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Fucked by Force(3)

By:Bree Bellucci

Mandy nodded, before hurrying out of his office. Meghan and Jen quickly  looked busy and Mandy bee-lined for the restroom. Once inside, Mandy  locked the door so no one could disturb her. She fixed her hair and  straightened her blouse, before taking care of the mess of Justin's  fluids. When she finally felt presentable, she left the bathroom, but  swung by Ally's desk first.

"What time are we supposed to go today?" Mandy asked, referring to their shopping excursion.

Ally smiled widely at her. "How about noon? We are going to King's Lake, so I thought we could grab some lunch there, too."

Of course, Mandy thought to herself, Justin would have them shop at  King's Lake. It was the most exclusive shopping mall for miles. It was  filled with expensive, designer stores. Mandy nodded before heading back  to her desk. Jen smiled at her, while Meghan busied herself with  typing. Jen motioned to Meghan and rolled her eyes. Grateful for the  alliance, Mandy smiled before settling into work. She had been at work  for over an hour, and all she had manage to accomplish was being  violently fucked by her boss, who also happened to be her so-called  Master.

Noon rolled around quickly, and anxious to escape the awkwardness that  had set in at the alcove, Mandy grabbed her bag and said a sheepish good  bye to Meghan and Jen. She felt bad leaving the two girls to cover her,  but then again she was now Justin's Property, and Justin had requested  she go shopping with Ally today. Clearly, Justin found this more  important than her working in the office.

As Mandy approached Ally's desk, she quickly shut off her computer and  grabbed her purse, smiling all the while. Ally seemed perpetually happy.

"Are you always this happy?" Mandy asked, unable to stop the words from coming out of her mouth.

Ally didn't look bothered in the least. "Yes, I guess I am. I don't  know. It's just my personality!" She shrugged as they stepped into the  parking lot, Ally's pointy and expensive heels click-clacketing across  the asphalt. As always, Ally was perfectly coiffed. Not a hair out of  place in her sleek ponytail, and her charcoal grey pencil skirt  complimented her blue blouse perfectly.

"I'll drive," Ally said in her chipper voice, and Mandy was relieved.  She climbed into Ally's Audi and they sped off towards King's Lake.  King's Lake was a forty minute drive, but Mandy didn't have to say much  as Ally was more than happy to carry on the conversation. She chattered  on about all the stores they were going to visit, as well as the ones  they would stay away from. She debated on what to have for lunch, salads  or sushi, and where to park the car, at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus?

Mandy smiled and nodded at the appropriate moments and she was more than  happy to listen to Ally. As they neared the mall, Ally began talking  about the costume party, which reminded Mandy that she needed to ask  about buying an outfit.

"I wanted to ask you. Is this an occasion where I need to buy a new  outfit? Or can I just find something that I have at home?" she asked, as  she played with her nails.

Ally giggled, "Do you happen to have a ball gown lying around at home?"

"Ball gown?" Mandy screeched, "I thought it was a costume party!"         



Ally nodded solemnly, as if explaining something of great importance.  "Yes, it a costume party, but think of it as a masked ball."

Rolling her eyes, Mandy sunk back into the seat. Of course this couldn't  be a party where she wore all black with some cat ears and a tail. This  was going to be a full out event.

"Don't worry. It's on my list of things to pick up today. You're going to have to look ravishing considering that you're the  – "

"Property. Yadda, yadda, yadda," Mandy said, cutting her off.

"Mandy do you know just how big an honor this is?" Ally admonished.

"What I do know is that it's becoming more of a nuisance by the hour,"  she said. "I don't know why I even agreed to the damn thing," she  muttered under her breath.

"Do you know how many of us would die to be the Property?" Ally asked shrilly, her normal peppy voice gone.

"Then why aren't any of you?" Mandy burst out, unable to hold in her  feelings. "I don't get it! Why did Justin choose me? I'm not nearly as  pretty as any of you and I dress like crap! All of you look perfect! I  don't fit in at all. I can't figure out what Justin sees in me!" Mandy  knew she sounded like a petulant child, but she couldn't help herself.  She had been wrestling with these thoughts since the day she walked into  McIntyre Technologies.

