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Driving Her Crazy(8)

By:Kira Archer

Becky put the radio down and sighed. “It looks like the passengers have to deplane anyway. The flight has been grounded.”

“What? Why?” the woman asked, going back to ignoring him completely.

“Due to the weather conditions in New York, La Guardia is experiencing extreme delays. All the flights are being rerouted. Newark and JFK are also affected. I believe there is a hurricane warning in effect. Must be what’s causing our little storm here, too.”

“When will the flights be running again?”

“I’m not sure, ma’am. Right now, we’ve been told it will most likely be tomorrow morning.”


She drew a breath to argue more, but Oz caught the commotion coming from the gate and pointed to the doors. “Here they come.”

Passengers started streaming out of the gate doors and scattering through the airport. A great many of them took up positions in line behind them. Becky paled and Oz could nearly see her pulling up her big girl panties to deal with the shit storm behind her.

But the woman next to him looked like she was about to cause another one. Oz jumped in before the shit could really hit the proverbial fan. “I think we are both anxious to get to New York today. Is there any possible way we’re getting out of here?”

Becky frowned. “If you’d like me to check for flights into nearby airports…”

“Yes, thank you,” the woman said, plastering another smile on her face that looked like it was barely containing the panic. “I have to be in New York by this evening, tomorrow afternoon at the latest.”

Oz leaned against the counter and tossed in his two cents. “That would be great if you could check on other flights, Becky, thanks.”

Becky’s lips twitched into a modest smile in response to the mega-watt grin aimed at her. If the clamor of the crowd was any indication, she was about to have a really terrible day. The least he could do was be nice while he started it off.

After a few seconds of typing, Becky’s smile faded. “I’m sorry, but with the weather the way it is, there are no flights flying anywhere on the east coast.”

“What?” the woman squealed. “That’s impossible. It’s just a little rain.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m afraid I can’t even get you into other airports nearby. The weather is causing havoc up and down the east coast.”

Oz watched fascinated as one emotion after another chased across the woman’s face. Anger and panic eased into a weird calm, though he had no doubt a whole load of turbulence was seething just below the surface. Well, no point in standing there watching her implode and continue to waste Becky’s time. He needed to get to New York and if a plane was out of the question, he was going to hurry and get himself a car. Before everyone else had the same idea.

“Well, if there’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing you can do,” Oz said, shrugging and shoving his hands in his pockets. “Thanks for trying. I’m much obliged.”

Much obliged? How could he stand there looking so calm and collected? He’d just lost his flight, too. He winked at her and headed off into the crowd. Cherice fought to keep her nervous breakdown from escaping and scaring all the nice people with her crazy. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It wasn’t this poor woman’s fault the weather was delaying things.

But, she’d never hear the end of this. She was supposed to be there last week. Her parents already thought she was a total screw up. Not smart enough to get into the best medical school like her sister. Or any medical school, for that matter. Or charming enough to get their parents’ rich friends to throw money at the family charity like her twin brother. That, at least, was useful. She’d never been anything but a disappointment to her family. Now she couldn’t even manage to get from North Carolina to New York.

Well, then.

Her phone rang and she shoved her boarding pass back in her bag and grabbed it. Elliot, her twin brother. He was the only one that didn’t make her feel like she’d been adopted…or that she should be sent back where she came from.

“Hey Cher-Bear! You on your way yet?”

Cherice smiled at her brother’s nickname for her. He was the only person in her life who had ever called her by anything other than her full name. Her mother didn’t believe in nicknames. Felt they were low class. Too personal and informal.

“No, my flight was cancelled.”

“Oh shit. Well…do they have you on another one? Mom’s going to freak.”

Cherice sighed. She was well aware of that. “No. Apparently the little summer storm we are having here is a major hurricane warning up your way. All the flights into any airport near you are grounded.”