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From Gods (Descendant Prophecies Book 1)

By:Mary Ting

 To Amanda Wright: Thank you for believing in my story. Your support was  the reason From Gods was written. Most of all, thank you for being my  friend.

To Mary's Angels, my street team: Your eagerness to get my books out  there is amazing. Your dedication, time, and friendship are much  appreciated. I would be lost without you all. Extra thanks times a  million to Elliot McMahon and Janie Iturralde for all you do. Angel  hugs!!!

For my beta readers: Jane Soohoo, Elliot McMahon, Janie Iturralde,  Michele Luker, and Mindy Janicke. You are the best! I appreciate your  honesty and your friendship. Love!!!

To Vanessa Strickler for running the From Gods fan page: I'm so honored! You rock!

Ginormous thanks and hugs to my blog friends. I can't thank you enough  for all your support and for loving From Gods. Thank you to all my old  and new friends I've met through Facebook. Thank you for reading my  books and for all your support. I am speechless and forever grateful.

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"This was just the jolt I needed! Mary Ting offers us mythology fans her  own electrifying spin on Demi-God Greatness filled with suspense,  comedy, romance, & mystery! I am officially a From Gods Fan! Can.  Not. Wait. For. More." -Jeni's Bookshelf

"One of those books you can't stop reading. Amazing, magical, tender and  at the same time incredibly sexy. A must read!" -Anncleire, Please  Another Book

"With his stunning good looks, dark mysterious nature and his knack for  saving her life, how could Skylar not fall for Mason. The question is,  can she break through the wall surrounding his heart while her life is  at risk again and again." -Ellie, EllieSewSweet

She remembered it clearly, as if it happened yesterday . . . the day her  dad left and never came home. Skylar was only eight years old at the  time, but she never forget how it felt like her whole world had been  taken from her.

"Mommy, where's Daddy? Why isn't he home?" Skylar asked as they cuddled in bed.

"Skylar, I'm going to tell you something, and I want you to be a brave  big girl," she said nervously, lacing her fingers through Skylar's hair.

"Did something happen to Daddy?" Skylar asked, feeling her heart pound faster.

"Daddy can't come home. He had to go away."

Skylar knew what her mom meant, but she needed to be sure. Needing to go  away meant he would come back home, eventually. "What do you mean? Will  he be home for Christmas?"

"Sky-" Mom started to say, but she was unable to finish as Skylar  started to throw a tantrum. Skylar didn't mean to, but a feeling in the  pit of her stomach alerted her that something was terribly wrong.

"Don't call me Sky." She jumped out of bed, knowing at that moment that  her fears had come true. "Only Daddy calls me Sky." She looked out the  window and recalled how her dad had told her that she was beautiful,  like the sky. It was the reason why they had named her Skylar. Her dad  had given her that name.

Skylar started to calm down after seeing the beauty of the night and  took in a deep breath. "Is he . . . dead?" Her fists were tight as she  prepared for the news.

"No, honey. Daddy isn't dead. It's just that he's never coming back. I don't have a reason to give you."

Never coming back. Though she understood those words clearly, she  refused to believe them. "No. He has to come back. I need Daddy. He's  supposed to tuck me into bed and read me bedtime stories." Skylar hugged  her arms tightly to her chest, trying not to break apart. She thought  her body was going to shut down to stop the emotions that she couldn't  handle.         



"Sky," her mom whispered softly, standing in front of her.

"No. Don't call me Sky. It reminds me of Daddy." Tears welled up in her  eyes. "Why can't he come home? I don't understand. Doesn't he love us  anymore?" As her lips trembled, tears poured down her face. Mom's words  had shattered her heart into a thousand pieces. It was the first time  she had ever felt like that, sobbing as if her dad had actually died.

"Of course he loves you," Mom reassured her, stroking her hair. Skylar could see tears glistening in her mom's eyes.

"He doesn't." Skylar sobbed. "Daddy doesn't love me anymore." The  sobbing became uncontrollable, and she gasped for air. Her throat was  dry and her eyes hurt, but she didn't care.

Mom embraced her, trying to give her comfort, but nothing could have  eased the pain at that point. Skylar wanted her dad to be home. She  wanted the security and the daily routine. She wanted everything to be  how it was. From that day on, no one called her Sky, and eventually, it  felt as if her dad was really dead.

Skylar's eyes quickly swept the lanes, looking for a police car. Driving  down the highway at night at seventy-five miles per hour made it  difficult to spot one, but she didn't want to get caught texting. When  the coast was clear, she reached her hand into her purse to pull out her  cell phone, becoming frustrated when she couldn't find it. She  frantically felt around every inch of her purse. Why can't I find my  phone? Oh my God! I hope I didn't forget it. After grabbing every object  her fingers touched, she finally pulled out the phone. With a sigh of  relief, her muscles relaxed.

She knew texting while driving was illegal in her state, but since no  cops were around, she wanted to text her cousin to let her know she was  almost there. Holding the wheel with her forearm and placing her phone  right in front of her, her eyes shifted back and forth from the road to  the keys as she typed a few letters at a time.

Skylar and her cousin were best friends, and every year in late August,  Skylar visited her for a few weeks. This was the first time she had  driven to her aunt's house by herself. They lived in a very small town  and it took about an hour and a half to get there from Skylar's home.

Almost there. Can't wait to C U.

After she pressed send, she shoved the phone back inside her purse.  Hearing her favorite song on the radio, she cranked up the volume a bit  and sang along. Shortly after, she heard a high-pitched sound. She  quickly turned the volume down since she was unsure of where the noise  was coming from. Shocked, she felt as if the dreadful sound was rushing  to every nerve in her body, awakening her, terrifying her, and making  her heart thump so fast she thought her chest would split open.

Surely I'm overreacting. After all, there are loads of cars speeding.  But when she heard the chirp of the siren signaling her to get off the  freeway, she looked in the rearview mirror and saw the reds and blues  flashing and twirling-for her. In that instant she felt her heart start  pounding like crazy. How in the world? Where did that come from? I was  so careful. Darn it.

Exiting the freeway, she drove into the first place that looked safe. A  gas station. The only person pumping gas replaced the nozzle, got into  his car, and drove off, leaving her alone in the lot with the cop. She  wished she could follow the other car and drive away, but instead, she  parked away from the gas pumps.

No other stores were adjacent to the station. In fact, it was pretty  much a stand-alone building in complete darkness. Who knew what could be  lurking? What did I expect? I'm in East Nowhere, USA! Inside the  station's mini-mart the light was on, indicating it was open, but from  what she could see, there was nobody there besides the cashier. At least  that made her feel safe-somewhat.

Glancing at the side-view mirror, she realized that the officer was  obviously taking his or her time getting out of the vehicle, since she  saw no one approaching. After she had turned off the ignition, Skylar  waited anxiously, biting her lip and thinking of ways to convince the  cop not to give her a ticket. Tapping her foot and picking at her nails,  she imagined her situation was like waiting for a courtroom verdict.