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From Gods (Descendant Prophecies Book 1)(3)

By:Mary Ting

Quickly, she washed and changed into shorts. She realized the curtains  were still open as she pulled a T-shirt from the drawer and was startled  to see the shadow of a man behind the curtains of the house next door.  She rushed to close hers, not wanting to give anyone else a  peepshow-especially when she was only wearing her bra and shorts.

That's odd, she thought. Skylar recalled Mrs. Song, who was a widow,  occupying the house next door. What was a man doing there? She brushed  it off, thinking it could have been her son or a friend. After she  looked presentable, she went downstairs to the kitchen.


"Good morning, Auntie Kelly," Skylar greeted, giving her a warm sideways  hug and a kiss as she inhaled the aroma of the food. Scrambled  eggs-Skylar could hardly wait to take the first bite. Kelly stopped  stirring the eggs and turned to wrap her arms around her niece.

Skylar's aunt was also wearing shorts and a T-shirt. She looked like she  had just got out of bed, especially since she wasn't wearing any  makeup, but despite that she looked great. Just like Skylar's mom, Gina,  Kelly was naturally beautiful and had flawless skin. With her hair dyed  lighter, she looked young for her age.

"Good to see you," Kelly replied cheerfully, releasing her hold and  placing her hands on Skylar's cheeks. "You are getting more beautiful  every time I see you."

Skylar felt her cheeks turn warm. Shyly, she looked away. She was never good at taking compliments. "Thank you."

Kelly released her face, smiling. "How's your mom?"

"She's good, I think." Skylar hesitated, though she didn't know why her  answer was uncertain. Perhaps it was the fact that her mom was in love,  something she wasn't used to. It had been just the two of them for the  longest time until her mom had met the second love of her life. Mom was  happy and Skylar was happy for her, but was she really in love or had  she jumped into a relationship because she was lonely? What did Skylar  know of real love anyway?

"Her fiancé is treating her well?" Kelly continued to ask.

"Yes, from what I can tell. I mean, he's nice. I like him, I think,"  Skylar mumbled, shrugging her shoulders then turning to Kayla who was  already sitting at the table, still wearing her pajamas.

Skylar plopped down next to her. Kayla looked irritable and obviously had not been paying attention to their conversation.

"So, Auntie Kelly, how about you? Dating anyone?" Skylar asked. "Mom doesn't share that part of your life."

"There is a good reason why she doesn't. Nothing serious. If I'm lucky  enough to meet someone and fall in love again, I'll be sure to let you  know." She winked.

Skylar could tell her aunt felt uncomfortable discussing that topic, so  she didn't go any further with her questions and turned her attention to  her grumpy cousin. "You're up early this morning. You didn't wake me  up."

"Didn't want to bother you so soon," Kayla grumbled and rolled her eyes.

Skylar knew Kayla's eye rolling wasn't meant for her, and she wondered  what was up. She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it when Kelly  approached, placing Skylar's plate and a glass of orange juice in front  of her. "Thank you, Auntie."

"It's my pleasure to feed my favorite niece."

"I'm your only niece."

"Is that so?" Kelly laughed, smirking. "Then I'm happy to feed my only niece."

Ready to devour her breakfast, Skylar kept one eye on Kayla and the  other on the view beyond the windows. The dining room was her favorite  spot in the house. The long windows provided a clear view of the front  yard. Beaming in from between the branches of the trees, the sun's rays  gave the illusion of Heaven's light.

"How was the drive here?" Kelly asked, nipping at the bacon she had just taken out of the pan.

Kayla almost spat out the juice she had just drank and coughed several  times to get her breath back. Skylar shook her head, silently asking  Kayla not to say anything. "It was fine. Nothing happened," Skylar  reassured.

Kelly arched her brows in confusion, looking suspiciously from Skylar to  Kayla. She parted her lips to speak, but then closed them and shook her  head with a grin.

"What's wrong?" Skylar finally asked when Kelly turned to wash the  dishes, giving her the chance to talk to Kayla. She could hardly get her  words out. Her mouth was too full of eggs.

