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Fucked by Force(5)

By:Bree Bellucci

Justin arrived and barely looked at her, or Meghan and Jen for that  matter. Mandy gave him a few minutes in his office to get himself  situated, and then she matter-of-factly walked to his office and knocked  on the doors.

"What?" Justin barked. Through the half-open doors, Mandy could see him  peering at the computer screen and tapping his fingers impatiently.

"Can I speak to you please?" Mandy asked, her voice sounding much more calm then she actually felt.

Justin looked up and for the first time in days, he seemed to actually  notice her. He took in her dress and her hair, and a happy look seemed  to flit across his face before his usual stony at-work glare came back.

"Yes. Shut the door behind you, please."

Mandy stepped into the office and pulled the door shut with a resounding click. Justin looked at her, his eyes curious yet wary.

"And what can I do for you, Ms. Ray?" he asked, his voice almost playful.

"I want to know what the hell is your problem!" Mandy demanded, and she couldn't keep the anger or frustration out of her voice.

Justin looked taken aback. Perhaps he wasn't used to people speaking to  him this way, or perhaps he was surprised at Mandy's outburst. Either  way, Mandy didn't care.

"What do you mean?" he asked slowly.

"That way you have been treating me ever since I became your Property!"  she exclaimed, even though a small voice inside of her head said ever  since I saw Brad on Monday night.

"I don't know what you mean, Mandy. I've been busy at work."

"Yes, you've been busy, but you've barely said two words to me. Is that  how you treat Properties? If so, tell me now. You fuck me with unusual  roughness on Tuesday, and then hardly speak to me all week!" She was  furious.         



Justin almost looked amused as he wheeled his chair back away from his  desk and surveyed her. He steepled his finger under his chin as his eyes  roved over her.

"You look incredibly sex," he said softly. Mandy was caught off guard, not expecting this response.

"Thank you," she said, confused.

"You're wearing your new clothes. You look very polished and elegant. In  fact, my dick is getting hard at this very moment." His voice was low  and gruff. Mandy shifted, unsure of how to handle this new direction in  the conversation.

"Do you want to be my Property?" Justin asked slowly, and as he spoke, he moved his hand down to the bulge in his pants.

Mandy merely nodded.

"My dick just hardened even more."

Mandy's eyes widened and Justin parted his lips, his tongue grazing his top teeth.

"As your master, I command you to come over here," he breathed.

The slow burn that had begun unnoticed in Mandy's groin, burst forth and  she felt a hot rush of desire blossom within her. She walked towards  Justin, waiting for his next command. This is what she loved; pleasing  Justin.

Justin had unzipped his pants, and pulled his pulsing cock from his  boxers. He was stroking it softly, and Mandy noticed his chest rising  and falling faster than normal.

"On your knees," he ordered. Mandy dropped to her knees, eyeing Justin's  cock with reverence. Her lips ached to ensconce it and she could  already feel the moisture seeping through her panties. She kneeled  before Justin, and like an eager puppy, waited for him to give her the  okay.

"Make me come," he breathed. Instantly, Mandy had her lips wrapped  around Justin, sucking him as if were the last of the water on a desert  earth. She sucked and sucked, dragging her mouth up and down his shaft  as she ran her wet tongue in wake of her lips. Reaching her hands up,  she grasped his shaft firmly with one hand as she extended his pleasure,  and reached her free hand down to play with his balls.

Justin moaned as his head rolled back and Mandy wished she had a third  hand so she could rub her dripping pussy. All thoughts and anger were  forgotten and the only thing that mattered was the solid mass in her  mouth, and her desperate desire to please Justin as best as she could.

Stretching her mouth wide over Justin, she took Justin deep into her throat, his cock pushing down into the depths of her.

"Holy fuck, Mandy!" Justin gasped. Mandy took pride in his outburst and  sucked even that much harder. She tasted a few drops of sweet saltiness  and felt him twitch in her mouth. Mandy was beginning to read the signs  of Justin's body and she knew his release was only moments away. She  moved her mouth faster and faster, as she swiftly flicked her tongue  against his thick skin.

