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Funny Valentine(7)

By:Sienna Mynx

“Okay,” I shrug. “I’ll just go back in and tell Margie.”

“Wait!” she says, catching up to me, taking my arm. My eyes cut back over

to her and she has that lost-little-girl thing going. Strange to see the confidence fade

from her eyes. “No. Don’t do that. I um, well, I will make up a…”


Her hand falls away and she crosses her arms over her chest. “Are you

calling me a liar?”

“Ain’t that what you just did?”

“You don’t know me!”

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

“Exactly. But I’d like to. Hey, I get it, okay? You just came out of a bad

relationship and you want to make the guy jealous.”

She laughs at me. Laughs in my face. Not a good feeling, let me tell you.

“What’s so funny?”

“Melvin, let’s just let this one go, okay? I’ll make up an excuse for you and

then we’ll say we had nothing in common. Which we obviously don’t.” She looks

me over and it pisses me off. Whether it’s my skin color or the grit under my nails,

she sure as hell is acting like I’m some shit that she found in the back of the drain.

Now my ego is hurt. Time to teach little princess a lesson.

“You know what? I think your family should know the games you play. I do

business with them: don’t want to be mistaken with the foolery. Let me set it



She grabs my arm again. That makes twice—shall we go for three?

“Wait a minute. Cool it, okay?”

She’s pleading now. “No, baby, like you said we ain’t got nuthin’ in


“I didn’t mean it like that. Don’t be so sensitive. I’m sorry, okay? Just don’t

go in there and blow my cover.”

“What difference does it make? You’re a grown woman.”

I touched a nerve. She actually winces, and her cheeks burn red. She opens

her mouth to give me some of that sass again, then closes it. Suddenly her whole

demeanor changes and she looks genuinely lost. What the hell is with her?

“It just does, okay?”

Now she’s winning points for being a little human and not some stuck-up

bitch. But I ain’t sold yet. She doesn’t see me. Why should she? I’m just the

delivery boy.

“Is it because I’m white?”

“Is what because you’re white?” She blinks.

“Why you keep acting like I’m invisible.”

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

“I don’t know what that means. I’m sorry about earlier, okay? I was in a

bind and…”

“It’s cool, Princess. No need to apologize.”

She stares at me for a long time. Now she does see me. I watch her size me

up and then refocus those deep brown eyes on mine again. “What’s your game?”

I shrug. “It could be fun.”

She looks away again. Okay, something is definitely behind this lie. “What

time can I pick you up?”

“For what?”

“For dinner, tonight. What time?”

“Just meet me here.” She huffs, turns, and walks back toward the restaurant.

“I’ll do that!” I call after her.

She stops and frowns again, then tosses her long locks as she disappears

inside. I can’t wipe the silly grin from my face.

“Boss?” Alejandro comes up behind me.


“Trouble… that one’s trouble.”

I chuckle. “Watch your mouth, Alejandro. That’s my Valentine.”


What the hell just happened? I just made a date? What the hell? I’m so

pissed at myself now I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. A little white lie, what’s

the harm? Just to keep Margie off my back. Trouble is, I’ve told so many white lies

to my sisters over the years that it’s becoming a nasty little habit. Damn. Now I’ve

dragged this man into it. Melvin? Actually, he kind of stepped in willingly.

Something’s not right about that, either.

“He gone?”


“Your boyfriend,” Margie smirks.

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

“You know Margie, sometimes you push to hard and too much. Back off!”

Snatching up my purse, I head out, ignoring her calls for me to come back and

explain myself. I screwed this up, yes, but I know my problem and it starts and ends

with pleasing my big sis.

“Tia, get back here!”

That was the last I heard of her as I pushed out the door and marched to

my car. Melvin is talking to Chuckie and having him sign an invoice. The man’s

eyes are on me. Strangely, when I glance over, I find myself blushing under that