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Falling for My Boyfriend's Dad(8)

By:Cassandra Dee

And I shouldn't have, but I did. My body was helpless around this man,  and I started creaming inside, my pussy loosening, going soft and wet.  Because Rob Martin was the opposite of his son, dominant even in repose,  gorgeous, commanding, and best of all, normal. On the night before  Thanksgiving, he was reading in his home office and not doing some weird  shit involving skinny chicks with whips and chains. I'd never been so  grateful to see normal, to see a man acting like a man and not screaming  and crying in pain, begging a woman to humiliate him.

So my insides ran even wetter, craving him, immediately alert, desperate  for his touch. But I'd had enough excitement for the night, and I  wasn't going to go barging into his office, charging in there like some  crazy, off-her-rocker cat lady. Instead, I was going to keep it to  myself, so slowly, oh so slowly, I backed away so I was about five feet  away from the door, on the other side of the hallway. I could still see  the big man, still see him clearly through the crack, but only as a  wraith in the shadows. And more importantly, he couldn't see me.

So slowly, oh so slowly, I edged my shorts over my hips, dropping them  to the carpeted floor and kicking them away. Oh god, my cunt was  creaming hard now just taking in that bronzed body, the strong line of  Rob's jaw, the intensity of his blue gaze as he perused the paper in  front of him. And with another flick of my wrist, I edged my panties  down as well, bringing them over my thick thighs until they were about  knee-level. Oh my god, but I was wet and a creamy line of goo stuck  trailed out from my pussy, sticking to the cotton before snapping wetly  and forming a blob on the material. Oh god, the scent of my pussy was  strong, enveloping me in the hall, musky and tantalizing, and I forced  myself to stay still for a moment, swallowing my moan.

But determinedly, I started up again. This was my chance, I wanted to do  something naughty, get myself off a little, have my own fun for tonight  after the sights I'd witnessed. So I edged the panties off all the way,  kicking them onto the carpeted hallway and then slowly turned so that  my back was to the door. Leaning over, I bent down so that my pussy was  facing straight towards the big man. Oh god, if he turned my way, he'd  see right? But no, it was impossible. There was no way because I stood  in the dark, out of the rectangle of light, and the brightness of the  room rendered my movements invisible. So going with the flow, I bent  over more, exposing my pussy, the flesh creamy and pink, glistening with  my personal nectar. Mr. Martin, I thought, look, look at me, see what  I've got for you, what little Ally's showing you. I almost moaned at the  dirtiness, displaying my pussy like this, but again, it was all in my  head. Rob couldn't see me, this was my personal play, my own private  titillation.

And bending over more, my boobs pressed to my knees, I looked through  the vee of my legs at the big man. He was still engrossed in his papers,  reading away, but was it my imagination or was his breathing a little  labored, like he'd just gotten to an exciting passage? I couldn't tell  for sure, the blood was pulsing in my pussy like a hammer, my clit huge  and aroused, beating with my heartbeat as I shimmied and showed myself  off, legs spread, cunt bare.

And I went for it big time then. Putting both hands on my thighs, I slid  them up until I was gripping my huge buttocks, parting the creamy orbs  so that everything between my legs was clearly visible, everything from  my pink pulsing slit to my tiny asshole up above. Oh yeah, it felt so  dirty, so wrong, baring myself like this, illicitly engaging the man  although he didn't even know it. A waft of cool air gusted over my butt  and I shivered slightly, moaning under my breath, it felt so good on my  over-heated pussy, on my folds that were dripping with lust, my own  personal nectar. But I wanted more, god I needed more after the  excitement of the night. I couldn't just walk away without more  happening.         



