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Funny Valentine(53)

By:Sienna Mynx

for the veil. I can’t hide the tears ’cause I’m crying like a baby. Damn hormones.

When I look at Melvin, he has that cocky smirk to his lips. Calm and cool, that’s

my baby. Does he ever get nervous? Nope, not his style. That’s okay, because I’m

nervous for us both.

Standing before him and the reverend, I give him the biggest smile I can

afford without getting lipstick on my teeth. The reverend prays. I can’t take my eyes

off my husband-to-be. He mouths I love you to me. I mouth it back. Then I give

my life and heart to him.

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

Epilogue: Mr. & Mrs. Reed

“I’m ready to go,” I whisper in her ear.

She cuts her eyes over to me, then returns her attention to Aunt Bettie,

Hettie, Lettie. I can’t keep up. When this aunt steps off, another steps up. I swear

it’ll never end. They’re all so happy for us, and I can appreciate that, but damn…

I want my baby alone. A man just got married to the woman of his dreams,

after all.

Another member of the family comes over to the table to congratulate us. I

smile and nod while Tia chats them up. Princess loves to talk. She’s been showing

everyone the ring I gave her. Goes on and on about the white-gold setting that was

once my mother’s. I had it cut and more stones put in it for her. I had no idea it

would affect her the way it did. But from the moment I’ve put it on her finger, she’s

brandished it to any passerby. I got to admit it makes a man feel good. Tia deserves

the best and I struggle with wanting to give it to her constantly.

Now I’m suffering, ’cause that’s not all I want to give her…

Running my hand over her thigh under the table, I nod at someone who

says she knew me as a baby. Yeah, well lady, I don’t know you, okay?

Sigh. Don’t get me wrong. The wedding was a dream. Fuck, my entire life

since she became mine has been a dream. But I’ve had barely ten minutes alone

with my wife since we said those blessed words. Isn’t there a law or some shit

against that?

Is it rude if I look at my watch again?

“You having a good time?” Princess asks, her eyes sparkling with

excitement. I smile and swallow the lump of guilt for trying to rush her day.

“Long as I’m with you baby, it’s all good,” I say.

She grins and speaks to some uncle she hasn’t seen since Sherry’s wedding.

Then the toasts are going and they’re pretty good, laughs and all. The entire time

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

I’m touching her back, hand, thigh, which keeps me on the edge content, for the


Just when I think I can’t stomach another minute, it’s announced. I

completely forgot. Our first dance. Tia’s barely setting down her glass before I’m

pulling her up to her feet and leading her to the floor. When she’s in my arms, I

can finally breathe again.

“You look beautiful,” I say, kissing her nose.

“You like my dress?” she beams.

“Mmhmm… especially the front,” I say, lifting a brow and eyeing the brown

swell of her newly-enlarged breasts to the front of it.

She chuckles, then presses her face to my chest as I hold her close. When

she lifts her eyes once more, I can’t stop looking down at her with love.



“If it’s a girl, you’re going to have to give her another name. There’s only

one Princess.”

I smile. “And if it’s a boy?”

“There’s only one Melvin. No juniors.”

“Sho’ you right.”

Capturing her lips with mine, I draw her in closer and kiss her again as my

wife. Maybe I was wrong to not believe in second chances; maybe I had to earn it.

Whatever the reasons are, I freely admit that it was all worth it, if this is my ending.

She draws back her thick lashes. Her eyes are heavy with love.

“I’m ready to go…” she breathes.

‘Bout time. Baby only had to say those words.

“I’ll make that happen, and soon,” I promise.

“Good,” she says, holding to me.

That’s my lady… perfectly made, for me.

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx