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Fire Inside:A Chaos Novel(8)

By´╝ÜKristen Ashley

She had something she wanted and she was concentrating on getting it.



His head dropped back, his fingers slid into her hair, and his voice was hoarse when he ordered, “Baby, up. Woman like you does not get on her knees.”

She wrapped a fist around him, slid him out and he looked down just in time to see her tip her head back, those eyes, those fucking eyes, hooded and turned on, looking up at him.

“I like it, honey.”

“Suck me off in bed. Not on your knees. Class doesn’t hit her knees.”


“Up, Lanie. Get in bed.”


He jerked his hips back, she lost purchase on his dick and he planted his hands under her arms. He pulled her up and then swung her into his arms. He took four strides and tossed her on the bed.

He bent, yanked off his boots, his socks, his jeans and he joined her there.

He pulled her into his arms, rolled to his back, rolling her on top.

“Right, now you can suck me off,” he told her.

“I get to go back to what I was doing later,” she told him and he grinned at the look on her face. She still looked turned on. She also looked miffed.


Adorable, actually.

Fuck. It was going to take a serious amount of work for this not to get complicated.

“Maybe,” he lied. “Now back to work.”

“Ty-Ty told me you guys take bossy to extremes and do whatever it takes to get your way. That was why I snuck out of your bed this morning. I told you we shouldn’t sleep together. It seemed you weren’t going to take no for an answer so I had to get creative,” she shared and there it was.

Cherry blabbed so Lanie was prepared.

He’d have to take that into account in the future.

“You’re telling me this instead of going down on me because…?” he prompted.

“Because I want your promise I can finish what I started later,” she explained.

“Lady, you can do it now. In fact, I’d be obliged if you would,” he told her.

She scrunched up her nose. “Like we were before.”

Hop shook his head. “I said, no. Not like that.”

Her hand came to his cheek and her face got close. “Hop, what you said was sweet and I liked that but I also liked what I was doing and—”

He rolled on top of her and he moved his hand to her cheek, thumb to her lips, pressing in and his face got close.

“I’m guessin’ you get what this is. We played with fire, we got burned now we gotta contain the blaze, but sayin’ that, I got no intention of puttin’ it out and babe, I’m gettin’, since you left me a trail of breadcrumbs to this room, you don’t either.”

She tried to turn her head to get away from his thumb to say something but Hop kept going.

“We get it, we don’t gotta talk about it. We know what we got revolves around bein’ naked in a bed so you shouldn’t get what I’m gonna give you right now. But I’m gonna give it to you. Never had class. Never had beauty. I’ll repeat, never… had… class. I’m not gonna fuck over Cherry, who I care about, or Tack, who’s my brother, and I know you don’t wanna do that either, so this is what we got for as long as it’s good. But it’s a clean, pure beauty the like I’ve never had, I’m gonna respect it like I feel like I gotta and you’re gonna let me.”

He paused, bent his face closer to hers and dipped his voice lower.

“So, no, Lanie, you are not gettin’ down on your knees like every biker skank or groupie, or drunk, high piece of ass before you dropped to hers and sucked me off. You go down on me, you do it like who you are. Respect. You don’t want that, you’re looking to play with rough trade to get you off, find another guy to make you skank. That is not what you’re gonna get from me. Now, are you gonna finish givin’ me a blowjob or are you gonna fight me on this?”

She laid there and stared up at him, not saying a word, so Hop gave her an alternate option.

“Or are you gonna lie there and stare at me?”

“I think I need to lie here and stare at you for about thirty more seconds,” she whispered and Hop felt his lips twitch.

Then he offered quietly, “Have at it, baby.”

“Though, while lying here staring at you, I’m just going to say, I really like your mustache,” she told him.

“Good to know,” he muttered, his lips still twitching.

“It’s badass biker cool,” she went on.

“Right,” he kept muttering, now through a grin.

“And it feels good on my neck and, well… other places,” she continued and his grin turned to a smile.

“Also good to know.”