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Denying the Bad Boy:Tattooed and Pierced, 2

By:Jenika Snow

Denying the Bad Boy:Tattooed and Pierced, 2
Jenika Snow

       Chapter One

The asshole clocked Alex in the jaw, and immediately a tangy, metallic  flavor filled his mouth. He turned his head, spit out the blood, and  turned back to Karson. Alex shouldn't have had so much to drink, and he  certainly shouldn't have hit on the beefy wrestler's girlfriend,  especially when he knew Karson had one hell of a temper, but damn she  looked good and had been eye-fucking him the whole night. How could  someone expect a guy not to notice a girl wearing clothes so tight he  could see her fucking nipples through her shirt, or practically make out  the outline of her pussy when she bent over? He was only human for  fuck's sake.

"You're a stupid fucking prick, and I'm going to enjoy knocking your ass  down." Alex hadn't been aiming to fuck her, but shit, a little flirting  never hurt  …  not until right now. Karson rolled his head on his  shoulders and cracked his knuckles. Alex may have a good three inches on  the wrestler's six foot frame, but Karson was a thick asshole from four  years of college wrestling. Hell, the guy didn't even have a neck.

The frat house party was in full swing still, but a horde of people had  congregated around them. Their excitement to see more bloodshed was  tangible, and the pounding bass of the rap music, and the spectators'  hollers and yells for them to throw another punch, had adrenalin  pounding through Alex's veins. The alcohol became a dim entity inside of  him, and he straightened to his full six-foot-three height, rolled his  shoulders, and got ready to get dirty. Yeah, he started this shit, but  he was about to end it. He would not look like some kind of pussy, not  when he could hold his own.

"Well, come on then." Karson's face turned a deep shade of red, not  something that looked particularly good with his bright red hair. The  burly fucker charged him and started swinging, his anger causing his  movements to be sloppy and uncoordinated. Alex may have had a good buzz  going on, but he had gotten into enough fights to do this shit in his  sleep. A fist came at him, and he blocked it. Bringing his arm back and  then forward, he slammed his knuckles into Karson's jaw. The asshole's  lip split, and blood started a slow trail down his chin. The crowd went  wild, and Alex would be lying if he said he wasn't getting off on it.  Their chants for more became a rhythmic movement inside of him, and he  went after the wrestler. A right hook to the chin, and then a punch to  the gut had Karson doubling over and grunting in pain.

"You fucker." Alex grinned when the wrestler stood again and bared his  red tinged teeth. "You walk around here like you fucking own the place."

He swung, and Alex moved out of the way a millisecond before his fist  connected with the side of his head. They did this several more times  until the crowd got restless and Alex had enough of this fucking dance.  He moved to the right to block Karson's blow, and then followed up with  two hits to his kidneys. Karson went down like a big fucking sack of  potatoes, and Alex knew he'd be pissing blood for a week. He groaned and  grunted, trying to rise but instead wrapped his arms around his waist  and stayed in the fetal position. Karson's girl came running up to him,  dropped to her knees, and started petting his bloody chin. Alex didn't  stay around and watch, and instead spit out another mouthful of blood  and spit and pushed his way through the crowd. Several of his fellow  teammates slammed him on the back and started giving him a play-by-play  of the fight, like he hadn't been in the thick of it. He just kept  moving.

The frat house was filled to the brim with students from OSU as well as a  few of the smaller colleges in Columbus. A girl wrapped her arms around  his neck and pressed her tits into his side.

"Alex." Her whiny, slurred voice and the stench of the buttery nipples  she had been downing told him she was drunker than shit, which was an  immediate turnoff. Unhooking her arms from him, he gently pushed her  away. She pouted her red painted lips and took a step closer to him. He  shook his head. "But why? You've slept with half the girls here. Am I  not hot enough?"

So what if he liked to fuck? It was a natural desire for humans, but the  chicks he slept with had never been drunk. That was where he drew the  line. For one thing it shriveled up his dick when they were sloppier  than shit, and for another thing he had heard of several guys getting  accused of rape during parties like this. He didn't want to be  associated with any of that shit.

