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Fucked by Force(2)

By:Bree Bellucci

Not long into the morning, Ally popped down the hall before seating herself in front of Mandy.

"So, Justin has asked me to take you out this afternoon and help with  your wardrobe." As Ally spoke, she had the decency to look at the floor  as if this request to help Mandy shop was embarrassing. Surely, Ally did  not mind one bit, but Mandy's face flushed at the idea of someone  needing to help her pick out clothes.

"Well, okay," Mandy said slowly, "He would know best if I need to be in the office or not."

Smiling and satisfied, Ally went back down the hall to her desk.

"I can't believe it's a costume party!" Jen was whispering to Meghan.

"I know! I don't have any idea of what I'm going to wear!" Meghan whispered back.

"What about you, Mandy? Do you know what you're wearing yet?" Jen asked kindly.

"Actually, I sort of forgot about it. I guess I'll need to dig through my closet and look for something."

Jen let out a small giggle and Meghan looked like her eyes might pop out of her head.

"You're not going to buy something new?" Jen asked incredulously.

"Oh, well, I wasn't-" Mandy tried to backtrack. Once again, she felt  completely out of the loop. Obviously, she had no clue of the dress code  de rigueur. "I mean, yes, I guess I'll buy something then," she said  stiffly, her mind already racing to what ridiculous purchase she may  need to make. She made a mental note to consult Ally on this issue when  they were out this afternoon.

No longer could Mandy dwell on her costume dilemma, as Justin came  sweeping down the hall, his gaze cold and steely, but not so unusual.

"Meghan! Jen!" he snapped. Both girls jumped out of their chairs and  followed Justin into his office, but not before shooting puzzled looks  at Mandy. Shrugging she tried to appear unperturbed, but once Justin's  door shut, she began to sweat nervously. Did Justin know? Why would he  exclude her from a morning meeting? Mandy was unable to work as Justin,  Meghan and Jen met behind closed doors. Mandy had a sickening thought  about what could be happening. Both Meghan and Jen had been clear in  their desire for Justin. What if Justin was getting his revenge by  fucking both Meghan and Jen at this very moment? Mandy forced herself  not to think such horrible thoughts, and she nearly fainted with relief  when Meghan and Jen exited the office; neither looking in the least bit  like they had just been fucked.

"He wants to see you," Jen whispered as she smirked at Mandy. Obviously  Jen thought that Justin wanted to see Mandy private for sexual reasons  and Mandy tried to muster her dignity as she walked into her master's  office. Justin was facing the windows but she saw his body tense as she  walked in.

"You wanted to see me," she said quietly, her face flushing with shame.  Justin wheeled around in his chair and surveyed Mandy shrewdly.

"You are going shopping today?" he asked. Mandy nodded, embarrassed. She  was wearing black pants and a fuchsia blouse borrowed from Chrissy. She  tried exceptionally hard today to look her best.

"Good," Justin murmured, rising. He strode towards Mandy and roughly pushed her face back, kissing her hard on the mouth.

"I am in a peculiar mood today," he breathed into her mouth as he kissed  her and Mandy gasped from the roughness. She kissed back eagerly,  wanting to please Justin while also wanting to rid any doubts from his  mind.

"Why?" she panted, afraid of the answer. Justin grabbed her hair and  yanked her head back before moving his lips to the base of her throat.

"Mmmm," he growled, ignoring the question. "You know that you belong to  me now?" he asked as his other hand ran up Mandy's exposed forearm,  giving her goose bumps.         



"Yes," Mandy squeaked.

"And as my Property you will do as I command?"


"Good. Unless I give you permission, you are not to be alone with  another pack member," he breathed, squeezing her tightly as he inhaled  at our neck.

"O-okay," she stammered.

"And you will let me fuck you whenever I see fit!" With that, Justin  spun Mandy around so that he was behind her and she was facing his desk.

"Hands on the desk," he growled, and Mandy obeyed, bending over so that  her hands were pressing against the smooth, polished wood. With violent  urgency, Justin reached around, undoing Mandy's pants and yanking them  down. Trying to keep up with Justin, she quickly stepped out of her  pants so that she was only standing in her heels, thong and blouse.

