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From Gods (Descendant Prophecies Book 1)(8)

By:Mary Ting

Skylar started to turn as her body shivered from the cold. Just before  she did, he placed his hands on her forehead, willing the power within  him to give her his warmth-one of his many powers. He knew the heat  would travel down her spine and immediately spread out to the rest of  her, as if she had been wrapped in a heated blanket.

"Mmmmm," Skylar moaned, falling asleep while welcoming the heat.

Mason watched her, gazing at her beautiful innocent face, from her  closed eyes and high cheekbones to her supple lips. Seeing a strand of  hair flutter from a sudden breeze, he brushed her face to put it back in  place. In accord, a small jolt from his finger sparked her. What was  that? His eyes darted to his finger. This was the second time he'd lost  control of his power. The first time it happened was when he'd touched  her at the diner, and now here. Was it his doing or hers? He couldn't be  sure. One thing was definite-something warm and pleasant had ignited  within him when he touched her skin. At that moment, he knew for sure he  was in trouble.

Gazing back at her, one question remained-who was she? The monster  wouldn't go after a human. Not only that, he had compelled her to forget  when he'd pulled her over, but it hadn't worked. He would have to look  into this, but for now he'd keep it to himself. He didn't want to put  her life in danger if he was wrong.

Trying to decide what to do next, he pondered his two options: one was  to stay with her and wait for her cousin to find her; or two, to walk  away. He decided on the latter when he saw his brother and Kayla coming  out of the water nearby. Mason hid behind a boulder by the pier and  watched them run toward Skylar. Knowing she was safe, he swam away.         



"Skylar! Skylar!" Kayla shouted, running with a beach dress pulled over  her bikini and her bag hanging from her shoulder. Plunking herself down  next to her cousin, she placed her hands on Skylar's cheeks, then her  chest, making sure she was breathing. Skylar being wet from head to toe  was evidence that she'd been underwater, and her lying there almost  lifeless indicated she had almost drowned. Oddly, Skylar's body felt  warm, despite the circumstances. Unable to comprehend the contrast  between them, Kayla forgot about it, thanking God that Skylar was alive.

Skylar groaned, lying stiffly while trying to peel her eyes open. "Doouug."

"Who the heck is Doug?" Nick asked, kneeling beside Kayla.

"I don't know." Worriedly, she refocused on Skylar. "Shhhhhh! Don't talk. Thank God you're okay."

"Let's take her home," Nick mumbled.

"Should I take her to the hospital instead?"

Before he could answer, Skylar mumbled, "No . . . no. Mommm, go home."

Kayla understood. Skylar was right. Skylar's mom would insist on her  going home. Their summer would be ruined for sure. "Okay, okay, but  don't go in the water again. Why were you in the water? You don't like  to go in that deep." Kayla was so mad at Skylar, but now was not the  time to scold her, so she softened her tone.

"Let's help her up. I'll help you take her home," Nick said, already standing.

Kayla's eyes had teared up and she quickly wiped them before peering up  to Nick. "Thanks." What she wanted to do was bawl. If anything happened  to Skylar, she didn't know what she would do. She was more than her  cousin. She was her best friend.

Effortlessly, Nick pulled Skylar up and Kayla threw her beach towel  around her. With her arms around Kayla's and Nick's shoulders, she  looked like a rag doll being dragged.

"Monnssterr," Skylar managed to say.

"Skylar, don't talk. You almost drowned." Kayla was disturbed. She  couldn't understand how this could've happened. Skylar was always  careful-almost too careful. There were a few sports Skylar didn't like,  and swimming was one of them, especially in the ocean. What the heck had  she been doing? Kayla blamed herself and swore she would never bring  her cousin near the ocean again.

"Dooug," Skylar mumbled.

"Is Doug her boyfriend?" Nick asked, chuckling.

Kayla flashed a "be quiet" look at Nick. "We're almost there," she said to Skylar. "Rest. Don't talk."

The bonfire was out and Nick's brothers and their company had gone.  Smoke from the fire lingered and a few empty bottles were buried in the  sand. Nick grabbed his bag, slipped into his T-shirt, and wrapped a  beach towel around his waist for privacy, quickly changing from his  trunks into shorts. After they settled into Kayla's car, they drove to  her house.

