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Fucked by Force(7)

By:Bree Bellucci

Again, she saw the tiger in her peripheral vision and she purposefully  turned in the opposite direction. She knew she needed to be careful now.  A few minutes later, Justin appeared, wearing his wolf mask. The other  women laughed at the mask, as it was no surprise as to why Justin had  chosen it. He bent to whisper in Mandy's ear.

"I'm desperate for a run. I think I may slip into the woods and shift. A  few laps will help me relax and then I have other types of exercise in  mind."

Mandy smiled and nodded. She watched Justin move into the woods and then  she turned back to the group. The other woman turned out to be a  business acquaintance and frequent partygoer. She seemed to know many  people and Mandy tried to focus on what she was saying. The conversation  turned to old employees that Mandy knew nothing about and she slipped  back to the food table for more stuffed mushrooms.         



Again, she saw the tiger mask move past her. Brad beckoned to Mandy with  his head, and in a small slip of better judgment, Mandy put her plate  down and hastily followed him inside. Brad led the way downstairs,  twisting and turning down a hallway Mandy had never seen before, until  they came to a small bedroom. Mandy knew Justin was out in the woods and  she knew the alcohol was playing a part in this rash decision.

Brad didn't speak but beckoned Mandy to the bed. Mandy dropped to her  knees, reaching for Brad's fly, but Brad pushed her away. He ran his  hands up her dress and pushed her down on the bed. He pushed her dress  up her hips and Mandy moaned as she thought of the pleasure he had  brought her earlier. He delicately pulled her panties off before  stuffing them in his pocket.

Roughly, he pushed her legs apart before bringing his mouth to her  pussy, his lips moving under the cut of his mask. Mandy moaned from the  sudden onslaught, she had not expected this, nor has she expected it so  quickly. Brad's tongue snaked out of his mouth and rolled across her  sex, causing her thighs to quiver. His silence was a turn on and Mandy  felt her body quickly respond to his tongue. Again and again, his tongue  licked and flicked against her sweet spot. He sucked and tugged with  his teeth, using every inch of his mouth to pleasure her.

"Oh, God!" Mandy screamed, not expecting to come so quickly. She shook  and trembled, her body writhing on the bed. The pleasure was so intense  and all consuming that she could not process what happened next.

Brad tore the mask off but it wasn't Brad's face underneath. It was  Justin's face. Justin who was supposed to be out running. Justin who had  just tricked her. Justin who had just stuffed her panties into his  pocket like he always did. The blood drained from Mandy's face as her  pleasure came to an abrupt halt. Justin's face was twisted in anger,  hurt and confusion.

In her panic, Mandy jumped off the bed and tried to run for the door.  Justin jumped in front of the door and blocked her exit. "You have some  explaining to do," he growled menacingly.