Justin pushed her blouse up over her breasts where it remained, and then  yanked her bra down, freeing both of her breasts. Her breasts bounced  from their restraints and Justin groaned as each of his hands cupped her  soft, supple mounds. Mandy groaned in response to Justin's groping and  kneading, his fingers deftly pulling at each of her hardened nipples,  lengthening them. Justin pushed his body against Mandy's ass, and she  could feel his erection through the thin material of his pants.

Mandy could tell that there would not be much foreplay. Justin was rough  and urgent, different than past experiences with him. He twisted her  nipples, and Mandy winced with the pain; it was as if Justin was  punishing her. He aggressively pushed his hand between her legs, his  fingers hungrily grasping at her inner folds. Mandy's body was already  anticipating Justin, and she was slippery wet. Justin groaned  appreciatively, and Mandy spread her legs further for her master.

"Yes," Justin groaned and he skillfully undid his belt before pulling  his fly down. Seconds later, Mandy heard his pants hit the floor and she  could feel him pulling down his boxers behind her. Mandy panted with  her desire. Her body hummed to life around Justin, even when he was  angry and possibly vengeful. Mandy ached for Justin to fill her and she  spread her legs further still in desperate need of Justin's ready cock.

Justin took hold of her hair, snapping her head back, before pressing  down on her back with his other hand. Forced to bend over, Mandy obeyed,  and Justin ran his hand from her back down to her ass. He squeezed  tightly in admiration, and then bent over Mandy's back and brought his  hot mouth to her ear.

"This fuck is for my pleasure only," he said gruffly. Mandy could only  nod, her desire and lust so great she was unable to speak.

Roughly, Justin yanked Mandy's thong to the side and then he pushed his  entirety inside Mandy, making her cry out from his sudden invasion.  Withdrawing, Justin reared up once more and slammed into Mandy again,  who braced herself against his desk, moaning softly. This was a type of  roughness she had never known. Again and again, Justin pounded into her,  and she felt herself stretch for him repeatedly. Moaning softly, Mandy  steadied herself against the desk. She was unsure whether she was  moaning from the pain or from his complete possession of her. Justin,  the alpha male, was really showing his Property who was in charge.

Reaching down to her ass, Justin squeezed tightly and Mandy yipped with  pain. Surely, she would have marks tomorrow from where his fingers dug  into her flesh. Justin was panting loudly in her ear, and she felt as he  reached his hands up along her stomach and then to her breasts. With a  desire to inflict pain, Justin squeezed her breasts firmly and Mandy was  unable to hold her in cry.

"Does it hurt?" Justin asked.

"Yes," she gasped, but to her surprise she wanted more. For some  perverse reason that she was unable to comprehend at the moment, she  wanted more of Justin's sadistic screwing. Sensing that Mandy was  enjoying herself, Justin groaned deeply and then thrust himself into  Mandy with such force, that Mandy fell against the desk. Grabbing her,  Justin pulled her back up before slipping inside her once more, easily  entering her from behind as he glided through her arousal.

Justin steadied Mandy by gripping either side of her ass, and then  grunted as he pounded into her as fast as his body would allow. With a  final thrust and animalistic grunt, Justin emptied himself inside of  her, and Mandy felt Justin still as his orgasm came to an end.         



Afraid to move, Mandy stood still as she felt Justin begin to soften and  then finally slip out of her. Mandy was sore from the rough sex and she  was tense from not having her own release; Justin clearly planned it  this way. Mandy picked up her palms to see sweaty marks left behind on  the polished desk. She could feel Justin moving behind her, already  zipping his fly and righting himself. Mandy gently pulled her thong back  in place, before fixing her bra and shirt. She tugged her pants on, and  knew she would need to go to the bathroom to fix herself up, not to  mention to clean herself up. She could already feel Justin's fluids  running out of her.

"That will be all," Justin said gruffly, moving behind his desk.

"Justin-" Mandy began timidly, "Is something wrong?"

"Everything is fine!" he snapped. He looked at her and his gaze  softened. "I'm sorry, Mandy," he said, his voice somewhat mollified,  "I'm having a bad day. Enjoy your shopping."