouble? Do you think?” Hul, his brother, shoved forward, trying to see what the commotion was about.

Gol pushed his way through the crowd, stopping at the edge of the semi-circle to see a Piclar Water Fish and a Kalen Feline in a heated argument. Between them, they tugged a small, pale creature. Long, dark brown hair fell about its shoulders and down its back.

It was clear the creature was female. Gol stared, stunned at her beauty. His gaze skimmed down her body, clearly visible through the sheer, golden material draped over her. Rounded full globes jiggled and moved with each tug jostling her body. Gol knew if he touched them they would be soft. His fingers itched to do just that, touch her.

Demos females were much like their male counterparts, only leaner and slightly shorter. Gol couldn’t pull his gaze away from her rounded, dangerous curves.

Sucking in a sharp breath, his body reacted. His rod thickened against the fastening of his pants. It began to throb with an aching need. He knew the natural lubricants would already be coating his length, ready to penetrate the female. Beside him, he could smell the deep arousal of his brother, who was clearly affected by the sight of the lush female also. Their bodies and minds were already in agreement. They wanted her. Gol glanced at Hul with understanding. They would have her.

Gol could see the dark triangle of hair between her legs. The visual similarities between their species were apparent. Gol would bet good credits she’d be compatible with him sexually.

The gold bands around the alluring creature’s neck indicated her for sale status. Although there were no slave markets on the trader’s station, it did not mean they didn’t occur from time to time.

As long as the alien for sale was not a part of the Galactic Alliance, slaves could be bought and sold freely. As Gol had never seen this kind of species before, he knew she fell outside of Hellious jurisdiction.

What caught Gol’s attention was the annoyed way she rolled her large and captivating, clear, green eyes, as the aliens kept tugging her between them. The bright sparkle of intelligence was obvious. The bands around her wrists kept her from moving or fighting back, and there was a vocal inhibitor pressed against her throat.