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By:Alexa Riley

Making my way up the stairs, I know she’s going to give me hell for slipping out of bed on her this morning. Viktor brought the shipment in last night and I wanted to make sure everything was in place. Viktor isn’t a cheap man to hire but he was worth every penny.

I push the door open to our room and I’m disappointed to see she’s not still in bed. When I hear banging around in the bathroom, I make my way over and slide open the door. I see Jeanette throwing everything around, making a complete mess. The woman creates chaos wherever she goes. As she catches sight of me in the mirror, her face lights up before a scowl forms. It makes a cute little line between her eyebrows and I brush my thumb across it. My cock is already goddamn hard because she stands there in nothing but a pair of very tiny panties.

“You jackdog. I know what you did,” she snaps and turns to point a finger at me.

I look down at myself thinking maybe I missed some of the blood but I changed and took a shower before I came up here so it can’t be that.

“You think I wouldn’t notice?” she says accusingly and she takes three steps towards me. She presses her breast against me, getting me in face.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Mama, but I’ll do it again if it gets you all worked up and rubbing your tits all over me.”

She levels me with a look that could kill a lesser man, but I lean down and kiss her nose and I know I’m winning when I see her fight a smile.

“The pills, Saint. Where are they?” Ah now I know why she’s all worked up. I’m surprised it took her this long to notice. I threw out those little fuckers almost a week ago, and I sure wasn’t trying to hide the fact I did it.

“Down the drain, Mama.” Before she can respond, I grab her by the hips and lift her onto the bathroom counter.

“You’re going to get it, Saint.”

“Fuck, I hope so.” I lean in, kissing her neck and dragging my tongue up to her ear, grabbing on with my teeth. The taste of sweet vanilla enters my mouth. How does she always taste like that? I love and hate it. I can’t be anywhere near the smell of vanilla now, or my cock goes rock hard. She continues her fit, which I’m only catching every other word of, because my mouth has made its way down to her tits, and all my focus is there. I pull one of her nipple rings into my mouth. That gets a response.

Her words turn to moans. I feel her body start to move in an imitation of fucking, and that’s when I notice she has her hands in her panties. That’s my woman, no fucking around. If she wants to get off, she’s going to get off.

“You gonna share that with me, Mama?”

Leaning back, she pulls her hand out of her panties, and I can see her cream coating her fingers. She softly runs the coated fingers over my lips, but I’m just as needy as she is and I want it all. I quickly suck her finger into my mouth. Good God, her taste is like coming home. It’s a taste I’ve wanted on my tongue forever.

“You want more?”

Fuck, yeah, I do, but I want to tease her a little. I want to make her beg me this time. She’ll beg for my cock and my cum.

I drop down to my knees. She goes to move her panties to the side but I grab her hands to stop her. When she starts to protest I put my mouth to her silk-covered pussy, teasing her through the material.

“Saint, please, your mouth.” She jerks her hands but my grip is firm. I drag my tongue over her clit but I don’t apply any real pressure, dragging out her need. She thrusts her hips and tries to create some friction but it’s useless.

“Damn it. If you don’t knock that shit off, I’ll tie you to the bed again and make your cock my toy. I won’t let you cum all damn day. I’ll just use you for my own pleasure.”

Fuck, she’s going to make me cum in my pants if she keeps talking like that. Now I’m not sure if I’m teasing to make her beg, or doing it so she’ll really punish me.

“Saint, stop messing around.” She moans louder and tries to rub herself against me. I start peppering kisses down the inside of her thighs, rubbing my day-old stubble against her silky skin. I can’t stop myself. It’s become an obsession. I love seeing my whisker burns and little love bites on the insides of her thighs. Every time they start to fade, it pisses me off and I attack her pussy again with my mouth. Seeing them on her when she spreads her legs for me makes me feel like I’m keeping my woman satisfied. Every time she looks down at her pussy she knows I was there.

“Tell me what you want, Mama, and I’ll give it to you.”

“Your cock, Saint. Now.” Standing up, I pull her panties down her legs and start undoing my jeans.