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By:Alexa Riley

She gives me a sad smile and nods her head. She touches the side of my face with her palm, and says, “I got it, Michael.” I know when she says my real name she means business, and I’m so relieved.

I stand up and help her out of the shower, drying her off first and then myself. I go over and she wraps her arms around my neck and I lean down grabbing her ass and picking her up. Jeanette wraps her legs around me and I silently carry her to the bed. When we get to the edge, I let her down and I kneel beside it in front of her. I put my forehead to her stomach again and wrap my arms around her waist. I hug her like that for just a moment before I lean back on my heels and look up at her. “What does my Mama want?”

“Get on the bed on all fours, Saint. I need to feel control right now.”

“You got it, baby.” My cock is already hard and pointing at her. My piercing is like a star on top of a Christmas tree, just waiting for praise. I stand up and she looks down at it with a big smile. She knows all she has to do is look at me and I’m done. Anytime, anywhere, I’m hers to play with.

I crawl on the bed and get on my hands and knees.

“Spread your legs a little. I want to see everything from behind.”

I spread my knees further apart and feel her get on the bed behind me. I’m nervous about exactly what kind of mood she’s in, but I know whatever it is, I would give it to her.

I feel her hot breath on the backs of my thighs and then her warm, wet tongue licking there. Her hands come around and rub my legs, slowly working her way to my cock.

Jeanette’s tongue works its way up to my ass cheek and suddenly she bites me there.


“God, I love your ass,” she murmurs, and I can hear the smile in her voice. She bites me hard, but it feels so good to have her mouth on me.

I feel her kisses move and then she licks my balls. “Goddamn, that mouth of yours,” I breathe. I feel her hands on my hard shaft. She works my cock with both of her hands and sucks my balls from behind. I leak precum all over the bedding and I’m so scared I’m about to blow a load in under sixty seconds.

I feel her mouth move and the warm tip of her tongue is tracing my asshole. “Jeanette!” I shout, but she doesn’t stop. She loves pushing my boundaries, and allowing her to do that makes her feel like she has the control. I close my eyes tightly and give myself over to the sensations. They are so foreign because no one has ever done that to me, and it feels so good. She’s gives my ass tentative licks and I start to shake. Suddenly, she uses her fingers to pull on my cock piercing, and I can’t think.

“Mama. Oh God, Jeanette. I’m gonna…”

I’m unable to finish the sentence before cumming all over her hands. Big, thick, streams of cum coat her fingers and I hear her giggle of satisfaction at my undoing. She fucking loves to make me cum on myself.

I collapse in a heap on the bed and I feel her climb over my body. “Get it back up, Saint, my pussy needs some attention.”

I laugh and roll over on my back showing her my still-hard cock. “Please. Like this thing ever goes down when you’re near me. Plus, I haven't had you in months. I’m sure the thing will stay up all night for you.”

She gives me a sad smile, as if remembering that she’s been fighting me.

“True. I do love that magic stick of yours,” she says and winks lasciviously at me. She glances over at the nightstand and I know what she’s thinking. I clench my teeth to stop me from telling her “no” but she reaches over, opening the drawer and pulls out a box a condoms. How they got there I have no fucking idea, and I want to curse whoever put them there. I haven't fucked anyone since I laid eyes on Jeanette, and I sure as hell never fucked her with a condom. The only woman I’ve ever had bare is her—my woman. Not that I slept around a lot before I met her, but every now and then when I did hook up, it was quick and just for one night.

She grabs my cock, slips on the condom and hovers over it before plunging down on it in one swift motion. “Fuck, yeah, I love this big cock,” she moans and starts to ride me hard. I pull her body down to mine so I can suck her nipple rings. I know just how she likes it and I feel her honey coating my dick in satisfaction. I claim her mouth and grip her hips, helping her get what she wants.

Suddenly I can’t stand it anymore and I lift her up off my cock.

“Saint, what are you…”

I switch positions so she’s on the bottom and I’m on top, and I move down to her pussy. I have to taste her so I can have her smell on my face when I fuck her. It drives me wild.

Her pussy is swollen with need and I know she’s so close to cumming. “Just a taste, Mama, you know I’ve got to have you on my tongue when I’m fucking you.”