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Game of the Stepbrothers

By:Stephanie Brother


2 years later

Every day, my scar taunts me.

Every look in the mirror, every time I wake up, I’m reminded I’ve been marked for life and there’s nothing I can do about it. I know Blane doesn’t like touching it – whenever his hands roam my body, he makes sure to avoid the spot on my back where the words are carved deep in my skin.

Blane tells me no one can see it anyway.

But I’m still self-conscious.

I imagine people’s eyes burning through my clothes, seeing right through the fabric to the damaged, puckered skin, where Aiden’s words lie forever.

I’m not done.

It’s not just the scars. It’s those words, that goddamned sentence which makes me wake up screaming every night, plagued by nightmares. It makes me shiver every time I go into a dark alley, keeps me looking over my shoulder on a cold night.

It keeps me in a state of perpetual fear and I know I need to be brave, need to trust Blane and the other men protecting me. Yet I can do nothing about the gut-wrenching feeling of dread deep in the pit of my belly.

Blane wants a baby.

He has made that abundantly clear, at first just hinting at the fact, but becoming more and more obvious with each day that passed. Finally, he admitted how badly he wanted a child out loud, and I’ve been dreading the topic ever since.

How on earth am I supposed to bring an innocent infant in the world, knowing there is a man out there who would do anything and everything to hurt it? I would never forgive myself when – if something actually happened.

In his sleep, Blane pulls me closer until my body is tight against his. I can feel his hardness through his pajama bottoms, always ready for me, wanting me.

At least that aspect of our lives hasn’t changed, and I’m thankful everyday for choosing the right brother. I guess it always has been Blane, and Aiden could never stand it.

Settling into the crook of my stepbrother’s arms, I close my eyes firmly and tell myself to go to sleep, but it’s a vain effort. Dark thoughts keep penetrating my thoughts and I can’t seem to be able to get a wink of sleep.

I lie next to Blane for hours, until it’s finally an acceptable hour of the morning to get up. Nuzzling into his side, he groans when he feels me moving.

“Slept well?” he asks me and this time it’s my time to groan as I bury my face in his neck. I love the way he smells – all musk and something sweet, like vanilla and mint. It drives me crazy, even after all this time.

Blane takes my face in his hands, flipping me on my stomach until I’m on top of his body, straddling him. His eyes are sleepy, but mischievous nonetheless and my gaze replicates his in moments.

“Ready for you,” he groans, guiding my hand over his boxer shorts, where his cock is begging to be set free and played with.

I tease him, running my hand over his shorts until he groans my name over and over again. Finally, he has enough of me and slips my hand into his boxers.

My fingers wrap around the thick head of his cock, the skin velvety smooth in my hand. I moan when I feel the drop of pre-cum already on his cock, the bead wet under my fingers. I pull my hand out of his boxers and bring my index finger to my lips, giving it a long, delicious lick.

I’ve come a long way since I was the sweet little girl whose innocence was taken away by her stepbrother … And then once again by his twin. It’s like some sick fairytale.

The moment I lick his cum from my finger is the second he comes undone. With a low growl emanating from deep in his throat, he flips me on my back and rips my panties off until my pulsating sex is on full display.

Already panting, he licks a finger fervently and pushes it inside me without waiting for my approval. I moan and my back arches as he checks if I’m ready for him. Finding me wet and willing, he gives me a satisfied grin and removes his finger, gripping his cock and guiding it towards my dripping entrance.

“Want me?” he groans hoarsely, running the tip of his hard cock over my lips and clit until I’m mewling, asking him for more with animalistic sounds of pleasure. But he hasn’t had enough and he taunts me further by slapping my pussy with his cock.

“Please,” I whisper softly. “Need you inside. Need your cock inside me,” I beg him.

And he doesn’t need to be told twice, gripping my waist with one hand while he guides his cock inside me with the other. I yelp as he drives his full-length inside me, his hard on so big and thick it almost bruises my insides.

“Fuck,” he groans, leaning down until we’re face to face, his mouth taking mine in a violent kiss. He grips my bottom lip between his teeth and bites down just hard enough to make me moan. “Be good and tight for me, baby doll.”

