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Funny Valentine(9)

By:Sienna Mynx

get a little weak.

“I’m okay. Thank you. He probably was harmless,” I stammer.

“No man should handle a lady like that. If he does, it’s never harmless.”

Amen to that. He speaks the truth.

“Ready?” he asks. Again I’m caught in the hypnotic green blaze of his eyes.

This is Melvin the flower guy, right? My lord, what a bar of soap and razor can do

for a man. I just can’t get over the cleaned-up transformation. Was he always this


“Ready for what?” My voice cracks between syllables. Did he say he

smoked? Hate smokers. Can’t stand the smell. But staring at those lips… I’d sweep

my tongue over them and take a hit of tobacco any time he wants.

“To go inside.”

Inside. Damn. Yes…

He gives a patient smile, clearing the fog I’m slipping into and shattering my

naughty thoughts. Sure I have a vibrator—just for rubbing, never penetration—and

yes my libido is just fine, but I’m picky. And… well… I never really did the deed.

Never met a man that made me want to share something like that with him, and

trust me, many have tried. But I can talk a good game. I always could. Over the

years, the older I got, the more embarrassed over my inexperience with men I

became. Who wants to date a 35-year-old virgin who’s never truly been kissed? My

sisters would have a field day if they knew. So I exaggerate, brag, and boast to keep

the men at arm’s length. Funny thing, though, this one right here… it would be nice

if he got a little close.

“Um, yes!” Throwing him a bright smile, I shake off the heat pulsating deep

in my core and compose myself. I’m a master at restraint. “You know you really

don’t have to do this. I feel really bad about my games earlier. You must think I’m

crazy. I’m really not… it’s like this thing with my family and… it’s just Margie really,

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

she’s always trying to fix me up. Sometimes a little white lie is… well you know it’s

not good to lie, but sometimes…”

“Tia. Let’s go inside.” He offers me his arm.

Blushing, I hook mine through and step to his side. Suddenly I want to

know more about Melvin.

“Hey, I don’t know your last name.”

He holds the door for me. As I pass, I’m rewarded with a stronger whiff of

him and a closer look into those jeweled eyes of his. He smiles. A nice smile, which

is good, ’cause I’m big on hygiene. This one here knows how to brush a tooth,

’cause his teeth are as bright a 100-watt bulb. I’m telling you, to look at him now,

you wouldn’t know he plays in dirt for a living.

“Melvin Reed,” comes his reply in a smooth delivery so seductive it goes

over like a lover’s touch. My eyes are glued to his lips. I’m blocking the door. Sure

would like for him to say something, anything, move those lips one more time,

baby. What am I saying? A lie with a pretend man is one thing, but with a man

that’s close to members of my family, well that’s something different. Maybe I

should have kept it at first names. And let me stop staring at the man, jeez.


Spell broken. My name is being called from across the room. Pushing out

of the force field he’s erected around us, I’m freed from the green swirl of his eyes

in time to regain my senses. It’s Bet and Toya. I haven’t seen them since last

Christmas. Smiling at my cousins with arms open wide, we rush each other for a

long-overdue hug. We all grew up together. These are my girls.

“When did you two get in?” I ask.

“Last night. We’re staying at Jackson’s… um, who is he?” Toya’s eyeing my

date. I don’t even have to look back to know he’s there. Strange enough, I can feel

him close. Melvin is being a gentleman and giving us space, when I do turn. Sweet.

This guy is really sweet.

“Toya, Bet, this is Melvin, he’s um… ”

“Her date.” He extends his hand to Toya. She grips it firm. I can tell by the

way Melvin’s brows shoot up. It’s hard to suppress a giggle. Toya doesn’t mean any

Funny Valentine by Sienna Mynx

harm, but the girl could learn a thing or two about boundaries. Finally she drops it,

and he shakes Bet’s hand politely.

“This you, cuz?” Bet says, checking him out.

I can’t help but roll my eyes at the cougars. “Back off, girls. It’s his first time

to a Jackson affair.”

“Well, let’s get the man something to eat,” Toya says, taking one arm. She’s