"Swallow all of me!" he choked, before emptying himself into her warm  and waiting mouth. Mandy pushed him deep into her mouth, as she felt his  thick fluid run down her throat. She moaned against his cock as she  swallowed all of him, obeying his every word and taking pleasure in his  pleasure. Finally, Justin seemed to be emptied and he slowly pulled  himself out of her mouth.

Mandy gazed up at Justin coyly through her eyelashes.

"Best. Fucking. Blowjob. Ever," Justin panted, laying back in his chair,  his cock hanging out. Mandy was so aroused and she was aching to come  herself. She couldn't remember ever being so turned on from giving a  blowjob. She didn't know how to ask Justin to help her orgasm, so  instead she decided she would have to just deal with it for the rest of  the day. As if reading her thoughts, Justin opened his desk drawer and  pulled out a small, pink bullet-shaped object.

"Come on, baby. I bet you want yours too," he crooned, motioning to his  lap. He zipped himself back up and eager with her carnal desire, Mandy  climbed onto his lap, straddling him, as he pushed her legs apart,  revealing her soaked underwear. Justin's breath caught in his throat as  he observed her drenched panties.

"Oh, Mandy. You were so turned on," he said softly, pushing her panties  to the side as he pushed the object against her, which instantly hummed  to life.

Mandy gasped loudly, the vibration feeling unbelievable against her swollen nub.

"That's right," Justin murmured, as Mandy began to grind against the  small vibrator, moaning softly. Justin's other hand played with her  opening, his fingers sliding in and out of her juices. Mandy knew she  would orgasm quickly and her breath quickened as she felt her nipples  harden against her bra.         



"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she gasped in small breathy moans before her orgasm  crashed over her. Moaning softly, she grinded against Justin, trying to  push his hand away as the sensation became too strong for her to handle,  but Justin kept the object pressed firmly against her clit. Mandy felt  her orgasm push higher and then she was coming again as a second wave  descended upon her. She was swept up in her pleasure and when she  finally came to her senses again, she saw Justin watching her  appreciatively.

"Now, that's how to start a Friday morning," he said slyly. Mandy  swatted at him, before slowly stepping off him. Once more, her panties  were worthless and she yanked them down her slick thighs before throwing  them on Justin's desk.

"Add these to your collection," she said wryly, as she tried to fix  herself. Justin grinned and stuffed the pair in his pocket. Even though  Mandy didn't feel like she got any real answers to Justin's behavior,  things certainly felt more normal now, or at least normal for she and  Justin's bizarre relationship.

Mandy left his office and this time Meghan and Jen didn't even bother to  look up. The day passed quickly, and Mandy felt ridiculously kinky  working the entire day without any underwear. Justin smiled seductively  at her more than once as he tapped his pocket, which contained her damp  panties. Mandy could only shake her head in bemusement. She wished every  morning could start with His and Hers orgasms.

The end of the day quickly approached, and it seemed all the plans were  set in place for the party the following evening. Justin warned the  women not to be late, especially Mandy. She went home that evening  feeling lighter than she had all week, all thoughts of Brad forgotten.  Only Justin was on her mind, and she could not wait for him to see her  in her costume.

Saturday flew by and Mandy found herself a jumble of nerves for most of  the day, snapping at Chrissy and then apologizing for her bad behavior.  Finally, Mandy began the long process of getting ready. She carefully  blow dried her hair and then twisted it up before piling it on top of  her head and curling the ends. Chrissy even offered to help Mandy apply  her makeup. Mandy was more than grateful, especially considering the way  she had treated her earlier. As Chrissy expertly swiped on mascara and  then curled her lashes with a heated eyelash curler, Mandy felt a fresh  surge of guilt. She wished she could tell Chrissy exactly what was going  on, but she knew she could not.

The moment arrived for Mandy to step into her dress. She carefully  extended her long, slender legs into the soft material, before Chrissy  helped pull the dress up and zip her.

"Oh my god, Mandy, you look gorgeous," Chrissy breathed. Mandy nervously  glanced towards the mirror and her jaw nearly hit the floor. The  creature in the mirror could surely not be herself. This woman was tall  and elegant with perfectly coiffed hair and alluring makeup. Her gown  ebbed and flowed around her and her entire being seemed to glow from  within.