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Funny Valentine(6)

By:Sienna Mynx

“I have my tux already, sweetheart,” I say looking her over. “I’ll be right by

your side.” Giving her a wink, my chest kind of swells as my eyes keep going to

those sweet-sweet hips of hers nicely tucked in that lucky skirt. She goes pale.

Caught in her lie, she looks between me and her family.

“Well, uh…”

I reach for her hand and she frowns, her eyes lit with alarm.

“Besides, it’s Valentine’s Day. Do you really think we’d spend it apart?” I

press a kiss into her palm, then pull her over toward me. She comes reluctantly into

my arms. I’m hugging her from behind; with her facing her family, she’s forced to

submit. For my part, I take the time to put to memory every single curve of her

sweetness pressed into me. The cushion of her ass and the soft feel of her body are

now burned into my brain. And what’s that she’s wearing? Oughta ask her, ’cause

it’s fucking with my senses big-time. I know my scents… can tell you the difference

between the bitter fragrance of newly bloomed orchids or the vanilla-crisp smell of

a grown lily. Moms always said I had a nose, told me when I started picking out

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

flowers in her shop as a little boy, that I could smell God. Well I think it’s true,

’cause I have an angel in my arms.

“We will be there,” I manage, then groan a little in her ear. It’s hard not to

laugh, man. She’s all tight like she wants to knee me in the crotch.

Margie stares at us both. For a minute the silence is a bit awkward and I fear

our cover is blown. Then her sister lets go a squeal of delight.

“I love it! I love it! You two look so cute together. I can’t wait to tell Pam

and Alicia. Don’t they look cute together?”

Chuck is giving me the eye. The man’s a big one, and not to be pushed

around. He’s also been a friend the past few months since the robbery. We both

were hit by the same junkie. I think he can see through our lie.

“Yeah, well it’s definitely unexpected,” he mumbles.

She wiggles out of my hold and I have to let her go. Fixing her skirt, she

doesn’t look back at me, but I can feel the frost coming off her like icicles. Margie

comes over and cups her face.

“Look at you, you’re blushing. I thought that asshole had broken my baby’s

heart but she has a new prince.” Margie looks to me when she speaks. “Girl, you so

good at keeping secrets. Let me go and on and you seeing Melvin.”


She turns back to me. “We have a dinner tonight for both families here. I

want you here. Okay? It’s at seven.”

“I’ll be here.”

Tia cuts her eyes at me and I can tell I’ve really played this wrong. Here I

am, thinking she’d get a kick out of it. Those daggers flying my way look like she

wants to kick my ass instead.

“Can I speak to you outside, for a minute?” she says, then stumps out of the

kitchen. I throw up my hands in surrender and wink at Margie. “Princess and I had

a little disagreement this morning. Lovers’ spat. We’ll be all right.”

Margie steps in front of me. “Listen, my sister acts all tough, but she’s a

good girl. Now you don’t give up on her. Okay? She’s just getting over a breakup.”

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

“John?” I repeat, having caught the name. He’s a stupid bastard for letting

this one go.

“Yeah, he was some airline pilot asshole.” Margie looks back. “Chuckie,

you oughtta kick his ass.”

Chuck grumbles something and walks out. But I can’t help but be a little

disappointed. If her heart is broken, then what chance do I have at getting to know

it? About as much chance as I have of getting her to find the humor in my little

touch-and-feel earlier. “I understand.”

Walking out, it’s not hard to find her. She’s over by her car, pacing a trail in

front of it. She turns on me with a look of confused anger. “What do you think

you’re doing?”

“Being a friend.”

“I’m serious. You can’t just invite yourself on my family like that! That’s


“Wait, didn’t you invite me?”

“I did no such thing!”

“No, you just told everyone we were sleeping together.”

“Huh?” she blinked, shocked.

It’s hard not to smile. Her wide, doe-eyed look is doing things to me.

“Dating. Sorry, you said dating.”

“Well, never mind that. You are not coming to my sister’s wedding. Let’s

get that straight right now.”