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From Gods (Descendant Prophecies Book 1)(9)

By:Mary Ting

The next morning, Skylar woke up with a huge pounding headache and her  lungs felt like an overblown balloon ready to pop. Not only that, she  felt as if she'd swallowed half the ocean. Her muscles ached, especially  her arms and legs, and her body throbbed like she had the flu. She  wondered if the night before had been a dream, but when Kayla entered  her room looking concerned, she knew it wasn't.

"How are you feeling?" Kayla sat on the edge of the bed.

"I feel horrible. I'm sore all over." Skylar realized how parched she  was and swirling her tongue to produce extra saliva didn't help. It felt  as if she had swallowed a handful of sand. She discovered she was in  her shorts and a tank top, and wondered how she'd gotten home.

"Nick and I brought you home and I helped you change."

"Thanks," Skylar said, feeling embarrassed she had caused trouble.

"You scared me last night. You were supposed to look at the water, not swim in it. What happened?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure. I know it sounds strange, but I can't remember how it happened."

"You kept saying ‘Doug' and ‘monsters.'"

"I did?"

"You don't like to go in that deep. What made you do it?"

"I don't know. I saw a light. I guess I lost track of how deep I was  going." Skylar was confused. She thought she'd seen something like a sea  monster and she was almost sure Doug-or Mason-had saved her. She blew  it off, thinking she was delusional since she had been unconscious and  sea monsters didn't exist. "Don't worry. I won't ever do that again."         



"You'd better not," Kayla scolded. "You scared the life out of me. If  something were to happen to you . . ." Kayla's eyes became teary.

"Hey," Skylar said, noting Kayla's sadness. "I'm okay." She pulled her  in for a hug and changed the subject, "So what happened after?"

Kayla blushed. Her eyes sparkled as she told Skylar about them making  out on her bed. She also told her about the nightclub restaurant they  had been invited to.

Skylar rolled her eyes and shook her head. "I don't know if that's a good idea. We don't even know them."

"He didn't ask us to go to his house. We'll be out in public."

Kayla was right. Other people would be there. She guessed it would be  fine. Not wanting to burst her cousin's bubble, she agreed. Watching  Kayla's eyes twinkle the way they did when she talked about Nick, she  knew her cousin was in trouble.

To Skylar, Nick and his brothers were out of their league. Not only were  they mega rich and seemed more experienced, but they were the type that  didn't mind breaking young girls' hearts. They fell under the category  her mom termed "bad boys."

"Sure, I'll go with you. Someone's gotta watch over you," Skylar teased.

"Well, you won't be near the ocean, so at least I'll know you're safe."

Skylar smiled. "Let's get some breakfast. I need to take something to  get rid of this awful headache. Does your mom know what happened last  night? You didn't call my mom, did you?"

"You think I'm crazy? No way. You would've been out of here by now. Your mom would personally come and snatch your butt."

Skylar's tense body relaxed. "Just checking. Speaking of which, I'd better give her a call."

After Skylar showered, got dressed, and called her mom, she went  downstairs to greet her aunt and eat breakfast. Then they were on their  way to the diner.

As usual, it was empty when they walked in. The breakfast rush was over.

"Hey, Jack. Hey, Mona," the girls greeted.

"Hey, girls. Back again, huh?" Mona cheered. "To eat or to work?"

"To work," Kayla replied.

"How are my two Barbie dolls?" Jack asked from the kitchen.

The girls giggled. "Just peachy," Kayla answered. "Get it, Jack? Peach pie is our special today, right?"

Jack chuckled. "It's Monday." Jack's tone was cheerful like it was every day. He was always carefree and full of life.

"So how was the beach last night?" Mona asked.

The girls flashed their eyes at each other and busted out laughing.

"That good, huh?" Jack said.

"Sorry, it's just that-" Skylar started to say and lost her words. She  didn't know what to say without providing too much information.

"Yup, we had the best time ever." Kayla turned to Skylar and winked.