Ally pulled into a parking space and shut the car off before turning to  look at Mandy directly. Embarrassed, Mandy looked out the window so she  wouldn't have to meet Ally's gaze.

"It's clear to the rest of us. Why isn't it clear to you?" Ally asked  softly, almost to herself. Mandy felt uncomfortable, as if she should be  having this conversation with Justin instead.

"He chose you because you are far more interesting that the rest of us.  We all threw ourselves at him, but you didn't. He's used to idiots like  us throwing ourselves at him. You have character. Not that the rest of  us don't, but you are certainly more charming than me, Meghan or Jen."

Mandy rolled her eyes; that was definitely not true.

"Don't roll your eyes! It's the truth! You can handle Justin. None of us  could handle him the way you do, and while we envy you, we know deep  down it's the truth. Do you think Meghan could take his orders and do  what you are doing behind closed doors and then come back out and do her  job? Of course not! And neither could Jen. She'd be flitting around the  office, buzzing like a bee, unable to focus. You are exactly what  Justin is looking for. Someone who can handle his personality, meet his  demands and desires and then come into the office and do your job."

Embarrassed again, Mandy looked away. Could Ally's words be true? It  didn't make sense. Guys fell for girls like her, not girls like Mandy.

"It doesn't make sense!" Mandy argued. "And even if it did make sense, I'm not nearly as pretty as any of you."

"You are a natural beauty. It takes hard work for the rest of us to look  like this, but you're naturally pretty. That's what Justin likes. He's a  werewolf for Christ's sake. He doesn't want a woman that takes hours to  get ready!"

Mandy didn't believe Ally would lie to her, and she felt relief begin to  course through her. Maybe she was worthy of Justin after all.

"Alright, enough!" Ally said playfully, "Let's get inside and spend  Justin's money! We have a wardrobe to buy you!" She hopped out of the  car and Mandy followed.

"That's another thing  –  why do you all dress so well?" Mandy asked as she nearly ran to catch up with Ally.

"Oh. Well, we have a wardrobe stipend."

"A what?"

"You know, we have a special allowance for clothing. Justin prefers his  employees to be dressed well and to set the right tone in the office.  Many of us have a stipend for clothes," she said matter-of-factly. Mandy  realized that it made perfect sense.

"Well, why don't I have a stipend then?" she asked suddenly.

"Because you're the Property! You don't need a stipend. You have Justin's wealth at your disposal!"         



Mandy wasn't sure if she liked the idea of having access to Justin's money. It seemed too big of a responsibility.

"But, I wasn't the property when I first started! I was just a regular worker and I didn't have a stipend," she argued.

"Justin doesn't usually give stipends until employees have been with the  company for four weeks. He likes to make sure they are a good fit  before he offers the stipend."

Somewhat appeased, Mandy followed Ally into the mall. Ally was clearly  in her element as they moved from store to store, their arms becoming  more and more laden with bags. They purchased pair after pair of shoes,  skirts of all shapes and lengths, various dresses, multiples pairs of  pants with an array of blouses and shirts. Mandy stopped looking at the  price tags because it was too unbearable to see the costs. She  constantly reminded herself that this was what Justin wanted.

The women needed to make three trips back to the car to drop off bags,  and Mandy realized it would have been impossible for anyone else to join  them. The trunk had been easily filled, and the bags were now spilling  into the backseat and piling precariously high. They were just finishing  up with jewelry and accessorizes when Ally smacked her head with  recall.

"I almost forgot! We have to find you a gown for the party!" she  exclaimed. Mandy was tired and it was already past four o'clock. She  trudged behind Ally as Ally led her to a fancy store with racks of long  gowns. Ally rifled skillfully through the racks before extracting two  gowns. One was a deep plum shade, while the other was a jeweled-indigo  shade. The plum dress was stunning, but the indigo dress was beyond  words. Even Mandy gasped at her own reflection. The dress was strapless  with a sweetheart neckline that was adorned with twinkling crystals. The  dress was rouched and fitted through the waist, but once it reached her  hips, it fanned out, cascading down her frame in gentle ripples. The  material seemed to float above the ground, and Mandy looked ethereal.