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By:Alexa Riley

I hear a click and open my eyes to see that we’re in the women’s bathroom. Saint locks the stall door.

“I hate to do this here, Mama, but I have to taste you,” he growls, before dropping to his knees in front of me. “I’m pissed I got to come before you. I promise I have better manners than that.”

He slides his hands up my dress and with one hard yank rips my panties off.

“Show me,” I challenge him. Reaching down, I pull at my dress until the material bunches at my hips.

“Now you show me,” I say, happy with the fact that my voice doesn’t crack. I’m confident when it comes to sex, but something about Saint shakes me.

Unbuckling his belt, Saint pulls his pants down a little and his cock springs free. I hear myself gasp. Not at the size—not that he isn’t large—but at the cock piercing he has.

I pull down the top of my dress so that my breasts fall free and expose my nipple piercings.

“Fuck me,” Saint growls. He wraps my destroyed panties around his cock and starts stroking himself with them.

“Not yet. But if you’re a good boy and eat my pussy, I might let you fuck me.” Before I can even finish my sentence, Saint has me in his mouth. I cum instantly, my whole body jerking, but Saint doesn’t stop.

His tongue plunges into me over and over, sweeping over my clit. Saint isn’t a tease. He wants to give me pleasure and he wants to give it to me now. When his teeth latch on to my clit, another orgasm hits me, harder than the first one. A moan is ripped from my throat and I’m shocked to hear it coming from me.

“You’re mine. From the moment I saw you I knew it. I wanted to wait but I can’t anymore. I need you. You’ll never have another man as long as I’m breathing,” he swears, but before I can respond he is back on me. I’ve never in my life known a man who would give pleasure like this. Sure, men liked to eat pussy if it got their cock wet, but Saint seemed like he could do this forever and be happy.

It made me want him more. I had already cum twice and I wanted to a third time. I wanted to tell him we were just a fling because that’s me. One night and I’m done, but his words only fueled my pleasure. I should be running for the door. Not pressing my pussy further into his face, thinking about what his cock piercing is going to feel like when I get it inside me.

“That’s it, Daddy. Show me how sorry you are for canceling on me. Eat that pussy good and maybe I’ll let you fuck it,” I moan while thrusting my hips. I’m so close to coming again. I didn’t know it was physically possible to cum this many times so close together but I feel another orgasm rising.

“God, Mama, you taste so fucking good,” he says. “I bet you’ll taste even better once I cum in it. You’re going to let me cum all inside you, aren’t you? I bet this pussy is aching for a load of me.”

Oh fuck. His thinking he is going bareback inside me should piss me off, but I feel my pussy clench at his words instead.


“Jeanette, come here, Mama. You know how much I love being on my knees in front of you.”

I feel myself smile at his words. Suddenly the other man grabs my arms and applies pressure to make me drop my gun. He pushes me towards Saint. My Saint. I cling to him and let the sobs take over my body.


I carry Jeanette up the stairs to my room at the warehouse. We go straight to the bathroom and I sit her on the counter to undress her. She’s covered in dirt, and her hair is a mess. I take off the ripped sheet she had wrapped around her and her silk panties. She’s completely naked and I try not to let my rage take over.

“Did they touch you?” I ask calmly. I’m holding on to my control by a thread because I don’t know what will set her off and send her back into her dark place, but I need to know.

Jeanette gets a distant, faraway look in her eyes, but I grab her chin and bring her focus back to me. “Talk to me, Mama.” She’s dirty and a little bruised up, but otherwise looks okay. But I know her, and I know she covers up her shit like a pro.

A little smile curves one side of her mouth, and I can see I’ve brought her back with just that name. She loves it when I call her that. No matter how much she says she doesn’t.

She shakes her head, but I look at her sternly and she tells me what happened. I breathe evenly and just let the story wash over me. I make mental notes, but otherwise I don’t move a muscle. After she’s finished with the whole story, my first thoughts are of how I’m going to kill Marco. I play it out a few different ways in my mind and I go through a couple of scenarios before Jeanette snaps her fingers in my face.