Without warning, Kayla jumped like she had just sat on a tack, then  pulled out her cell phone from the back pocket of her shorts. "My cell  phone. It vibrated." Kayla laughed out loud, playfully sticking out her  tongue, mostly embarrassed by the way she'd leapt off the floor. Looking  at her text, she beamed a huge smile.

Hey, good girl.

Hey, bad boy.

What cha doing?

I'm working.

Shall I come over and be a bad boy?


How's your cousin?

Skylar is fine thx for asking.

See you Friday at 9.

Will Mason be there?

Don't know. Wear something hot.

Haha! In your dreams. I'll wear my PJs if I want to.


Or nothing . . . giggle.

Oh, I like. I'm already picturing you.

Gotta go. Customer.


Seeing Kayla engrossed in her text and giggling to herself, Skylar had a  hunch it was from Nick. After Kayla placed her phone back in her  pocket, she caught Skylar's eye. "From Nick," she mouthed and turned to  look at Mona who was scowling at her.

"Put that away, young lady," Mona scolded, pinching Kayla's cheeks. "Ahhh to be young again. When I was your age-"

"Don't scare the girl." Jack laughed and the other customers joined in on the humor.

Mona shook her head, giggling, and went to greet more customers. "Hello, boys."

When they walked in, all eyes turned to them. With their swaggering cool  steps, they looked like four male runway models. Skylar's eyes grew  wide and she was stunned. Mason was there again, but this time he was  there with all of his brothers. The oldest, Everett, was the tallest.  Remus and Mason looked similar, with dark hair and sensual greenish-blue  eyes, while Everett and Nick had light hair and dark eyes. They all  wore shorts and black T-shirts that had different designs on them,  except for Mason. He wore a sky blue T-shirt which brought out the  enticing color of his eyes.         



Surprised Kayla hadn't warned her, Skylar gave her a questioning look.  Ignoring Skylar, Kayla lit up like the sun and took them to their seats.  Besides Nick, who greeted Skylar with a smile, none of the brothers  looked her way. After Kayla took their orders, she headed to Jack.

Skylar tried her best not to look, but she couldn't help herself. Every  time she glanced Mason's way, as if he knew she would, he would catch  her gaze. But once their eyes met, he too would drop his as if he didn't  want to get caught looking at her either. Many times she'd replayed in  her mind how she was going to tell him off, but seeing him now, her  anger tapered.

Something about that family was different. Skylar could sense it to her  core, but she didn't understand why. What made her most uncomfortable  was their brother Remus. Sometimes she could sense him glaring at her,  and as if she could be burned by his stare, her muscles would tense up,  making her unpleasantly hot. He definitely gave her the creeps. Trying  to focus her attention elsewhere, she glued herself to the cash  register. She was glad for the chance to stay busy and to be distracted  by the customers paying.

Skylar loved to watch Kayla serving. She could hold four plates at once  as she was doing at that moment, balancing them perfectly. Skylar  wondered if she could do the same or if she would accidentally drop one.  Perhaps she should try. Laughing to herself, she was soon distracted by  another customer who brought her their bill.

"Here you go." Kayla brought the guys their lunches, setting the plates down one by one.

Curious to see what they'd ordered, Skylar placed herself on the other  side of the counter. After getting a peek at their sandwiches and french  fries, she went back to the register.

The brothers held a conversation with Kayla as they ate. Kayla was at  ease, speaking her mind, laughing, and looking like she was having the  time of her life. How Skylar wished she could feel at ease with them too  . . . not so much with Remus though. Maybe she could one day. She just  had to be bolder.

After an hour had gone by, the brothers flipped a coin and Mason stood  up. Skylar guessed he had lost the bet and had to pay the bill. As if  she were spellbound by him, her eyes held Mason's, unable to look away  even as he came toward her, looking dreamy. Every nerve in her body  tingled, awakened by him. She couldn't deny the magnetic pull, and she  was unable to explain the hold he had on her.

"Here," he said, placing the bill on the counter.

"I guess you lost the bet, huh?"

"I never lose."

So you wanted to pay the bill and come see me? Skylar flushed brightly. "Oh."

"So are you going to the club Friday night? It's more of a restaurant actually."