"I have to work at the diner today."

"Okay, so we'll change our plans. No big deal."

"Then I have to work tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after . . .  you get the point?" Kayla sighed heavily. "We are short on waitresses.  Mom says she can't afford to hire another one right now, and it takes  time to go through the interview process. So I'll have to fill in the  shifts."

"Sorry, Skylar," Kelly said, seeming to have eavesdropped on their  conversation. "I know you had plans, but that doesn't mean you can't  work around them. This can happen when you own a diner. When you go to  college, make sure to pick a good career."

Skylar took her last bite of eggs. "Maybe I can help at the diner."         



Kelly and Kayla both flashed their eyes happily at Skylar. "Yes. We can  work together and then I won't be so bored," Kayla uttered, emphasizing  the word "bored."

"You'll be too busy to be bored." Kelly's eyes steeled at her daughter.  "But that is a great idea. I could use the extra help. Let me ask your  mom if it's okay. I don't want my sister getting mad at me for making  her baby girl work during her last summer before she goes off to  college."

"I'm sure it'll be fine, Auntie Kelly. Mom wanted me to look for a job  so I could start learning about finances. Besides, I should start paying  for my own gas, but you don't have to pay me. I would only work for the  experience, and this way I'll get to be with Kayla."

"Nonsense, of course I'll pay you. It won't be much, but it should help  pay for your gas. Did you hear that, Kayla? Skylar thinks she should pay  for her own gas . . . hint, hint."

"But I practically work for free. It's against the law to pay me so little." Kayla pouted.

"I'm your mother. I can do or say anything, within reason. Now hurry up  and eat, ‘cause both of you are due at the diner in one hour," Kelly  said, scrubbing the counter near the stove. After the grease marks  disappeared underneath the sponge, Kelly excused herself from the room.

"What a way to spend a Saturday," Kayla whined.

"It'll be fine. At least we can be together. You'll have to teach me. I  won't know what I'm doing." Skylar got up, cleared their empty plates,  and set them in the sink. After she washed them, she turned to see Kayla  still in the same position. Her eyes were staring blindly at the  refrigerator, elbow on the table, and her right fist propping up her  head.

"Hey, it'll be okay," Skylar cheered. She hated seeing Kayla upset.

"I know. It's just that we had our summer all planned out. We're supposed to go to the beach and get tan."

"We can go out at night, and don't forget-there are the weekends. Too  much sun isn't good for you anyway. Besides, you already know going to  the beach is not my first choice for fun. I only go for you."

"That's where the cute guys spend their summer, and you are grossly too  positive," Kayla teased. "Gross, gross, gross. But that is just another  reason why I love you."

"You know I'm not like that all the time, right?"

"Girl, I've seen your dark side and know about all that self-defense  stuff from the classes your mom made you take. I bet you can do some  major damage." Kayla giggled, pulling Skylar in for a hug and leading  her out of the dining room. "Maybe the hot cop will be there. They do  eat, you know."

"I hope not. I don't think I can breathe around him," Skylar exaggerated.

"Hmmm, maybe I can cuff the two of you together."

"Then I'll definitely faint."

Kelly's Diner was always a fun place to be. It was small compared to  most restaurants, but it was cozy and just big enough to accommodate the  local customers. Inside, the tile floor was always squeaky clean.  Toward the back were the restrooms and the kitchen, but the coolest part  of the diner was the large opening where the chef could be seen  cooking.

It was shortly after the breakfast rush and the aroma from the food  still lingered. The diner was empty and quiet except for the soft music  that filled the air with a welcoming ambiance.

Being that this would be Skylar's first job, she was overflowing with  excitement and nervousness. Though her stomach was constricted with  anxiety, she could hardly wait. She would be making her own money, and  that alone thrilled her tremendously.

"Hello, Jack. Hello, Mona," Kayla greeted. "This is my cousin, Skylar. You remember her, don't ya?"

"Hey, Kayla," Jack said from the kitchen, holding up a spatula. "I may  be old, but I have a good memory, especially when pretty girls are  involved. Of course, I remember. Welcome back, Skylar."