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Good Enough

By:Taryn Steele

“IF YOU’RE GOING TO fucking run your mouth, then let’s put it to some good use.” Robert snarled as he shoved a fist into my hair and pulled my face to his crotch. As I opened my mouth to protest he jammed his hard dick in my mouth. Tears stung my eyes and my scalp seared as he yanked my head back and forth.

Breathing through my nose, I desperately tried to calm down, but I could feel hysteria rising. He kept pumping into my mouth, holding me in place, only wanting his own release, not giving a shit that his girlfriend was gagging on his dick, trying not to cry.

The first time I saw Robert, I was with my friends, Joleen and Tracy, in the rec hall at the campground we went to in Brimfield. He walked in with a bit of bad boy swagger. His baggy shorts and t-shirt, with the San Francisco 49ers hat pulled down low almost hiding his eyes, were worn with total confidence. I couldn’t look away.

He had two younger boys with him, I assumed little brothers or maybe even cousins. In any case, they clearly adored him.

Following their progress across the room, I tapped Joleen on the arm and looked deliberately toward the new hottie.

“Ooooooh, fresh meat. He’s right up your alley Hillary,” she said, with a loud cackling laugh. I inwardly agreed, that yes, he was right up my alley, but I was far too shy and self-conscious to ever approach him.

Bold Joleen wasn’t even close to shy, so the second he glanced over in our direction she gave him a big wave and yelled, “Hey hottie in the 49ers hat! Come check out my girl Hillary! She’s dyin’ to meet you!” I was mortified and exhilarated. He was coming over! And damn, he was so much hotter up close and personal.

“Hillary likes the 49ers – Hillary likes that song too – Hillary has been there before.”

As my shyness slowly fell away, I eased into conversation with him. His smile was boyishly handsome. His laugh was contagious, I couldn’t help but laugh as we joked about football.

Before the night was over, he looked directly across our little circle, “So, Hillary, do you want to go for a walk?”

In my head, I was running in circles, fist-pumping, screaming “YESSSSSSS,” but on the outside I was all “sure,” with a little shrug to imply how much of a totally regular thing this was.

Nerves jumping all over the place, I followed him out of the rec hall. It was dark, and the moon glowed big and bright to light our way along the pavement. I followed his lead to wherever he wanted to go, still not completely believing he’d even asked me to be out here with him. After about ten minutes of walking and simple conversation, we ended up at a mini playground, though it wasn’t much of a playground, with nothing but an old see-saw, two swings and an old, lumpy steel slide. Despite the moon, the lack of any other lighting and the crowding pine trees all around made it difficult to see, and I lost my poise going from pavement to sand. I wobbled a bit and Robert caught my arm in his strong hands preventing a potentially humiliating fall.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, just lost my footing, I guess. Sorry about that.”

He squeezed my arms a little tighter. “Don’t apologize. It just gave me an early opportunity to touch you.”

Instantly butterflies fluttered in my stomach as excitement and nerves took over. I was too nervous to look him in the eyes even though it was dark out. He slid his hands down my arms, and then cupped my face, roughly brushing his thumb over my lips. “I hope you haven’t had these soft lips on anyone else today.” Without even having a chance to respond, he crashed his lips into mine pushing his tongue in hard to open me up to him. We stayed in that one spot for what seemed like forever, making out like the teenagers we were.

The entire weekend was like that, all hand-holding and making out. I thought it was just a weekend fling, a side part of his family’s camping trip, so I was shocked when Robert gave me his phone number before he and his family left.

“I like you. I want to keep this going. You’d better call me.” He said it with such seriousness that hope bloomed in my chest. I just nodded. Could this finally be my chance? I’d never known the feeling of being wanted, growing up. It’s all I’ve ever wished for.

Once back home, we talked for two weeks before going on an actual date, meeting at a movie theater twenty minutes from the campground. It was so romantic. He bought me a drink, and a big bowl of popcorn for us to share, and he held my hand from the beginning of the movie until the end.

Once the movie was over, I was waiting for Robert while he used the men’s room when I heard someone calling my name. I turned to see my friend, Scott, from high school.

“Oh-my-god, Scott!” I cried with sincere excitement.