Not bothering to rinse the salt water off Skylar, Kayla helped her  change out of her swimsuit into the shorts and tank top she always wore  to bed and tucked her in. Then she went to her bedroom where Nick waited  for her.

He had spread himself across her bed, looking irresistible with his arms  behind his neck to support his head. Kayla inhaled sharply, wondering  if she should kick him out or ask him to stay until her mother came  home. Being that it was past midnight, her mom was surely on her way and  her decision was made.

Nick patted the bed, beckoning her to lie next to him. She did as told,  but all of a sudden she became shy, realizing she was still in her  bikini. She had taken off her beach dress, meaning to change into  something comfortable after taking care of Skylar, but had forgotten.  She didn't know if she felt timid from Nick being in her room, or  knowing her mom was on her way home, or if it was because her cousin had  almost drowned that evening. Whatever the reason, she wasn't in the  same mood he was.

"I think we should call it a night. My mom is on her way home." Kayla gave him half a smile, not wanting to disappoint him.

Nick frowned and pouted. "Okay, how about a kiss good-bye?" His fingers  trailed from her cheeks to the side of her neck, over the curve of her  shoulder, and finally down her arm.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" Kayla moaned softly, taking in the  pleasurable sensation and trying to suppress the heat that rushed  through her body.

"You're still in your bikini. Easy access, you know? How am I supposed  to contain myself with a beautiful half-naked girl lying next to me?"

Kayla blushed. He'd called her beautiful. "You're containing yourself pretty well."         



"You spoke too soon." Nick moved in closer, kissing the pulsating veins  down her neck. At the same time, he positioned her right leg over his  hip and ran his hand up her leg.

Maybe I won't be able to contain myself, she thought. Wanting more of  him, she had to break away before things got out of hand. "Nick," she  said, pulling away reluctantly. Still dazed from his caress, she had to  clear her thoughts. "We need to figure out how you're getting home."

"I'm not going home. I'm sleeping here with you."

"What?" Kayla's pitch went up a notch.

"Relax, I'm just joking. I've already called my brother. He'll be here shortly."

"Which brother?"

"Mason, the reliable one. Mr. Good Boy."

"The reliable one? Then your older brothers are not reliable?"


"What about you?"

"I'm the bad-boy kind." He pulled her in so fast she didn't have time to  react. He conquered her lips passionately, letting her know he wanted  her. His tongue danced with hers, tasting and sucking her deep within  him. Kayla found herself on top of him again as his hand ran smoothly  over every inch of her curves. For a while, she forgot where she was and  the fact that her mom was coming home. Lost in his kisses, lost in his  sensual embrace, she wanted to stop time.

Heat whizzed through from the tips of her toes to the depths of her mind  as she vividly envisioned both of them naked. With that thought, every  nerve in her body had awakened. Panting and wanting more of him, she  knew she shouldn't, especially not right now. Not to mention, she didn't  really know him that well. But no matter how hard she fought with her  own free will, she couldn't pull away. He knew all too well how to bring  her to a state of euphoria, pulling her into his world. He was  experienced all right, that she knew for sure, and she knew from that  moment on that he would be hard to resist.

Just when she felt her top loosening, they were interrupted by the sound  of the garage door opening. Still out of breath, Kayla climbed off him  and re-hooked her top. "My mom is home. And-and you can't be here." She  paced around, looking for a place for him to hide.

"Relax." Gently, he placed his hand on her shoulder. "Go downstairs and get her away from the door. I'll sneak out."

"Okay." Kayla inhaled deeply. No biggie. I can do this. "Will I see you again, bad boy?"

"Of course. This Friday night at Starla. It's a restaurant and club. I'll text you."

"But I didn't give you my cell number."

"Don't worry. I have it." He twitched his brows. "Now go before I show myself to your mother."

Kayla slipped into her beach dress and ran downstairs. When she noted  her mom was in the kitchen, she ran back upstairs, but Nick was gone.  Strange . . . she hadn't seen him leave and the front door was locked.  He couldn't have gone through the window. She dismissed it, checked on  her cousin, and went downstairs again to greet her mom. But she couldn't  shake the hot sensation that still lingered from Nick's touch.