So I went for it. Slowly, oh so slowly, I let a small hand wander to my  slit until I was rubbing my engorged lips, caressing the swollen flesh.  And lifting my chin, I screamed silently then, throwing my head back as I  bit my lip, forcing myself to stay quiet. My boobs heaved and swayed  under my torso, as my pretty pussy convulsed slightly, even the fleeting  touch too much. Because I needed more, and I wasn't going to deprive  myself, not after the excitement of the night. So slowly, I began to rub  my clit, caressing my puss while fingering my little nub, making myself  feel good. The massage was so arousing, so fucking good, that it didn't  take much. My slippery folds gave it up almost immediately and I came  hard, right there in the hallway. Biting my lip, eyes squeezed shut, my  pussy clenched and spasmed again and again, dripping with lust as I  fingered myself, squeezing and pinching my clit, playing with my  opening, slipping my hand through the slickly wet flesh. Oh fuck, it was  so amazing, knowing that Mr. Martin was only fifteen feet away, and if  he looked in my direction, really peered into the darkness, he'd be able  to see everything, a teen girl massaging her pussy into ecstasy,  fingering herself as lights exploded behind my eyes, making me jump,  shiver and moan silently, boobies heaving, cunt exploding with tremor  after tremor of sensation.

And I blacked out, collapsing on my knees in the hallway, the soft  carpeting cushioning me, breaking my fall. Oh god, it'd been so amazing  that I'd literally lost my balance as the ecstasy overtook me, making me  lose my bearings and drop to the floor. All the better that the soft  carpet was a thick one, and I looked up, gasping. Oh god, had Mr. Martin  heard? But no, as my breasts trembled and heaved, I could see that the  big man was still at his desk, reading like nothing was wrong, his blue  gaze fixed on the sheet of paper before him. Oh thank god, thank god,  thank god for rich people who could afford the most expensive carpets,  so thick that it was like landing on a cloud, a silent, fluffy mattress.  And I picked myself up silently, one hand reaching out for my shorts,  gripping them in my fist before getting to my feet, wobbly like a  newborn colt. My cunt was completely covered in nectar, wet and soft,  loose and uninhibited like I'd just been fucked by a man. But no, it'd  been only me and I let out a soft sigh, getting one more eyeful of the  big man before creeping down the hall and letting myself back into the  guest bedroom.

And it was only there that my breath went out in a whoosh, breasts  heaving, mind spinning. What an amazing night. What a mindblowing,  incredible night. It'd started out badly with the party and the  discovery of Jonah's infidelity, but all that was in the past now.  Because I'd finished myself off in Rob Martin's presence, let my cunt  go, wet, slippery and wild in front of the big man, imagining his  fingers, his dick in me the entire time. And even if the alpha didn't  see, the orgasm had cleared my mind like the best eraser, wiping the  slate clean. Because I didn't care what happened with Jonah anymore. All  I wanted was a fresh start and my illicit session had done that,  clearing my mind, body and soul so that I could move on  …  while dreaming  about Mr. Martin.



I'm not sure what that little minx was thinking. Did she think I was  blind? That I didn't notice her outside my door, soft curves on display  in that nothing of a sleep outfit? What the hell was she thinking, those  shorts and camisole were nowhere near enough to cover her curves, her  assets were far too generous for the tiny bits of cloth.

Because yeah, I saw everything. The brunette thought she was discreet,  staying in the shadows, sure that the contrast between light and dark  hid her actions. But what she didn't know was that before I started my  business empire, I was a sniper in the army with the keenest eye, senses  always on alert, able to detect the tiniest change in my environment.  And the minute her door opened in the hallway, I knew, I could sense the  shift in the air, her form, that curvy presence coming closer, padding  down the hallway.

I half-expected the girl to knock lightly, to open the door and say  hello. But instead, she lingered outside a while, unsure, hand on the  doorknob before backing away. My heart sank. I didn't realize until then  how much I was looking forward to letting my eyes rest on those curvy  proportions, to see her nipples poking out at the tank top, round ass  filling out those tiny shorts. So when Ally's hand dropped from the  doorknob, my gut twisted, painful, lurching, I'd wanted to feast my eyes  on her so badly.

But the little girl didn't let me down because instead of going back to  bed like a good little girl, she did the nasty right outside my door.  And fuck, but I was never so aroused. Ally couldn't see me behind my  desk but as she pulled her shorts down, revealing those sweet, creamy  thighs, I slowly pulled down the elastic of my pajama pants so that my  cock popped out, hard and aroused, the tip leaking wetly. And when her  panties disappeared, that string of goo trailing wetly from her cunt, I  almost lost it then. That's right, without touching myself, or having  her touch me, I almost spurted right there at my desk while pretending  to read some bullshit paper.