Arching my back again, I take in the whole depth of his cock, pounding deeper and deeper with each thrust of his hips. I can feel him pulsating inside me and my pussy responds with the same fervor, my juices running down my leg and making me drip.

This is how we like it in the morning – quick and rough. I’ve discovered I have a thing for dominance, and while Blane was extremely hesitant at first, he now doles it out with an iron fist.

And I love it; love his rule over my body, mind and spirit. All of me belongs to him, and I whisper as much in his ear as he pounds his cock into my dripping wetness.

I know neither of us will last much longer so I clench my walls even more and Blane groans when he feels me tightening around his cock. In seconds, his pants grow into raspy breaths and then groans, and then he clutches strands of my hair in a fist and breathes heavily in my ear.

“Come on my cock, baby doll,” he orders, and I moan, knowing it won’t be long before I obey his wish. “Come on,” he says, pulling my head back by the hair. “Be a good girl for me … Let me feel you come.”

I don’t need anything else as I feel the vibrations start deep in the pit of my belly, running through every limb until all of me is under pressure. I come with a loud curse, my clit throbbing as he finds it with his fingers, massaging rhythmically and not letting go even when my orgasm should stop.

“Need to come with you, baby doll,” he groans in my ear as a strangled cry escapes my lips, encouraged by his rubbing of my swollen clit. “Right now …”

He groans loudly and curses before I feel him pulsing in me, finally releasing his cum, which I crave so badly. I feel the liquid running down my leg as he releases his hold inside me, and I don’t waste a second.

Not even waiting for him to finish and still dizzy from my own orgasm, I move from under him and to the side while he collapses on the bed next to me, still moaning.

Then, I move down and take his throbbing cock in my mouth, licking him clean.

The taste of his cum was an acquired taste, but now it’s like I have an addiction. I lick every last drop and suck him dry until he can only gasp with each movement of my tongue over his thick head.

Finally, when I’m satisfied with my own work, I let Blane cradle me in his arms, giving him a mischievous smile.

“Now it’s a good morning,” I say wickedly, and his grin mirrors mine as I settle in his arms, the sheets damp with our combined juices.

And it’s moments like this, the blissful mornings, the crazy orgasms, that I can forget about the predicament we’re in … If only for a few minutes.

Chapter 1

"I'm home!" Blane's voice interrupts me from downstairs and I put down my book, rushing down to meet him. As engrossed as I get in my romance novels, I'm always transported back to reality as soon as I hear that much loved baritone.

My book forgotten, I rush down the stairs, crashing into Blane's arms as he walks through the door. He laughs out loud, raising me in his arms and twirling me around like I weigh nothing. I let myself have that moment of pure pleasure, the happiness soaking through my skin.

"Missed you," I whisper in his neck when he slowly lowers me down, his hands on my ass, not releasing me for a second. "You were gone for a long time ..."

"I was gone for three hours," Blane objects with a grin, to which I reply with a pout.

"But it's Saturday."

He gives me an apologetic smile, setting me down and pressing a loving kiss to my forehead. Next, he heads into the kitchen and I follow in his steps like a lost puppy.

A lot has changed since those early days when our parents died and left us the company ...

At first, I acted as the head of the company, but it was pretty apparent I didn't have much of a clue what I was doing. So instead, we decided I would stay at home and help with the bigger decision, while Blane worked in the office.

But that means he's head of the company now, and also that he will be called to work at the most outrageous time of day when there is a crisis - and lately, it seems like that's all we're having. I wonder how the business is even staying afloat with all these terrible problems.

I listen to him prattle on about work, but I don't mind the slightest. And not only because this is the man I love, and I would listen to him telling me a story about grilled cheese. It's because the company was started by my mother and their - his father, and it's our only legacy. It is important to both me and Blane to keep it afloat and as successful as can be.

"I have a surprise for you," Blane finally says, mischief sparkling in his eyes, and my pupils dilate as I clap my hands excitedly.

"What is it?" I wonder happily, and he comes closer to me, hiding something behind his back.