"I'm not into doing it with girls that can't stand up straight without  weaving to the side." It took her a few seconds to understand what he  was saying.

"I'm not drunk." She said this at the same time she weaved to the side.                       


"Kait." A little blonde came walking up to the drunk chick, whispered  something in her ear, and scowled over at him. He held up his hands, not  about to be accused of taking advantage of anyone, and turned to head  back into the kitchen.

The kitchen was packed, and a small line was formed for the keg. He  didn't want any beer, but a shot sounded like it might hit the spot,  especially since he had just finished that fight and his blood was still  pumping. He probably could have found a sober chick to screw, but a  shot of whiskey sounded more appealing at the moment. He really should  just go pass out in one of the rooms since he had to be up early for  football practice, but fuck it.

"Alex, my man." Kash Lennon slapped him on the back and held up the  bottle of Crown. He lifted his eyebrows, and Alex grinned and tilted his  head in a nod of acknowledgment. He had known Kash for the last four  years, ever since he had started his freshman year at OSU. They'd hit it  off right away when they shared an economics class together. Kash may  be quiet and keep to himself, but people did tend to stay away from him,  what with the fucker being nearly six and a half feet tall, covered in  ink, and having his lower lip pierced. He looked like one badass  motherfucker, but was loyal as hell, and Alex was honored to call him a  friend.

"Fuck, dude, you look like you got your ass handed to you." Kash poured  them each a shot. They tipped the glasses back in unison, and Alex  hissed as the liquor stung his split lip. He gestured for Kash to pour  another round.

"Yeah, well you should see the other guy."

Kash chuckled, and then they repeated tossing the shots down and pouring  a third. Alex felt the alcohol start to burn its way through his veins,  and the buzz that had faded during the fight started to take hold once  more. The fight with Karson had dimmed the high he felt, and now he was  anxious to get right back there, minus hitting on chicks with  boyfriends.

"Don't you have practice at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow?" Kash leaned  against the counter and crossed his big fucking arms over his chest.  Alex swore the guy got bigger every time he saw him.

"Yeah, but it isn't like I haven't practiced hung-over before." They  both chuckled, but then their eyes were riveted to a hot blonde that  walked past them. Alex zeroed in on her ass, and watched the almost  hypnotic sway of her hips, and the jiggle of that juicy body part. He  wasn't so much of an ass man, but fuck she had a big, round one that he  itched to get his fingers around. The high heels she wore plumped out  her ass even more. He was also a tit kind of guy, and that girl had that  going on, too.

"Damn, dude, she is smokin'."

"You gonna hit that tonight?" Alex asked when he noticed Kash staring at  the blonde who had now parked herself right beside the keg. Her pants  were so damn tight there was no way she was wearing panties. Panties.  Another fetish Alex had, and not one he was not ashamed of.

"Nah, dude. I fucked this chick last night and still am walking funny."  Alex looked over at Kash and lifted a brow. "Dude, she rode me so  fucking hard I thought my dick would snap in half." Alex busted out  laughing. "You think I'm lying, but I'm not."

Oh Alex didn't doubt it, but it was still funny as hell.

"You always get the wild ones."

Kash shrugged, but the corner of his mouth kicked up. He looked back at  the blonde, who was now bent over. Her ass was popped way out, and Alex  pictured himself doing all kinds of things to her in that position.

"Nah, man, they seem to find me. Although I'm not complaining," said Kash.

"I wouldn't think so." Alex rolled his head on his shoulders back and  forth. "Maybe I should just head home. If I show up late again Coach  will have my ass."

Coach Marx was one hell of an instructor, but Alex knew his patience was  wearing thin where he was concerned, and including a few of the other  players, too. Alex was grateful for his spot on the team, but he did  like to party, and when he did it he tended to do it pretty fucking  hard.