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Fire Inside:A Chaos Novel(7)

By´╝ÜKristen Ashley

“Oh my God, Hop. You scared me half to death.”

He didn’t reply.

When he remained silent, her face lost its pallor. Her head tipped to the side and her brows knitted as she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Told you, I wasn’t done with you,” he answered and her head immediately righted with a snap.

“Hop—” she started.

“Told you that,” he cut her off. “Still, you snuck outta my bed and slunk away.”

She took one step toward him, her body moving like she was going to take more but she suddenly stopped.

“I said just one night,” she reminded him.

“And I said I wasn’t done with you,” he fired back.

“I—” she began but he interrupted her again.

“You had dinner?”

Her head jerked in surprise then she answered, “Yes, a business dinner. New client.”

“Good,” he grunted. “Upstairs. Naked. Now.”

He felt it coming off her in waves.

She wanted that.


Then her head moved again like she was forcing herself to do it, shaking it side to side. “We agreed. One night.”

“I think we also agreed, though the words weren’t spoken, one night’s not enough.”

“This can’t get complicated,” she reminded him.

“You keep your mouth shut, I keep my mouth shut, we’re smart, we contain it, no one finds out, and we stick to the boundaries, it won’t.”

“I don’t think—”

“Lanie. Upstairs. Naked. Now.”

He saw her breath come fast, her chest moving with it and Jesus, fuck him, he could taste her excitement and he was five feet away.

“We shouldn’t—”

“Fucked you on your back. Like to look in your eyes when I’m inside you. Done that. Now I want you on your knees, gonna fuck your face and your cunt and I can’t do that in the courtyard. It’d shock the shit outta me, class act like you gets into that but if I get you naked, you’re all mine. I don’t share with the neighbors.”

She stood stock-still, her eyes riveted to him. The only thing moving on her body was her chest, rising and falling with quick breaths.

“Lanie,” he leaned in, “upstairs. Naked. Right… fucking… now.”

She took off toward her sliding glass door.

Hop didn’t move but he did smile when she dropped her keys, cursed under her breath and crouched in that tight skirt to get them.

Second go, she got in and left the door open as she hurried inside.

Hop stared at the door before taking a deep breath and walking to it.

He got inside and saw it was a big kitchen, living, dining area. He saw the clock on the microwave said it was ten forty-two.

He took no more in.

To make sure something that could get complicated didn’t, he understood that this wasn’t what he was going to take or what she could give. He didn’t get to look at her shit, check out pictures in frames, see if she was clean or messy, read what he could in how she decorated.

He didn’t get that.

He got what was upstairs, naked in her bed.

He turned slowly and slid the door closed. He locked it. Then he moved through the dark space.

He found the blazer on the carpet of the stairs. A camisole on the landing. Her skirt on the next flight. Panties, bra and shoes leading him to a room where dim light was shining.

He was hard by the time he made it to her room.

He didn’t look around there either. Not because it wasn’t what he got from her but because she was on her ass in her bed, knees to her chest, chin to her knees, arms wrapped around her calves, ankles crossed at her ass, hiding everything but still cute as all fuck.

His dick started throbbing.

“Fuck me, I’m gonna come just standing here looking at you,” he muttered and watched her eyes close slowly, something moving over her face making beauty so beautiful, it was almost impossible to take it in. Like staring at the sun; if he saw that look on her face for another second, he’d go blind.

She opened her eyes, pushed out of her pose and gracefully moved to the edge of the bed. Feet to the floor, naked, her eyes to his, his going everywhere that was her. She moved to him and stopped so close he could smell her perfume.

Instantly her hands went to his tee and she yanked up.

Hop lifted his arms. She pulled the shirt away and dropped it.

Then her mouth went to his chest, her hands followed, moving, licking, sucking, touching, then down.

On her knees, she unbuckled his belt, pulled it open, unbuttoned his jeans, not looking at him through this. He got nothing but the gleaming hair on top of her head.

He knew why when she reached right in, found him, pulled him free and slid him deep inside her mouth.