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By:Alexa Riley

I dive into her pussy and get it all over my face. I lick and suck her fast because my cock is dying to get back inside her.

“Oh, fuck! Saint, get in me! Now!”

I pull back and sit up, rip off the condom, and then line my cock up at her entrance again. I send my dick home in one long thrust, and she shouts out my name. I fuck her hard because it’s exactly what she needs right now. She needs to feel the excitement and adrenaline. Jeanette wants a reminder that she’s alive and in control, and I’m all too willing to give it to her.

Her hands come up and grip my hair. She counters my thrusts with hers and we fuck like our lives depend on it. I lock eyes with her and she nods her head. She’s close, but doesn’t want to ask me for it. She just wants me to do it. And I will. If my Mama wants to cum, she gets to cum. I won’t tease her unless that’s what she wants. With me, she never has to ask.

I reach down and strum her clit with my thumb. It takes three strokes before I feel her orgasm start and her pussy begins to squeeze my cock. Her legs lock and she throws her head back, shouting her release. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than my girl getting off.

Her orgasm triggers my own and I spend inside of her. Jeanette’s hungry pussy sucks every drop out of me, and I can’t hold my weight off of her much longer. Once I come back to earth, I roll to my side and immediately pull her to me so that we face each other.

“Thank you,” she whispers, barely loud enough for me to hear. I play with her hair and pet her body as she drifts off to sleep in my arms.


It’s been too long since I’ve woken up in Saint’s arms. That feeling of being utterly safe—I haven’t felt that since I lost my parents. I roll over to see his face. He looks like he’s been thoroughly fucked. I guess he has been. I can’t remember how many times we went at it through the night. I would attack him only to be woken up hours later with him pulling me back on top of him. One time I passed out on top of him with him still inside me, only to be woken when he started thrusting in and out again. I wanted to imprint him on me. I almost want it so I can’t run from him again.

My Saint. He was nothing like I was prepared for and everything I could have dreamed of. He would come into the library while I was working. He would just brood in the corner. I didn’t know why he came in all the time, and he seemed so out of place. He was dark, and held an edge to him. Every time I looked at him, my nipples hardened. That was all it took to get me going: one look.

He was the kind of man I went for. Well, the kind I went for now, anyway. I thought I had him all figured out. It drove me crazy at first when I couldn’t get his attention. I made frequent suggestive comments to him but he never reacted. He was always so focused on his laptop, working away for hours on end. And then, like clockwork, he would look up and scan the library. His eyes would pause on me for a moment, but then quickly moved on. His gaze never lingered on me long enough to make me think he wanted more.

Little did I know he was well aware of me. It became quite evident when he grabbed me one afternoon, pushed me up against one of the bookshelves and asked “Do you wear those fucking skirts to drive me nuts?” I simply pushed him back against the stack of shelves behind him. I reached under my skirt and pulled my thong down my legs. I handed him the fabric, but before he could respond, I walked away. “I won’t tell if you smell them,” I tossed over my shoulder. I saw him from the corner of my eye as he put them to his nose. Dirty fucker.

We had plans for a date soon after.

Lays told me I should watch out for him. She said he looked like a man who would keep me if he wanted me, regardless of my thoughts on the matter. But I don’t let men keep me anymore…or so I thought. What do moms tell their daughters? To stay away from those bad boys. Even my own mother told me that. The difference between the bad boys and the good boys is the bad boys show you who they are. They don’t hide their true nature behind a suit, impeccable manners and a few college degrees. Nope. You know what you’re getting with them. All I ever wanted was a good time, to show myself I was free after I got out of Nick’s grip, but Saint made me want more. I got a taste of it with him, and those dreams I had pushed down for so long started to rise again. Saint made me think I could have what I always wanted, what had been ripped away from me. And then, when some of the truth came out, I thought I’d been tricked once again—tricked into believing something that wasn’t real, something I could never have.

I felt gutted when I realized he’d entered my life under false pretenses. I went and fell for another man who was hiding who he really was. This time the betrayal hurt worse because I actually loved Saint, and I wasn’t supposed to be that dumb girl anymore. I was strong now, independent. I used men. They didn't use me. I always liked the sweet, smart guys. It’s why I went for Nick, but with Saint, I got it all: the bad boy who was so good to me. I didn’t even know how to react to the things he did for me. And talk about smart. Saint was as fucking sharp as a goddamn blade.