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By´╝ÜCandace Blevins

The huge man they’d introduced as Tiny asked, “Crime rate?”

She looked at them, grinned. “Something tells me you already know the crime rate and you aren’t terribly worried about it. I get a nice family wanting to do something in this part of town, I caution about the crime rate. Bad-ass bikers? Not so much.”

Keith chuckled and said, “Okay then. Let’s look at the other properties and then maybe get something to eat so we can sit and talk. We’ll tell you our needs and you can help us decide which property or properties may work best.”

Two hours later they were sitting in Sticky Fingers, and Gen was doing her best to keep it professional.

“What made you choose this restaurant?” Keith asked.

Gen shrugged. “Something tells me none of you are vegetarians, and you can’t really go wrong with men in jeans and bar-b-que. So, tell me what you need the property for, and I’ll see if I can help you with your decision.”

“Tell me about your brother and Isaac, their girlfriend, and her other boyfriend, first.”

Gen looked around to the other guys and said, “We’re here to talk business, Keith.”

“Beautiful, I wanna drink a beer and chill out while we wait for our food. Tell me what your brother’s up to. I used to be tight with him and Isaac, and you have my curiosity up.”

Gen rolled her eyes. “Long version or short version?”

He grinned. “Keep it under thirty minutes.”

“Okay. Frisco is bisexual, only he kept it from the family. I’m pretty sure he’s kinky, too, but I don’t wanna know the details. I know there’s a wall-mounted Saint Andrew’s Cross under the tapestry in their bedroom, though, so I already know more than I wanted. But, back to the beginning. Best I can tell, Cam lived with Frisco, though they told the family Cam lived in the apartment over the garage. Thing is, I know Cam’s clothes and things were in the apartment, and none of his things were in the big house, so… I’m still unclear as to the details in the beginning.”

“Big house?” Dawg asked.

“Yeah, Frisco’s house is big, and the garage is separate.”

Dawg chuckled. “Big house means something else to us. Go on with your story.”

Gen’s heart stuttered as she realized they were talking about prison, when the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. She lived in a different world than these men. “You sure you want to hear this story? I mean, Keith obviously does, but it sounds like I should hold off and tell him later, so I don’t bore the rest of you.”

Tiny laughed. “Oh no, you had me at Saint Andrew’s Cross, darlin’. Keep talking.”

She felt herself blush as she rushed back into the story. “Okay, at some point Frisco started seeing Cassie, and I guess she knew about him and Cam, and probably was even active with him, so it was, like, three of them, together. You know, in bed. All three. At the same time.”

“Yeah, Beautiful. Think we got the picture. Cute you’re blushing about it, though. Where does Isaac fit into this?” Keith asked.

She gave him a quick glare before answering, “Cassie met Isaac after she broke up with Frisco. They went out a while, hit it off, were falling in love. Isaac knew she’d recently broken up with a man and his partner, and it’d been a threesome, but he’d had no reason to think it was his best friend. One night, coming back from a club in Atlanta when she was tired, she mentioned Frisco by name. Isaac freaked, told her his best friend was in a major bitch mode over the situation, and as much as he cared about her, he was going to have to bow out.”

“Okay, that bites,” said Brain. “What are the odds you’ll go from one person to their best friend? I mean, give me a few minutes and I can probably tell you the odds—”

“No one needs to know the exact number, Brain.” Keith interrupted with a growl. “Besides, Frisco and Isaac are both into the same brand of kink, which means Cassie was fishing from the very small pool of local, single men who enjoy what Frisco gave her, so it’s actually not so surprising.” He looked to Gen. “Keep going.”

She rolled her eyes. “Cassie and Frisco work out at the same dojo, and their friends were in a big fight in Vegas. I mean, not with each other. They’re into the whole MMA thing, and Sam and Ethan were both scheduled for really big fights.”

“Hold up,” Dawg said, his eyes bright. “Sam and Ethan Levi?”

“Well, yeah. You know them?”

“Not personally, but kind of cool you know people who know them. They’re both bad-ass. The MC did the pay-per-view thing and had a big party. Cheered them both on.”