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Fucked by Force(6)

By:Bree Bellucci

"Chrissy, you're incredible!" Mandy whispered.

"Me? I didn't do this! You are the incredible one!"

Mandy wanted to squeal with excitement. She slipped her feet into her  delicate silver shoes before grabbing her mask and her evening bag. Just  as she was about to reach for her keys, there was a knock at the door.  She shot Chrissy a quizzical look before going to the door and opening  it. Standing in the hallway was a man dressed in a smart black suit,  with a chauffer's hat in his hand.

"Ms. Ray?" he inquired.

"Yes, that's me."

"I'm your driver, Miss. I've been sent for you."

"Really? You're driving me to Justin's?"

"Yes, Miss. The car is outside whenever you're ready." And with that, he  gave a small bow before turning towards the stairs. Shocked, Mandy  turned back into the apartment where Chrissy was standing, her jaw  hanging open.

"Holy shit!" Chrissy squealed.

"My own driver!!" Mandy squealed back momentarily caught up in the  excitement. She gave Chrissy a quick kiss on the cheek before turning  and carefully making her way down the steps.

"Have fun!" Chrissy cried after her, and Mandy could hear the slight  envy in her voice. Mandy wished she could have invited her friend, but  she knew it wasn't possible.         



She carefully climbed into the town car and sat down. She turned to look  around the rest of the interior and nearly screamed. Sitting in the car  beside her, grinning, was Brad.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she hissed. "If Justin knows you snuck into this car, he will kill you!"

"Justin won't know because he didn't send for the car," Brad said  smiling. Mandy looked confused. "But if he didn't send for the car-" she  began slowly. Brad only smiled.

"I sent for it," he finished. Mandy looked uneasy, but she couldn't help  the pull she felt towards Brad. Slowly, Brad scooted even closer to  Mandy and Mandy felt her heart skip a beat as her skin flushed. As soft  as a breeze, Brad lowered his lips to Mandy, waiting for her to turn  away but she didn't. Mandy found herself moving towards Brad's mouth and  the kiss started slowly before it began to intensify. The fire grew  between Mandy's legs and she wanted it to stop but she knew it couldn't.

"Mandy," Brad gasped and Mandy could only moan back. Ever so slowly,  Brad ran his hands up Mandy's leg, slowly pushing the material up her  smooth skin, exposing her thigh inch by inch. Mandy moaned again. Brad's  fingers caressed her upper, innermost thigh and Mandy couldn't help but  push her hips forward, wanting Brad to touch her between her legs. As  if reading her mind, Brad's fingers gently grazed against the soft  material of her underwear and Mandy moaned loudly as she felt her  nipples harden.

"Touch me!" she begged and Brad was more than willing to obey. Slowly,  he rubbed her through her underwear and Mandy groaned and writhed, her  greedy body wanting more.

"I don't trust myself," Brad said gruffly, and with that he tugged her  underwear down her legs, exposing her most delicate parts. His fingers  brushed against her buzzing skin and they made their way towards her  nub. Gently, he began rubbing small circles with one hand as his other  hand explored her folds. Mandy gripped onto the car seat, desperate for  anything to squeeze. She felt scandalous, but she couldn't stop herself.

Mandy felt Brad's fingers explore and discover her, push and prod at her  innermost parts and elicit numerous pleasurable sensations. Over and  over again she moaned Brad's names, his fingers taking her higher and  higher. Teasingly he caressed over her opening as his other hand  continued to work her clitoris and Mandy could feel how wet she was. She  wanted Brad to fuck her, but she could tell he wasn't going to take  that risk tonight.

"You're so wet," he said huskily and then pushed two fingers deep into her opening, her wetness encasing them.

"Aggh" Mandy cried out, not caring what the driver heard or saw. In and  out, Brad fucked her with his fingers and the penetration timed with the  clitoral stimulation would soon sweep her away. The wet sounds of her  arousal filled the backseat, and Mandy's own moans were becoming more  carnal.

