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Fall Into Place(10)

By:Alexa Riley

I bite her shoulder, feeling myself growl against her skin. Knowing that I own every inch of her makes me possessive and dominant. I loved her before, but if it’s possible I love her even more now. Saving ourselves for this perfect moment was worth the torture.

“I love you, my wife.” I rub my entire body against hers as I continue to thrust inside her, wanting to get as much skin on skin as possible.

“I love you, too, my husband.”

Reaching between her legs, I rub her clit, and we move together. It’s going to be a long night, and I don’t plan on letting either of us sleep.

“Cum with me, Mary. Then I’ll let you ride me.”

Her giggle turns to a moan when I pinch her clit and help send her over the edge. When I join her in ecstasy, I can’t help but think that if we make a baby tonight, it will be made in the purest love that’s ever existed.



“Why didn't I just do this forever ago?” I moan as I drop myself back down onto Anthony's cock. I could’ve done this so many times if I’d wanted to. How many times had I woken up with Anthony skin to skin under me? Me lying almost completely on top of him, cradled to his body. It would’ve been so easy just to slide on top of him while he was still asleep and take him inside me.

“Fuck, princess, I’m gonna cum.”

Instantly, Anthony has me flipped over onto my back as he slides down my body. I cry out, wanting him back inside me.

“I’ll give you what you want. I just want your taste on my mouth when I'm inside you.” His broad shoulders spread my legs wide for himself, giving him all the access he needs. I wiggle, so close to cumming.

“Please,” I beg, pushing my hips into the air, wanting his mouth on me now. My orgasm is right there. Just out of reach.

“No begging. I’ll always give you what you want.” His mouth latches onto my clit. His hands grab my hips, locking me in place as the orgasm shoots through my whole body, all the way down to my toes. I grab onto his thick hair, trying to pull him off, but he only laughs as he nuzzles my thighs before he’s making his way back up my body, easily sliding into me.

“I can’t believe I get to wake up like this for the rest of my life.” His thrusts are slow, his arms holding him up so he can look down at me.

I bring my hands up to his face, pulling him down to me so I can kiss him. The taste of me on his mouth has another orgasm trying to push free. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s made me cum since he carried me into this room.

“You like it, too, don’t you? Tasting yourself on me while I’m inside you. You want your scent all over me, don’t you?” For some reason I blush at his words, my face going warm. Maybe because I like the idea of the smell of me all over him. I’ve never been the jealous type because Anthony has never given me a reason to be. But I like the idea of everyone knowing he’s mine, absolutely no doubt.

“I like it, too, baby. Makes me so fucking hard thinking about your smell all over me.” His thrusts grow faster, sliding in and out of me with renewed alacrity. I match his movements, meeting him halfway.

“That’s it, princess. Take every drop because they all belong to you.” His dirty words send me over the edge, my pussy locking around his cock, pulling his seed from him, the warm cum filling me.

Anthony drops down on me but is careful not to crush me. Brushing away some of my hair that has tangled around my face, he lazily kisses me.

“I don’t want to leave,” I tell him as he keeps kissing me all over. He slides down my body, laying his head on my stomach so I can run my fingers through his hair.

“Me either, but we have to face them sooner or later,” he mumbles, his eyes falling closed as he enjoys my touch.

He’s so relaxed about this. He should be more scared than I am. I have no idea how my father is going to react. I mean, everyone knows Anthony and I are in love and have been stealing kisses since I can remember. Our moms always thought it was so cute. My dad, not so much.

“My dad’s going to flip.”

He just shrugs like he doesn’t care. How is he not worried about this at all? I don’t want two people I love to come to blows if I can help it. I love my family so much. I just want everyone to accept this. My father just seems to have a tighter hold on me, being as I’m his only girl.

“Anthony, I’m serious here. Maybe we should wait to tell them for a little bit. We can enjoy this.” With those words, he’s up over me again, caging me in.

“I’m through with this, Mary. You’re mine. Mine.” He says the last word with extra force behind it. “I’m not fucking around, and I’m not scared of your father. There’s not a person in this whole fucking world I wouldn’t go against if they tried to say that you didn’t belong to me.”