"Come for me, Mandy," Brad breathed. Those words sent Mandy over the  edge and she bucked on the car seat, her thighs trembling as she came  for Brad while his fingers still pushed in and out of her soaking pussy.  Her body shook and she grabbed for Brad's arms to have something to  hold on to. When her orgasm finally ceased, she heard the driver  awkwardly clear his throat, before saying

"We're almost there Mr. Stevens."

"Thank you. I'm going to have you drop Miss Ray off first, and then I'd  like us to drive around another half hour or so before you drop me off,"  Brad said, his voice gruff from their escapades. The driver nodded.

Satiated, but embarrassed, Mandy began to right herself. Brad pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and gave it to her.

"You're going to want to wipe yourself up. Justin will never understand why you are so wet." He smirked as he said it.

Mandy snatched the material from his hand, knowing he was right. She  wiped herself gently, the handkerchief becoming drenched with her  wetness.

"I'd like it back," Brad said huskily and somewhat uncomfortably, Mandy  handed it back to him. She pulled her panties back on, and then checked  her reflection in her compact. Besides the rosy glow due to her orgasm,  she looked otherwise untouched. She was pleased.         



"This was wrong," she whispered as she worried whether Justin would  notice the same town car, or the fact that she had a town car to begin  with.

"No it's not. Just tell Justin that you hired the car yourself. He'll  think nothing of it. You know we have something special between us."

Mandy nodded nervously. They were now pulling up the long drive to  Justin's mansion. Mandy got ready to exit the car, still keyed up from  what just happened. Brad quickly pulled out his mask  –  it was an  elaborate looking tiger mask.

"Look for me," he whispered. Mandy gave him a nervous smile before  getting out of the car. She was too embarrassed to look at the driver.

Other cars were pulling up and she was relieved to see Justin nowhere in  sight. She quickly scurried inside the house, looking for anyone she  knew. It was a beautiful night out, and Mandy could see through the  large, expansive windows that everything was set up out back, just like  the previous party. There were maybe twenty people already there, and  Mandy noticed that none were having sex yet, even though the beds were  set up around the perimeter.

She walked out onto the patio and wondered how she would find anyone among the colorful and somewhat creepy masks.

"Mandy," Justin breathed, and his arms were around her waist instantly.  Mandy felt a small sigh of relief, and she couldn't understand how both  Justin and Brad made her tingle so.

"Thank you for being on time," he said softly, before turning her around  so he could fully look at her. He let out a low whistle as he shook his  head in amazement.

"You are a gorgeous woman, but tonight you are exceptionally gorgeous,"  his voice was low and sexy and once more Mandy felt her desire bloom.

"Oh, the things I plan on doing to you later," he said, and Mandy had  delicious hopes. "Let me see your mask," he ordered, and he was back in  business mode. Obligingly, Mandy pulled out her mask for him to see. He  nodded in approval, before brandishing his own. It was of course, a  large, dark wolf face. Mandy giggled and Justin smiled wryly.

"I need to say hello to some more guests, but I see Ally, Meghan and Jen  over there," he said steering Mandy towards the bar. Mandy gave him a  quick wave before making her way over to the women.

Jen made a huge fuss over her dress, and Meghan even managed a smile.  Ally knew how beautiful it was since she had helped her pick it out. The  women looked beautiful as well. Ally was in a deep plum shade, while  Meghan's dress was a sky blue. Jen had opted for bright pink and Mandy  figured she could be seen for miles thanks to the bright hue of her  dress. The women got their drinks and then began to check out the scene.  Mandy, of course, was spoken for, but the other women were not, and  they tried to decide which men they wanted to bed tonight. Mandy shook  her head at the strangeness of the whole situation. She wondered what  other people would think of this party and this lifestyle. She was  shocked herself that she had moved into this world.

Mandy's body began to warm from the alcohol and it wasn't long before she found herself sipping on her third drink.

"Better slow down," Jen giggled and Mandy decided she was right. She  went off to find some food to fill her stomach and soak up the alcohol.  She saw a tiger pass by and she knew it was Brad. Keeping her head down,  she picked a few small bites for her plate and went back to the women.  Another woman was with them, but she had her mask on so Mandy had no  idea who she was.